A Beach House Tour Deadline and Sunday Morning Coffee

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Just when I thought we had everything under control, the boys called and said they are coming west for a beach house tour and stay. Yikes!

The remodel of our beach house was all about our family. We made this house bigger (and taller) so that our family could be comfortable and enjoy it more. So when the boys finally see it, I want it to be perfect! I guess I always envisioned that the first beach house tour of the remodel for our boys would be when it was completely done. We aren’t quite there but we will be very close. And this weekend (as in today!) is now all about projects.

Family living room at the beach house with white couch and chair, frame tv, and a window with a beautiful view.
New art on the Frame TV (some of you didn’t like the other one so I tried this one!)
Season 3 Volume 8

Thanks for joining me for Sunday Morning Coffee. This is a place to share, learn, explain, dream, and have fun. Let’s get started!

About Me

My favorite new personalized coffee mug at the beach house. Everyone has one!

I love surprise visits from our children.

But this one came with a huge amount of excitement and work!

Last week our boys announced they are visiting Southern California for a beach house tour and a week-long visit. Next weekend!

Which of course means the beach house needs to be done. Or as close to DONE as possible.

At a minimum, it needs to be comfortable and look really good for Matt, Michael, and Ellie.

white kitcehn with white cabinets, countertops and open shelves
Aren;’ floating shelves fun?

Can you guess what we have been doing for our holiday weekend?

I will give you a hint … my back aches, my legs ache, and I am exhausted.

But we have made so much progress!

I tackled all of the bedrooms. Set up the beds, added new linens, and hung the drapes and they are now ready for guests.

I also spent time getting the deck ready. It is truly unbelievable.

Primary bathroom with two skins and two gold mirrors.
The Primary Bathroom

Dave has been spending his time in the garage getting the “fitness center” ready. The biggest task was cleaning it out. Ok, maybe not, as I think Installing all of the mats is a bigger task. And it’s not that easy!

Let’s just hope I ordered enough and that we can finish this project and get all of the workout equipment set up.

By tomorrow night. Hmmm.

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My Latest Project

My Latest Project

sunset on the beach with an orange sky
Sunsets are magical in Ventura.

This month there is no such thing as “my latest project”. It’s all about PROJECTS.

I have so many things going on at once as we wind up the remodel. And one thing I have noticed is that a lot of my time is spent solving problems.

I am also in the mode of one step forward and two steps backward. So I think I will share my fun projects and my not-so-fun projects.

A bedroom with two queen bunks, a king sized bed, and a bathroom.There is also a swivel rocker chair.
The bunk room is officially the first completed bedroom. Photos will be coming soon!

My fun projects involve decorating and finalizing decor in all of the rooms. I have one bedroom completely done and the bare bedroom before decorating is pictured above.

Just so you know, I promise to share the final photos very soon.

I have also been working with our handyman and building out closets, hanging mirrors, and things like towel racks and hooks. That may seem minimal but it takes time and I want it to be done the right way. One funny thing we laugh about is that I am always having him hang things taller than most what might be considered normal.

But we are a very tall family.

Office and fifth bedroom at the beach house with window, new rug, wood desk and chair, frame TV, and sleeper sofa.
The office/5th bedroom

I also need to get some very large canvases and start painting some abstract paintings.

Many of you may not know that prior to starting this blog I painted full-time and taught about twelve workshops a year. You can see my old art website here.

The not-so-fun things that I am dealing with are trying to return our broken dishwasher and not-the-right-size refrigerator. Which sadly are both not happening. Don’t get me started, but I did get a big fat no from the retailer this week

So I ordered new appliances and the new dishwasher is already installed. The fridge should arrive this week.

Also, our washing machine is not working properly as every time the spin cycle comes on the washing machine goes completely crazy and starts jumping around and making the loudest noise ever.

I can’t wait to call about the warranty as I am pretty sure I will be on hold for hours …

We will be spending a lot of time this weekend emptying out the garage and installing the mat flooring and setting up the workout equipment. Of course, it is just Dave and I doing this and the peloton and reformer weigh a gazillion pounds. I can hardly wait.

The good news is that by Wednesday almost everything will be done. I mean, it has to be, right?

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My Biggest Challenge This Week

Last Night’s Sunset

I have already said enough about challenging things so I am not going to say anymore. Instead, I am going to share some fun photos.

white kitcehn with white cabinets, countertops and open shelves
The Beach House Kitchen at Night (see the blue tape indicating something that needs to be fixed?)

KariAnne at Thistlewood is the most amazing decorator. Especially when she decorates with blue and white! You don’t want to miss this blog post.

My friend Janine at Happy Happy Nester made these Decoupage Oyster Shells. I love them.

Check this out! How to Make an Outdoor Fire Pit by Wendy Bellissimo.

Iron Orchid Design just launched some of their newest designs and they are amazing! These two ladies are so talented and you need to be sure to check out their blog!

How to Plan a Trip to Round Top Vintage Market

I am heading to Roundtop in a month and I want to make sure you follow the ladies I am traveling with. They are Lorzel from Barnhouse Chicks Market, Debra Hall, and the amazing gals who photographed my book from Public 311 Design.


Thank you Martha for sharing 16 Classic Italian Pasta Recipes Everyone Should Know How to Make. I have some work to do!

On top of finishing the beach house, I have a lot of work to get done in the next few days. This week you will see a five-minute wreath, a jute rope basket, a great recipe for a soup and salad combination, a pottery barn knock-off pillow, a sneak peek at beach house progress, and a great informative post about how I chose tile for our beach house.

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Family living room at the beach house with white couch and chair, frame tv, and a window with a beautiful view.

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  1. Leslie-
    Your beach house is lovely! You thought of everything. I cannot wait to see your fitness center and I bet, like everything else, it is fabulous. ( I just got certified for home gym design.) Looking forward to seeing what you share in the week ahead. xx

  2. Its all coming together so beautifully Leslie. I’m sure once the family is there they will be amazed at what you’ve accomplished. Make sure to find time at the end of the day to sit, have a cocktail and enjoy the wonderful sunsets from your new deck! Ventura never disappoints

  3. Solution for your refrigerator: Can you get your carpenter to come back and just rework that space again so your refrigerater DOES fit? Can’t he build out the wood enclosure there so it works?

    1. Thank you for your kind suggestion! The big refrigerator sticks out too far/is too close to the island, so we really need the counter depth one that is scheduled to arrive this week. Just a blip on the radar screen. I am sure I will find a home for the big one! 🤗

  4. Everything is really falling into place well. And it’s looking beautiful. Just curious- what are you cooking in the new kitchen for your first dinner with the family at the “new and improved” beach house. ?

    1. Hi Allison! That’s such a great question! 🤗 I have been so focused on getting the house decorated I totally forgot about cooking. The outdoor kitchen arrives tomorrow so I think steaks on the bbq are the way to go!

  5. Just to let you know, some of your gal pals blogs or sites are blocked because they are marked as “unsafe” with spyware. You might want to let them know so they can do whatever security is required to take car of this. Would like to go their websites! Keep up the good work! Thanks.

  6. Dear Leslie,
    Your beach home is beautiful. Just a word of advice: have your sons put the home fitness center together and you and your dear husband relax and rejuvenate yourselves today as much as possible! Your sons and their families will be enjoying their vacation home that much more, knowing their parents didn’t knock themselves out just because they’ve decided to arrive unexpectedly!….suggested bc I’ve been there, done that, not gonna do it again!

  7. What a beautiful home you have created…your family would be happy with whatever you do to your house/s Looks like you have changed a bit of color scheme…going to golds whites and neutral colors…very pretty your view is spectacular…you and hubby will have many a fun night just listening to the waves (best relaxing sound ever) and enjoying outrageous sunsets!!!!
    Jackie Goodrich

  8. Thank you for the sneak peak of that beach house! Always hate the bumps and hurdles with plans. Enjoy those boys next weekend. What a beautiful place for all of you to gather!

    1. Hi Leslie! Yes it’s been a haul but so worth it! So excited about it all and so happy to share it with them ☺️♥️ thank you so much!

  9. For what I can see, things are going to be fabulous when you review review reveal everything. I so understand when one thing break and you get it fixed, it seem like there is another, and another. I know once you do your big reveal, everything will be just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Ivory! Thank you for your kind words- it’s looking like it has all come together now which is awesome. Excited to enjoy it all now! ☺️

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