Decorating with Christmas Ribbon in the Dining Room


It’s day four of Twelve Days of Getting Ready for Christmas! I am sharing how to use Christmas ribbon to decorate your dining chairs.

I have teamed up with my dear friend KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms and for the next twelve days, we are going to solve a lot of challenges we all face at this time every year. Today Karianne is sharing How to Hang a Wreath On the Back of A Chair and I am sharing how to decorate your chairs with ribbons and more.

Tying a bow on the back of a dining room chair.
Tying a bow on the back of a dining room chair.

How to Embellish the Backs of Dining Room Chairs with Ribbon

As the holiday season approaches, our homes become canvases for our festive spirits, and every corner presents an opportunity for holiday cheer. It’s not just the tree that deserves all the attention—this year, why not extend your decorative flair to the dining room?

The chairs that surround your table, where loved ones will gather and make merry, are ripe for a festive makeover. Here’s how to transform the backs of your dining room chairs into a yuletide statement that guests will adore.

Festive Ribbons and Bows

Tying a bow on the back of a dining room chair.

Ribbons are perhaps the easiest and most versatile way to add a touch of Christmas to your dining chairs. Choose wide satin or velvet ribbons in colors that match your holiday theme. Tie a big bow around the top or the back of each chair for an instant uplift. If you’re feeling more creative, weave ribbons through the slats of the chairs for a more integrated look.

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Garland Glam

Tying a bow on the back of a dining room chair.

Drape garlands along the back of your chairs to bring in the greenery that’s so synonymous with the season. You can use artificial garlands for ease and longevity, intertwining them with fairy lights for an added twinkle. Consider garlands of holly, ivy, or evergreen, and even add in some pinecones or berries for a pop of natural color.

Hanging Ornaments

Tying a bow on the back of a dining room chair.

Who says ornaments are only for the tree? Hang small, lightweight baubles from the top of the chair backs using decorative hooks or ribbon. Coordinate the colors with your other decor, or opt for clear glass ornaments for a touch of elegance. For a rustic feel, use bells or wooden ornaments as I did here.

Seasonal Blooms

Tying a bow on the back of a dining room chair.

Attach small vases or mason jars to the chair backs and fill them with seasonal blooms like poinsettias, holly, or red and white roses. Ensure they’re secure, and use water tubes for fresh flowers to prevent any spills.

More Ideas to Decorate Your Dining Room Chairs

Wreaths for Each Seat

Mini wreaths aren’t just for doorways. Secure a small wreath on the back of each chair for a classic holiday look. To add personalization, intertwine the wreaths with the initials of each family member or guest, or adorn them with small accents like cinnamon sticks, dried oranges, or burlap bows.

Festive Fabric Covers

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, create simple slipcovers or just back-covers for your chairs in festive fabrics. Think red and green tartans, elegant brocades, or even fun Christmas prints featuring reindeer or snowflakes. These can be pulled over the chair backs and secured with a sash or ribbon.

Personalized Place Settings

Turn the chair decoration into part of the place setting. Attach a small stocking to each chair back, filled with a little gift or name card. Alternatively, use decorative tags with each guest’s name, tied to the chair with a velvet ribbon or twine.

Themed Characters

For families with children or those young at heart, plush Christmas characters like Santa, reindeer, or snowmen can be tied to each chair. These add a playful element and can also serve as adorable take-home gifts for younger guests.

Light It Up

Battery-operated string lights can be wound around the chair backs for an enchanting evening glow. Go for warm white lights for a cozy ambiance, or colorful LEDs for a more festive party vibe.

Touch of Nature

For a simple, Scandinavian-inspired look, tie a single pine branch to the back of each chair with a length of jute twine. This minimalist approach adds an elegant, natural touch to your dining room.

Tying a bow on the back of a dining room chair.

While decorating, remember that comfort is key. Ensure that any additions to the chairs don’t hinder your guests’ comfort and are secure enough not to fall off during the meal. It’s also worth considering the back height of your chairs; some styles will lend themselves more naturally to certain decorations.

Tying a bow on the back of a dining room chair.

Decorating the backs of dining room chairs is an easy and delightful way to elevate your Christmas decor. It’s an unexpected touch that can coordinate with your existing holiday decorations and make your dining area look festive and inviting. With a little creativity and some festive spirit, you can turn each chair into a standalone Christmas delight, ensuring that the magic of the holiday is felt in every nook of your gathering space.

How to Tie the Ribbon with the Rhinestone Buckle

How to Tie the Bow on the Back of a Chair

Tying a bow on the back of a dining room chair.

KariAnne’s Getting Ready for Christmas Post

My dear friend KariAnne at Thistlewood Farms is sharing her tips today to hang wreaths on the back of chairs.

How to Hang a Wreath On the Back of A Chair

Looking for tips on easy Christmas decor? KariAnne found the BEST tool to make hanging wreaths as simple as 1, 2, 3. She shared four easy ways to hang a wreath on the back of a chair (or even a garland on a mantel, too) in minutes.

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