Looking Back at Provence and Sunday Morning Coffee

It is hard to believe a year ago I was on one of the most amazing trips. Today I can’t help looking back at our Provence trip.

My best friend Maryliz and I spent ten days in Provence with a small group of amazing women and we had the most amazing time. Today I am sharing all about this trip and sharing some sad but happy news too.

L and Ml Lavender Fields
Season 3 Volume 24

Thanks for joining me for Sunday Morning Coffee. This is a place to share, learn, explain, dream, and have fun. Let’s get started!

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A Day in Provence

A year ago, Maryliz and I traveled to Provence for an amazing vintage flea market shopping trip. It was a trip of a lifetime and we loved it so much!

Brocante Shopping in Provence 4

I love that all of the things I bought in France have found a home in our Pasadena house and at the beach house. Here is one of the vintage chandeliers I bought in our beach house kitchen!

Our kitchen at the beach house with a hanging vintage chandelier, table and chairs, white cabinets, tile, and countertops.

We took the trip with French Larkspur and Tracey is the most amazing host. Her trips are all small and so wonderful. The apartment we stayed at was incredible.

Settling In on Our First Day in Provence France

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If you would like to read about our trip to Provence here are some of the blog posts highlighting our trip!

List of Favorite Things from France

My Top Ten List of Favorite Things from the Provence Trip

I can’t stop thinking about our Provence trip and thought it might be fun to share a list of my favorite things about our Provence trip. It wasn’t easy coming up with this list of my favorite things. That is because I easily could have included twenty-five favorite things! Some of my favorite things are…
Au Revoir Provence

Au Revoir Provence

Today was our last day in Provence and I cannot believe we are heading home. This was a trip of a lifetime and all I can say is Au Revoir! We spent ten days on the road and had the most glorious trip. We toured the most wonderful towns, shopped until we dropped, and dined…
Provence Antique Market

The Provence Antique Market

Today we went to our first large Provence Antique Market. We found lots of wonderful items and I found lots of linens and my new favorite item! We had a wonderful day at the Villeneuve-Les-Avignon flea market. It was similar to many of the flea markets I have attended back home but it was a…
A Day in Provence

A Day in Provence

We had another fabulous day in Provence and I can’t wait to share. But first I will answer all your questions about this trip! I booked this shopping trip to Provence with Tracey Leber at French Larkspur. She has been hosting small groups for years and it’s been great because all we had to do…
Brocante Shopping in Provence 4

Brocante Shopping in Provence

Today was a busy day in Provence! We started in Sault and shopped our first brocante. So many fun vintage items were found! In case you are wondering what the word brocante means, it’s a flea market in France. In the future, I just might refer to my favorite local Pasadena flea market as the…
L and Ml Lavender Fields

Settling In to Our Home in Provence

It was our first full day in Provence and we just finished settling in our amazing apartment. Luberon is such a beautiful area and so quaint! We drove from the airport city to the countryside, winding along narrow roads and circling through roundabouts. We stopped at one of what will be many lavender fields to…

A Week in Provence France and Sunday Morning Coffee

I am on my way to Provence France today! I will be spending ten days in France on a vintage flea market and antique shopping trip. And I cannot wait! This trip is going to be wonderful and I am so excited and promise to share everything about this trip. I will be blogging daily…
A Trip to Provence France

A Trip to Provence France and Sunday Morning Coffee

A trip? It’s true! I am heading off in a few weeks for a trip to Provence France for a week of flea market shopping. How exciting is that? I am traveling with my best friend Maryliz and we are going to shop at the flea markets in Provence France until we drop. And have…

We even created the most beautiful table when we got home and featured it on my blog titled A French Dining Table Inspired by Our Trip to France.

French Provincial Inspired Table
A French Dining Table Inspired by Our Trip to France
My Latest Project

My Latest Project

Looking back at our trip to Provence really makes me want to think about another trip to Europe. I have always wanted to go to Tuscany and a trip we had scheduled with a fabulous group of friends was canceled a few years ago.

We are heading to Alberta, Canada next month and will be enjoying a bike trip through Banff and Lake Louse. I cannot wait as I have been to this area a few times and the scenery and colors of the glacier lakes are breathtaking.

I should probably mention that the bikes are motorized … otherwise, I might not be able to survive the hills!

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My Biggest Challenge This Week

Leaving for Provence

My best friend Maryliz has worked with me for the last two and a half years and sadly (for me!) she is moving on to a really exciting opportunity. I am thrilled for her but sad for me.

I am going to miss seeing her every day, her enthusiasm, creativity, and inspiration.

The good news is that we are still best friends and we will see each other a lot. And we won’t have to be working all of the time!

So where is Maryliz going?

She has joined an amazing company called Shared Vision and I am so in love with what they do! If you are an Amazon or Walmart affiliate then you need Shared Vision as it has an easy creator tool that generates professional links on your website with a few simple clicks. There are so many additional features (such as a broken link checker) that make creating affiliate links a breeze.

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A streest in Provence, France with a blush tone storefront. In front of the store is a rolling rack of clothing in shades of pink and red. A pink antique bicycle with wicker basket on the front and wicker panniers on the back. There is also a table of french hats. A Garland of pink flowers cascades above the doorway to the shop.

Since today we are looking back at our trip last summer to Provence, I want to give a shout-out to Tracey from French Larkspur. Her vintage flea market tours are absolutely spectacular and we had the BEST time! If you are thinking about going to Provence, book with Tracey!

A closeup photo of a livingroom fireplace flanked by bookcases on each side. The room is decorated in shades of white and tan. On the mantel is a bouquet of dogwood in a pottery vase. A mirror made from wood spindles over the fireplace reflects a slim iron arm chandelier. The bookcases are artfully decorated with baskets, pottery and paintings/pictures in frames all in the same white/tan tones. A copper bucket with pieces of wood is at the hearth of the fireplace.

Being a West Coaster, I am so envious of Dogwood season. Dogwood was also my mother’s favorite flower. Everytime I see a bouquet of Dogwood, it makes me smile. Thank you Jackie @finding_lovely for this beautiful photo and the smile that it brought.

A handmade pottery vase filled with anenomes in blush tones still life with a black background

I have become a little bit obsessed with pottery and the artistic process of creating it. This vase from @reeseemery is such a beautiful example of creativity at its finest!

A closeup view of pink roses growing against a stone building in Provence, France. In the background is another building with climbing pink roses and a light blue shutter. A church steeple is in the far background.

While we were in Provence last year, I discovered and fell in love with the Instagram account @provencallife. David shares a beautiful perspective of the region, from an American living in Provence.

Light pink heirloom roses with the Jardin du Palais Royal in the background.

In case you are headed to Paris this summer, be sure to check out @georgiannalane. She is the author of author 10 bestselling floral/travel books.

Wow! What a week it was! I shared my favorite faux flowers, how to add string lights to your yard, some amazing new salmon recipes, a DIY succulent wreath, the most amazing DIY vintage lampshade flower crown, and some great Father’s day gift ideas.

I love this blog post that Martha shared titled 10 Collectibles in Your Attic That You Didn’t Realize Were So Valuable. You might own some treasures!

I will be in both Pasadena and Ventura this week writing blog posts for the next few weeks. But this week I am sharing a fabulous Summer Salad, our Summer Decor in our Dining Room, and tips on how to Plant a Summer Garden. I am also excited to share How to Plan a Backyard Dinner Party (parts one and two) and the new Summer Decor in our Family Room.

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Maryliz and Leslie in the middle of a lavender field in Provence.

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  1. Enjoy your time in Canada. I bet it is going to be spectacular! Sorry you are losing your right-hand woman but sounds like a wonderful opportunity for her. Hope the weather in Ventura is not all June gloom for you while you are there.

    1. I am just so happy for her- it’s bittersweet! Haha the June gloom is the right now but I’m holding out hope things will clear 🤣

  2. After your posts last year, I knew I had to go and I knew I had to stay in the same place! I just got back from 2 weeks staying in your same apartment (Apt, La Madone)!! I loved every minute!

  3. Leslie you shared so many beautiful photos of Provence! All that pink, I see many paintings you could change up and make abstact🩷

  4. Wildfires in Canada will be part of your trip. There are over 400 wildfires burning. Over 250 are not contained in any way. This is a very serious situation. Please be advised. Alberta has been affected.

  5. I love all your posts!! Look forward to the Sunday blog every week. Sorry you are losing your work partner, but you never know what bright changes might be ahead of you that you just didn’t think of!

    So glad to hear you are coming to Alberta – I live in Calgary and enjoy Banff as my backyard! Hope you have an amazing trip…be careful on that bike! I know that is beyond my capabilities these days. But what a way to enjoy our mountains!

    1. Omg thanks so much Alex! I’m so glad ☺️ Yes, absolutely. I’m so excited for the trip and we’ll see how the biking goes 😆🥰

  6. While in Alberta you have to visit Moraine Lake ! It is stunning…in my opinion even more so than Lake Louise. I’m a Canadian living in Ontario and ache to go out west all the time! Enjoy Canada!!

  7. I remember you posting about your trip to France. It looks like an incredible place to visit. I wish Maryliz best of luck in her new endeavor. I know you are happy her yet sad too.

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