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Hi, I’m Leslie and welcome to my blog at My 100 Year Old Home. This is where I share creative ideas about entertaining, decor, crafts, and recipes and how we can use these ideas to make simple changes at home and in our lives.

Summer Color Palette in the Family Room

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Hello, I'm Leslie

Welcome to my 100 year old home

Seventeen years ago we bought our dream home. It was built in 1915 and my husband’s family bought the house in 1969. It’s definitely our forever home. I love the fact that our three boys have grown up in the same home where my husband was raised. We have remodeled the home three times and they were very big projects. The first was the kitchen, family room, two downstairs baths and the outdoor patio. A few years later we added a pool and remodeled our master bedroom, two upstairs baths, and the third-floor attic. Our last major remodel was when we updated my art studio (The Carriage House) and added an outdoor kitchen.

I can safely say we are done with the big remodeling projects (and yes darling, I hope you are reading this because I know seeing this in writing will make you smile).  We have always preserved the architectural integrity of our home so we have been lucky. Our seventeen-year-old remodel is still in style. Thank heavens.

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