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There are few things in life that can match the joy and excitement of becoming a grandparent for the first time. Welcome Baby Graham!

The anticipation of holding your grandchild for the first time, seeing them grow and develop, and being a part of their life is truly an amazing experience. We welcomed our first grandchild Graham into the world last week and the experience is everything I had hoped for and more.

Grandma Lala and Baby Graham
Grandma Lala and Baby Graham
Season 3 Volume 16

Thanks for joining me for Sunday Morning Coffee. This is a place to share, learn, explain, dream, and have fun. Let’s get started!

About Me

The day our grandchild was born was filled with anticipation and excitement. I remember waiting anxiously for the call from our son to let me know that their baby had arrived. When the call finally came, I felt a sense of relief and joy wash over me.

And then of course I cried lots of happy tears.

Momma Charlotte, Baby Graham, and Dad Andrew
Charlotte, Andrew, and Graham

My son and his family (oh my gosh, the first time I have written that!) live in Northern California, so we packed the car and headed out onto the road to drive up North. We stopped along the way to pick up my sons Matthew and Michael and Michael’s girlfriend Ellie from the airport, and then headed to meet the newest member of our family.

The anticipation of meeting our new grandson, together with seeing my son as a father was immense. The joy and overwhelming feelings we felt the moment we saw our son holding his son were incredible. And Charlotte is the most beautiful, incredible, caring and calm new mother! It was also an emotional moment to see our sons Matthew and Michael meeting this new little life. Pure joy is the only way I can possibly explain the feeling.

Momma Charlotte, Baby Graham, Uncle Matt and Uncle Michael
Uncle Matt, Charlotte, Graham, and Uncle Michael

The first time that I held Graham, I was overwhelmed with emotion. The love and joy that I felt for this tiny, new life were indescribable. I knew at that moment that my life had changed forever in the best possible way.

I do have to say that things have changed more than a little bit since I had children. The new technology and baby equipment are absolutely incredible and Andrew and Charlotte are so incredibly prepared to be amazing parents.

Look at Michael and Ellie with Graham!

Baby Graham, Uncle Michael and Ellie
Uncle Michael, Graham, and Ellie

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My Latest Project

My Latest Project

Me and my first grandson

I am laughing out loud because this is the first time I actually couldn’t think of a “latest project” I am working on.

Other than becoming the best grandmother in the world. Hehe.

Seriously though, I always have a gazillion projects going on at the same time and most are usually projects for blog posts.

But this week has been about spending time with my new grandson and family. And that is the most important thing in my world right now.

My Biggest Challenge This Week

Have you ever seen this? It’s my Editorial Calendar. And this is from last week!

the editorial calendar we use to schedule blog post ideas

This a really great system we use to keep us organized. We brainstorm blog post ideas, research SEO, and schedule them in advance. We always strive to have a variety each week and most of the time it is scheduled weeks ahead. I wish we had the content done weeks ahead too, but on average we are about one week ahead.

Of course, this is only one week out of the 52 weeks for 2023. And just so you know, last week was week 15. Only 36 left to go. Ok, that’s scary.

My goal is to have content scheduled at least three weeks out and finish the blog posts a week in advance.

But there are always changes with brand collaborations and new blog ideas but it really is a great system to use!

A new season of Fixer Upper is coming this fall. Chip and Joanna are fixing up a hotel in downtown Waco. If you have a group, be sure to book my AirBnB, it is super close to the hotel and the Silos!

In case you missed this warning, carry your own charger and USB cord and use an outlet instead of free charging stations. The bad guys have figured out how to plant malware/spyware through free charging stations.

Quote from James Clear book Atomic Habits about the benefit of daily habits. Success is the product of daily habits - not once-in-a-lifetime transformations.

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Beautiful woman in white t-shirt, a red kerchief tied around her neck wearing a blue Hedley & Bennett apron. A yellow range with yellow pots on top is in the background

Ellen Bennett, founder of Hedley & Bennett and author of Dream First has a website packed full of aprons and accessories for all of us who love to create in the kitchen. You’ve seen H&B aprons on Top Chef and in restaurants around the world. Mother’s Day is right around the corner and one of her aprons is a great gift idea!

I recently discovered this podcast, Huberman Lab and loved this episode on stress and aging. Give it a listen! Andrew Huberman is Ph.D., is a neuroscientist and tenured professor in the department of neurobiology and by courtesy, psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford School of Medicine.

In case you missed anything this week, we started off the week sharing my Favorite Potluck Recipes, then I shared about Mixing New and Vintage at the Beach House. Now that the weather is warmer, I shared How to Make Your Own Lemon Plates, a super yummy Spring Salad Recipe, my Favorite Lemon Vodka Drinks, and also Lemon Decor for your Table.

White and gray bathroom with subway tiles on wall and hexagon tiles on floor. Gray tub with towels draped over the edge near an industrial window, a rattan poof with books on top is next to the tub. Foreground is a peek at the sink on the right and a black radiator on the left. A gray and white striped towel hangs from a hook on the wall.

Martha shared 13 ways to upgrade your bathroom without renovating it. Take a peek if you are in need of a refresh!

Next week is packed with so much goodness, be sure to sign up for the newsletter so you don’t miss anything! We have some crafts to share, some beach house design decisions to share, and an incredible event that we hosted celebrating Mother Earth!

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My first photo with our grandson Graham.

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  1. Congrats and welcome to the “Grandest” club on earth!! I welcomed baby-grand #6 last week too!!! Words are hard to find, but I totally understand not being able to focus or think about other things! They instantly capture our hearts, thoughts, and attention focusing us on the most important priorities! I love that🥰 Welcome to the world baby Graham💙

    1. Grandparents club is so much better than I could have ever imagined Elaine! You are so right, priorities fall into place in an instance. 😊

  2. OH! You are in for the most delicious time now!! I never wanted grandchildren, more people to worry about, but my one daughter has given us four. Twin five year old girls, three year old boy and 8 month old girl. They are all wonderful and I love them more than I thought possible!!! You will too, I know. It is a fun time in life…much more fun than being a parent!!

  3. There is nothing that compares to being a grandparent! Your heart will be full all the time. Enjoy.

  4. So happy for you, Leslie! What a lovely picture of you two – the look on your face says it all. Enjoy your precious gift!

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