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Christmas Crafts with Buttons

Today I made some Christmas crafts with buttons. I came up with these ideas because I wanted to create a few holiday crafts from items I already owned.

Christmas Crafts Button Wreath Pillow

I challenged myself to make a few Christmas crafts using items I already had at home. I ended up discovering that I could make a lot of different Christmas crafts with buttons.

I own a lot more buttons than I realized. I have lots of colors and sizes and new and vintage buttons.

Buttons for Christmas crafts

As always, I challenged myself to make items that looked like they were store-bought (but weren’t). 

Christmas Crafts

Welcome to Day Five of Ten Days of Christmas Crafts.

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I am hosting a live demo today, December 7th, at 10:00 am PST (12:00 noon CST, 3:00 pm EST) on my Facebook account. Just watch the demo to see how I made these button items.

Once the demo is finished, I will upload the video here so you can watch it here on my blog too.

Wreath Pillow with Vintage Buttons

Christmas Crafts Button Wreath Pillow 1

I am sure you are wondering how these are made. 

I hosted a live demo today on my Facebook account. You can view it right here!

View the DIY Video here.


Once the demo is finished, I will upload the video here so you can watch it here on my blog too.

The first Christmas craft with buttons that I want to share is this wreath pillow. 

I love to buy vintage buttons and occasionally I buy them at the flea market. (These cost $3 each, including the jar!)

Button crafts

And I will be honest with you. This pillow is easy to make. That’s because all I did was glue buttons onto a pillow cover. And then I added a bow.


This pillow was so easy to make and all I used was a pillow cover, vintage buttons, a ribbon, and a glue gun.

Button Garland

Next, I made a button garland. I have these vintage windows hanging in our family room and I like dressing them up every season.

I added a wreath and thought some sways might be a nice addition. 

So I pulled out some buttons and some twine and made these garlands.

Christmas Crafts with Buttons

They are simple and easy to make and I love them. They would look great on a mantle and a Christmas tree too.

Do you think I should have made a green garland too?

Christmas Crafts with Buttons

Button Christmas Tree

Button Christmas Tree Craft

I love this button Christmas tree! I had a bunch of buttons in my craft room and I used some pearl head straight pins and just stuck them into a styrofoam cone.

As you can see in the photo below, I randomly placed the buttons on the cone. 

Christmas Tree Buttons

Here are some of the hundreds of buttons I own. It’s funny as the only colors I have are white, black, red, green and pink.

Button Christmas Crafts

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Christmas Gifts with Buttons

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19 Responses

  1. the pillow is stunning! i have lots of vintage buttons, but all of mine are dark colored. i love the button garland and tree as well.

  2. I collect old buttons and was given two grandmothers button boxes by two dear (very) senior friends. Thanks for inspiration.

  3. Holy moly…you never cease to amaze. Creativity is runnin’ out your pores! I realize your blog is a business for you, but all your projects take time and you do so many!! Are you up all night lol? Everything is just beautiful!

  4. Love all the button crafts! Especially the pillow! Leslie, you ae so talented and always have so many awesome and sometimes even easy:-) ideas!! Can’t wait to follow along on your reno of the beach house!

  5. Wow…how fabulous are your button crafts. The pillow is gorgeous, the garland very fun and I’m in love with your button Christmas tree. You have quite the collection of reallllly nice buttons. Great job!

  6. My goodness, Leslie! You are a prolific crafter! All these button crafts are adorable and so doable. I really appreciate that. I don’t know how you come up with so many great crafts but I love the inspiration. Thank you!

  7. I found a pillow for the button wreath today at my local consignment store! I will remove the insert, grab a dinner plate, warm up the glue gun and rock the buttons I found at assorted craft stores and a stash I have on hand. I so hope my wreath pillow turns out as nicely as yours did. Having the grand girls this weekend…we are making the trees! Thanks for sharing your creativity. It is making this trying time so much more bearable.

  8. Leslie,
    I just spent the entire evening going from each of your Christmas craft blogs to the other. First reading then watching each of your videos!
    You are such a joy to watch, never bragging about your ideas, even downplaying your part.
    Yes, these may be simple to execute but YOU had the flash of brilliance to imagine them and the simple way to accomplish them that anyone can do. I no longer go on FB and spend just enough time on IG to follow what my grown children are doing. I felt social media was using up too much of my time that I could use more wisely.
    However, you can not ask me to give up blogs like yours. I get so much joy and inspiration from following.
    Thank you again!

  9. Love the pillow! ( and Garland!)Plan to make my sister a pillow with buttons left from my great aunt, a seamstress from NYC garment district (circa 1930-1950).
    But I also have 30 or so spools of her thread, the cotton is too weak and breaks. Can’t sew with it. Any ideas for a craft? Various colors. Sentimental value.

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