The Craft Room Makeover

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Are you ready to see my new Craft Room? How about we do a little Before and After?





Can you believe it?

It looks quite different, don’t you think? One of my girlfriends asked if we raised the ceiling. Another friend was convinced we had added more windows. Truthfully, all we did was paint it.

It’s amazing what some white paint can do!


How do you like my table? Remember what it looked like before? It looks quite different after the sanding and painting, don’t you think?

The awesome “homemade” sign is from @VintageMetalCo and the rug is from the Pottery Barn outlet.


My Craft Room is also located just off our new Back Porch as you can see in some of the photos. It’s not done, of course. I ordered a new chandelier but it won’t be here for a month. I still need to hang my new “Homemade” sign, add some shelves, add lots of storage in the cabinets and put things on the bookshelves. But that is going to take a while because I want to get it just right. Nothing will go in my new room that isn’t “pcraft related”.

In the meantime, I plan to start some projects in here right away!

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  1. Dear Leslie, I’ve followed you and your work for several years and thought I knew you. Now I’m beginning to suspect you are not a real person. How could you be just one, ordinary person like me and accomplish all you do. Nevertheless, I enjoy reading about your projects, even though at times they make me feel like a bum…who accomplishes nothing.

    1. Thanks for your kind word Adele. You know me well enough that I just get really focused and get things done!

  2. WOW!!!! Now thats a makeover!!! It looks ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS my sweetest friend!! You did an AMAZING job!! That table is unbelievable!! ????????????????

  3. Love it! The table turned out amazing. Are you really the energizer bunny? HGTV needs to visit your home 🙂

    1. You are too funny! When I am working on a project I do get pretty focused! You can send over HGTV any time … haha.

  4. Leslie!!! This is perfect!!! Isn’t it amazing the difference paint makes??? The chandelier looks so good in the space now too… I have a book called “Where Women Create” your room belongs in that book 🙂
    You’ll definitely want to spend lots of time in your space!!! Love it!!!

  5. So wonderful! I’m a new follower-how can I find out about that counter height table-it’s fabulous!

    1. There is a blog post on the makeover a few posts back. It’s the photo with the table with turquoise legs!

  6. HUUUUUUGE my friend!!! Fabulous work and the results are nothing short of amazing!!! Could there be a ‘second career’ in your future?!?!?!? lol

    1. Thanks my friend. I am having so much fun. And can’t wait to get the new art up in our house. Coming this fall!!!

  7. I had no idea I was going to enjoy your house blog so much. The project room change is stunning. When we moved into our current home the office had dark wood and dark built-ins which I promptly painted white. My husband about had a heart attack, but we both love the light and airy feeling. I am curious what you did with that awesome desk you replaced with the new (awesome) table. Do tell!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing! I am still in shock over the improvement from a little bit of white paint. The desk is going up to my husbands office. It’s a keeper for sure.

  8. I have a small art room, wonderful storage in my basement. I have a beautiful blue spruce, which l planted many years ago, outside my art room window. I LOVE the view of nature, especially in the winter when soft snow falls on the tree. Very lovely for the spirit. I am new to your site and love all your ideas.

    1. Jo, your art room sounds amazing. What a lovely view you have to look out on! I am so, so happy that you have found my website and that you are enjoying what I share. I have so many incredible ideas that I can’t wait to share so stay tuned!

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