How to Make Christmas Wrapping Paper

I love to wrap gifts. But finding cute wrapping paper is sometimes hard to do. So I made my own Christmas red wrapping paper and I love it.

This wrapping paper is so easy to make, I promise. I had an idea that maybe I should make some wrapping paper this Christmas. Of course, I knew the red wrapping paper would fit well in my cranberry theme. Years ago I used the styrofoam plate printing method to make art in my son’s elementary school classes. I knew someday I would find a way to use this creative printing method again. I can’t wait to see what you think of my red wrapping paper.

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The Perfect Craft to Share with Kids

Before I start the DIY, I wanted to share one thought.

Imagine how cute this wrapping paper would look if YOUR CHILDREN DREW THEIR OWN DESIGNS on the styrofoam. They could draw Santas, wreaths, snowmen, candy canes, or Christmas trees!

I think that would make your gifts so special!

DIY wrapping paper christmas
You Made that?

What You Will Need to Make My Wrapping Paper

Styrofoam plates

Craft or wrapping paper

Craft knife and mat

Acrylic paints – Crimson Red

Brayer (you will need two. One to apply the paint and one to press down your stencil.)



DIY wrapping paper materials

Step-by-Step Instructions

The first step is to cut a cardboard pattern for your styrofoam design. This should be the total size of the styrofoam stamp you are going to make and use.

Using your cardboard template, cut out five or six pieces from the styrofoam plate. Use the craft knife to cut the cupboard.

DIY wrapping paper how to

If you are using different designs of the same shape (as I was doing with a tree), cut out a tree stencil. This will ensure the styrofoam stamps are the same size with different hand-drawn designs.

Using a pen or pencil, draw your design on the styrofoam. Re-trace your design (pressing hard but not too hard to tear the styrofoam) just to make sure the indentation is well-defined. This helps with the printing. (Please note, if you use words, the letters need to be written backward or else they will print backward.)

DIY wrapping paper 2

As you can see, I made five different designs with the same tree outline. I quickly made up the designs and wanted them to be different but not have to spend too much time focusing on the designs.

Feel free to copy my designs if you want. I think you could also make ornaments or wreaths or candy canes.

Pour some of the acrylic paint on a larger paper plate and roll the brayer in the paint. Try to get an even amount of paint on the brayer.

Roll the paint lightly on top of the stencil making sure to cover it completely.

DIY wrapping paper 3

Gently place the stencil face down on the craft paper. Use the second brayer (which does not have paint on it!) to press the stencil down on the paper. Pull the stencil off as soon as you are done with the brayer. (It can dry and stick to the paper if you wait too long.)

Don’t spend too much time trying to make the stenciling perfect. I love that it’s a tiny bit messy because it looks vintage. I think it looks better if it’s not perfect.

Continue these same steps and you line up the stencil on the paper and continue to cover the paper.

DIY wrapping paper 4

Look how great this looks! I didn’t measure the space between the stamps. Rather, I just “eyeballed it” because I wanted this to look like vintage Christmas wrapping paper. I did have a yardstick nearby to help me keep the rows straight.

DIY wrapping paper 5

Once the paper is dry, you can begin to wrap your presents.

DIY wrapping paper 6

You can find so many ribbons these days to enhance your packages. Look how adorable these ribbons are. They enhanced my packages. I love how my packages turned out.

DIY wrapping paper 7

Ribbons for Your Packages

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DIY wrapping paper 8

I hope you enjoyed this DIY. It is easy, fast, and the outcome is so much fun.

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Homemade red and white Christmas wrapping paper made with styrofoam plates!

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  1. Your tutorial is my “go to” for wrapping paper. Making it yourself adds such a personal touch. This is a really crazy question- but do you think its possible to print like this on blank rolls of wallpaper to hang on the wall? Hmm…You are such a DIY and design inspiration!

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