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Welcome to day six of Twelve Days To Get Ready For Christmas. Today I am sharing holiday gift-wrapping ideas for paper, ribbon, tags, and a gift-wrapping station!

These gift-wrapping tips will help get you ready for Christmas. We have so many fun ideas to share!

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Today I am pleased to share with you Sunday Morning Coffee. This is a place to share, learn, explain, dream, and have fun.

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Creative Pet Gift Wrapping Ideas 

Do you love holiday gift wrapping?

I love it.

But I didn’t use to.

In fact, my holiday wrapping used to consist of locking myself in our bedroom for about four hours on Christmas Eve while I wrapped and wrapped and wrapped.

Those days are behind me and now I enjoy wrapping gifts and putting them out a bit earlier. And I am so happy to have those hours back on Christmas Eve!

Christmas will be here sooner than we think and it is time to start thinking about gift-wrapping ideas. I have a lot of great ideas to share with you today that make wrapping presents not only fun but pretty too!

My Favorite Room This Week

One of the reasons that I now enjoy wrapping is that during the holidays, my craft room gets converted into a gift-wrapping station. This way, I have all of my paper and ribbon and wrapping supplies in one place and as I purchase gifts, I wrap them with paper and ribbon, pop gift tags on them and I am done.

I love my craft room, especially this time of year.

Remembering what is inside the package is the hardest part now!

I wrote a blog post titled How to Organize Your Gift Wrapping Room and I think if you do this now, you will save yourself a lot of time.

Just so you know, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on your gift wrap supplies. 

Shop the sales because you will find wrapping paper this time of year at just about any store. Be careful and always check the width and length because I have brought home newly bought rolls of paper, only to find they were much smaller than I thought!

I like to buy butcher paper and make my own wrapping paper because I think it’s fun to make. For some fun gift-wrapping supplies, you can visit my Amazon gift-wrapping page.

Something New – Gift Wrapping Paper

Gift wrapping paper is one of my favorite parts of wrapping. I love to coordinate all of the papers so that all of the gifts under the tree coordinate. You know me, I like everything to look pretty. I usually start off by buying a few Amazon wrapping papers and then adding to those by making my own.

I always look for a few reversible papers so that I have multiple coordinated options as well as heavy-weight papers that the paper doesn’t tear when folding the paper around the corners.

Below I have curated some of my favorite papers in two different color themes.

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Gift Wrapping Ribbon

Ribbon holder
Click here for link to Ribbon Rack

I own way too much ribbon. Over the years I have collected a lot and I have it stored in a lot of places. I bought this ribbon rack a few years ago and I love it. And it is in stock!

If you are looking to organize your ribbons, I have lots of suggestions in my post, How to Organize Ribbons in Your Craft Room.

Gift wrapping ribbons are an important component of a beautifully wrapped gift. I hunt for ribbon all year long. You never know when and where you will find a unique and gorgeous ribbon.

I used to have a source for satin ribbons in every width and color in downtown Los Angeles, but I now buy most of my ribbons online. Below I am sharing a few of my favorite ribbons that I buy online.

Ok, maybe more than a few, hehe.

Gift Tags

Tags for gifts
You can find the post here on how to make cute gift tags in the photo above.

Last year I went a bit crazy with my Christmas gift wrapping. I thought it might be fun to make my kids “work” to determine who the gifts were for. We had so much fun on Christmas morning as they tried to decipher the tags. Click here to see the blog post!

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

I had some fun making these DIY Christmas gift tags. Each year, I make new designs and always keep a stash nearby. I also found some super cute ones online. So I may now be a gift tag hoarder!

Click the links below if you want to make your own gift tags. I have also rounded up some of my favorite online holiday gift tags that everyone will be happy to find their name on!

Gift Wrapping Station

A gift-wrapping station is important to keep yourself organized. If your house is anything like mine, things like scissors and tape seem to go missing all of the time.

This gift-wrapping station provides one place to keep together all of my gift-wrapping tools, gift-wrapping paper, ribbons, and gift tags, both handmade and ones that I buy online.

Having this area gives me a better chance of keeping things like scissors and tape together in one place during the holiday season. When my family needs to wrap a gift, they know to go to my craft room where they will find everything they need to wrap their gift. Below are some items that I have purchased to set up my gift-wrapping station.

One of my favorite gift-wrapping tools is these Wrap Buddies. They clip onto any table and hold your wrapping paper rolls and tape!

Organize your Gift Wrapping

Michael at Inspired by Charm has the best Christmas tree decorating Ideas.

Is this not the cutest thing ever? I love this Gingerbread House Mug Topper.

Look at Courtney’s cake. Is this not the most beautiful Cranberry Topped Holiday Cake?

Sugar and Cloth shared 25 Best Ideas for Christmas Gift Tags.

Gosh! What a fun week it was. I started off with a summary of all of my October posts and then started my Twelve Days to Get Ready for Christmas series. I shared shopping tips, how to pick a theme for Christmas, how to repurpose last year’s decor, Christmas table ideas, and holiday gift guides.

Ok. I totally disagree with the first two items listed in this article titled, Four Kitchen Trends That Need to be Retired ASAP.

We have lots more holiday fun with my series, Twelve Days to Get Ready for Christmas. I am sharing Christmas gifts under $25, handmade gifts, make-ahead dessert recipes, stocking stuffer ideas for kids, decorating a farmhouse Christmas tree, and Christmas Eve Traditions,

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  1. Hi,
    I was thinking I possibly had read a blog post by you somewhere about some “undecorated” wrapping paper that you could stamp on or leave plain and you listed where you got it.

    Can you help with this? I like the idea and was thinking of doing it for Christmas this year, but wanted something where I can get a good amount of it and it not be to pricey. Thanks!

  2. Those wrap buddies are the best! Especially love your diy gift tags and paper. Thought of you when I recently saw how the Swedish wrap their gifts sustainably in cloth and beautifully adorned dried oranges and twigs. Looked exactly like something beautiful you would do. Thanks for the inspiration. xx

  3. Leslie,
    Thanks so much for sharing my mini-gingerbread mug toppers! You’re so kind and so incredibly talented. It’s nice to have a creative friend like you!

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