How to Choose Christmas Colors for Your Holiday Decor – Day One

It’s the first day of Twelve Days of Getting Ready for Christmas! Today I am sharing ideas for Christmas colors and a theme for your decor.

I have teamed up with my dear friend KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms (scroll down for a link to her post or click here) and for the next twelve days, we are going to do everything we can to help you get ready for Christmas. Today is day one of this series and we are sharing how to choose a theme and/or Christmas colors for your home.

A cranberry copper themed table set for Christmas
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A Cranberry Mule drink in a copper mug

Do you have a theme yet for your decor for Christmas?

My theme this year is based on two colors – rose gold and cranberry.

I choose a theme every year for Christmas. For the last three years, my themes were A Pomegranate Christmas, A Verdigris Green Christmas, and a Pink Cranberry Christmas. This year I am using a Christmas color palette to create A Rose Gold and Cranberry Christmas.

How I Picked My Christmas Colors

A Fun Colorful Christmas Dining Room

Every year I choose a theme for Christmas. Why? Because it keeps me on track and helps me to stay focused. A theme makes it so much easier to decorate your home! And it saves you money.

I am pretty sure I didn’t have a theme for Christmas every room in our home might end up a different color!

You might want to consider a theme this year for your Christmas decor. It makes decorating so much easier and saves you money because you can switch decor from room to room very easily.

To determine my theme this year, I took my two favorite colors, orange and pink, and gave them a holiday twist for my Christmas color palette. I ended up with rose gold and cranberry.

I am so excited to see these colors together all over our home.

How to Pick Your Theme

Valentine dining table with copper chargers, copper bowl, copper lantern, copper tray, and copper candlesticks. Pink water glasses and red wine glasses and fresh flowers are also on the table.

In previous years I have had a hard time deciding on a theme because there are so many ideas to choose from. And some years I couldn’t think of any themes to use!

All you need to do is decide on what feels best in your home and goes well with the decorations you already own. For many years my theme was red and green. Why wouldn;t it be, right?

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Choosing Colors for Your Christmas Theme

Cranberries growing a on a snowy tree

When it comes to Christmas decor, there are traditional color combinations that have stood the test of time, as well as modern palettes that bring a fresh twist to the festive season.

Here’s a list of some beloved color combinations for Christmas decor.

Traditional Tones

  • Red and Green: The quintessential Christmas color combination that evokes memories of classic holiday scenes.
  • Gold and Red: Rich and regal, this combination brings warmth and splendor to any setting.
  • Silver and Blue: A cooler, yet still festive palette that often complements winter themes.

Natural Nuances

  • Green and Brown: Reflecting the natural colors of pine trees and pinecones, this combo is perfect for a rustic Christmas setting.
  • White and Green: A minimalist, organic look that’s reminiscent of snow-covered pine branches.

Modern Mixes

  • Pink and Gold: A trendy and chic palette that’s been gaining popularity for its fresh, modern take on holiday decor.
  • Navy and Silver: A deep blue combined with shimmering silver creates an elegant and contemporary feel.
  • Teal and Red: A vibrant and unexpected combo that’s both lively and festive.

Monochromatic Moods

  • All White: A snowy, winter wonderland theme that’s serene and dreamy.
  • Shades of Green: Layering different greens, from deep forest to mint, can be both modern and traditional.

Metallic Melange

  • Gold, Silver, and Bronze: A mix of metals brings a sophisticated sparkle to Christmas decor.
  • Rose Gold and White: This soft metallic combined with white gives a delicate and modern touch to the festivities.

Playful Palettes

  • Multicolor: Think bright and playful colors reminiscent of holiday candies and toys.
  • Purple and Gold: A royal combination that’s both unique and festive.

Warm and Cozy

  • Burgundy and Gold: A deeper variation of red combined with gold creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
  • Burnt Orange and Brown: Evoking feelings of warmth, this combination is perfect for a cozy, cabin-inspired Christmas.

Remember, the best color combinations reflect your personal taste and the atmosphere you want to create for the holiday season.

Whether you stick to traditional hues or venture out with modern palettes, the most important thing is that your decor brings joy and festivity to you and your home.

Choosing a Christmas Theme

Another option is to choose a popular Christmas theme. Here are just a few of the themes you might want to consider. All of the themes below are linked to a list with lots of fun items to get you started, so check them out!

So how do you select a theme? It really comes down to your style and the Christmas decor that you love. Spend some time looking at Christmas decor photos (such as Instagram, Pinterest, and back issues of holiday magazines).

Obviously, I like to change it up a bit every year. I certainly want to be able to reuse my decor from year to year but I like being able to change my decor just enough to fit a new theme.

Create a Mood Board

Once you have picked your theme it might be fun to put a Mood Board together. It is really easy to create a mood board on the website Canva.

Here is the Mood Board I created for this year’s Christmas Colors theme.

A collage featuring copper and cranberry items

I love the rose gold and cranberry. Doesn’t this just get you in the best mood for the holidays?

Pomegranate Christmas Mood Board

This is the mood board I made for my theme for Christmas 2022. I love using pomegranates everywhere.


This is the mood board I made for my theme for Christmas 2021. I love cranberries in decor and in recipes!

Patina Green Christmas Color Palette

This is the mood board I made for my theme for Christmas 2020. I used green verdigris, a patina copper theme.

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Ways to Incorporate Your Theme

Valentine dining table with copper chargers, copper bowl, copper lantern, copper tray, and copper candlesticks. Pink water glasses and red wine glasses and fresh flowers are also on the table.

So once you have a theme, what do you do with it? I like to use my theme throughout everything I do for Christmas. My decor matches the theme. My wrapping paper, crafts, and florals go with the theme. Even my recipes fit the theme, whenever possible.

I know. I am a bit obsessed with my Christmas colors. You will see a lot of them in the next two months.

I have a lot of Cranberry recipes I want to try this holiday season. One of my favorite Christmas Party recipes is my Cranberry Orange Scones.

You are going to want to make these.

The Best Cranberry Orange Scones

Shop My Rose Gold and Cranberry Christmas Theme

My Amazon Christmas Favorites

Click on the photo.

KariAnne’s 12 Days of Getting Ready for Christmas – Day One

KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms and I teamed up to share lots of fun things with you for the next twelve days and here is the link to her post.

How to Choose a Christmas Theme

Looking for Christmas themes? KariAnne has a few too. From colors to patterns to themes, here are seven different ideas for choosing a Christmas theme.

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A table set with cranberry dishes and glasses and rose gold bowl, tray, candlesticks, and lantern.

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