How to Organize Ribbons in Your Craft Room

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I love my craft room. The biggest challenge isn’t doing the crafts. It’s keeping all of my supplies organized. Today I am sharing how to organize ribbons in your craft room.

How to organize your craft room

There are two things that I always strive to do better. They are to find more simple solutions and get more organized. 

Craft Room Organization

To be frank, I have struggled in the past with both of these things. I have a tendency to overdo things and make them way more complicated than they should be. So I am not that great when it comes to finding simple solutions.

I have always struggled with organization. I am a creative person and I like having things in plain sight. Which means I don’t like putting everything away!

A few years ago I found a book called Organizing for the Creative Person: Right-Brain Styles for Conquering Clutter, Mastering Time, and Reaching Your Goals” and it changed my life. It is the first book to show creative people how to arrange their desks, their time, and their lives in a style consistent with their unique way of perceiving the world. It suggested a host of practical solutions, all in harmony with the way creative people think and act. And I loved it. It made sense!

If you are a creative person, it might just be the best $12 you’ve ever spent.

This past weekend I spent some time in my craft room organizing. And I decided it was time to organize my ribbons. And I found a simple solution!

Storage in the Craft Room

I came across a wonderful ribbon holder at called a Ribbon and Wrapping Paper Wall Rack. I don’t know if they have any in stock but here are some other options!

My son Michael and I assembled, hung and organized ribbons in about fifteen minutes.

The black metal matches the legs on my craft table and I knew it would look great!

craft room

We hung it on a blank wall above my craft storage chest and it looks great.

Ribbon Storage

I haven’t even started to add all of my ribbons. But that won’t take long. That’s the fun part. 

Some ribbons were stored in the metal basket on top of the cabinet. I also found ribbons in an armoire in the living room and I found more that were stored in a plastic bin in our Carriage House! 

Ribbon Holder

Just so you know, this is what this area looked like before. 

Craft Storage Before Photo

Once we got the metal ribbon hanger installed on the wall, I decided it was time to organize some of my other craft items. I grabbed some of the vintage crocks I bought last week from @vintagejunktionla and organized some of the craft items that needed a home. I ended up storing paintbrushes, paint, glue sticks and an empty large crock that will store everything I am using for my “current projects”.

how to organize your craft room

Meanwhile, I love my new ribbon rack and can’t wait to get it filled with all of the ribbons that are stranded throughout our home. 

Ribbon Storage Wall Hanger

Of course, now I think I need more crocks. Because I have a lot of craft stuff that still needs more organization.

Using Crocks to store craft supplies

Ok, that’s enough about craft organization. It’s time to get back to crafts. I have my favorite craft project ever to share tomorrow! It was so much fun!

using vintage items for craft storage

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  1. I have a question about storage for seasonal decor, especially pillows. How do you store those; in some kind of container, just loose in a bag on a shelf? I’m struggling to figure that out. I see lots of people with items that they switch out for different seasons, but how do they store all of that stuff?

    1. With regards to pillows, which I love to switch out for all the seasons, I recently decided to purchase pillow covers instead of all new pillows. Those take up a lot less space when storing.

  2. I have a ribbon organizer hanging on my wall too and it makes it so much neater.

    For storing the many paint brushes I use to paint furniture I syore mine in flower pots. I add transfers to them to make them pretty. Love the way it keeps them in order.


  3. Just wish I had a separate room for crafts! If I ever figure out how best to organize all of my materials in a one-bedroom apartment, especially faux flower stems, many of which are so expensive I dare not store them in my rental storage, I will write a book and let you all know!

    1. Keep looking online. A major impressive “craft/sewing room” was an old armoire. It had been painted, hooks and bars added on the outsides, and amazing organization inside.never give up. Where there is a will there is a way!

  4. YES! I love ribbons and wrapping paper on bars like that – I have something similar in my wrapping paper area. Yours is beautiful! ❤️ Adding a craft area to the wrapping area has been a thought and now I’m even more inspired! Thanks again!

  5. O my gosh. You would be so at home in my craft room. Only kidding. It’s a disaster but I like to see my stuff too and now I know why. Just need to edit the stuff! Love the storage ideas. So adorable yet practical! Thanks for sharing!

  6. SO Stunning! Where is the white drawer organizer from? I’ve been searching your site for the reference and can’t see it!

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