A Happy Family at the Beach House and Sunday Morning Coffee

I know all the work spent on our remodel was worth it because we have a happy family at the beach house. I am so happy!

After years of planning and working on the home, we are so happy that we can spend a week here and relax and enjoy and just have fun. There are so many fun aspects of this home and I am excited to finally say that we are kinda done! We are such a happy family enjoying our new remodel.

Our beach house living area with a white swiverl chair, a wicker media console, and a gorgeous ocean view out the windiw.
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Thanks for joining me for Sunday Morning Coffee. This is a place to share, learn, explain, dream, and have fun. Let’s get started!

About Me and My Happy Family

Matt, Ellie, and Michael standing on the beach

My happy family is at the beach house!

Well, not quite all of our family but Dave, Matt, Michael, and his girlfriend Ellie are here and we are having a fabulous time. (We miss you Andrew and Charlotte!)

I am most excited by the fact that we are here enjoying our new home and not working 24/7 to get it done. And the boys and Ellie loved it! They were so excited and so happy and it almost brought tears to my eyes! Their smiles and surprised looks made the years we spent planning this remodel 100% worth it.

The bedrooms are almost done, the wine cellar and putting green are done, and the fitness center is getting there.

My new refrigerator is installed and I sold the one that didn’t fit. and the missing cabinet is in and looks great.

Beverage side of the kitceh with hand painted tiles, water dispenser, quartz countertops and white cabinets.

Did you read the story about how these handpainted tiles came about? It’s a funny story and even though my family thought I was crazy, my idea turned out really well. You can read the whole story here.

My Latest Project

My Latest Project

Family living room at the beach house with white couch and chair, frame tv, and a window with a beautiful view.

You have probably heard about the weather we have been having in Southern California. Tons of rain, snow, wind, and more. It has been so cold that it’s been crazy.

Driving in this rain has been a bit of a challenge but we drove through the rain to get to the beach house in Ventura.

Miraculously, when we arrived the sun came out. It was incredible because we hadn’t seen the sun in five days. And that’s crazy for this part of the country!

The primary suite with two a floral duvet and two chairs facing large windows with a view of the ocean.

The rug for our Primary Bedroom arrived yesterday and thank goodness our contractor was here to bring it inside. You can barely see it on the other side of the bed but I promise to take a photo tomorrow!

Of course, the boys went straight to the putting green and they were such a happy family!

Matt and Michael chipping on the putting green in our back yard.

Dave gets all of the credit for putting this in our backyard. Matt said it was “1000 times better than he expected” and they were out there for hours yesterday, even in the rain.

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My Biggest Challenge This Week

truck in front of our home

A few weeks ago a filming company reached out about filming a pharmaceutical commercial at our home.

I said yes as it was two days of filming and the dates worked for our family. In fact, I was pretty sure we would be at the beach house.

They filmed this past week on Thursday and Friday.

What I didn’t plan on was a record-breaking rainstorm that dumped almost five inches of rain at our home.

Which meant there were about sixty people going in and out of our home in the pouring rain. Just so you know, they are very careful about the floors and rugs, but our lawn took a beating. I have my fingers crossed that it will be ok by next weekend. That’s because I am hosting a baby shower!

Bathroom at The Castle in Waco. Gray and white tile wall with three arched gold framed mirrors on top of walnut console holding two white sinks. A glass vase with greenery is in between the sinks

Joanna Gaines known for her incredible design skills recently renovated an 1890 home in Waco called The Castle and this bathroom is definitely the star!

Photo of Ellen Bennett, founder of Hedley & Bennett Apron Company. Ellen wears a navy blouse and thick black glasses

Ellen Bennett, author of Dream First, Details Later: How to Quit Overthinking and Make it Happen! and founder of Hedley & Bennett, the apron company (&) used by chefs around the world had the most inspirational and thoughtful comment to share. Click the photo or click here for the video

Styled bookcases, wood and iron coffee table, gray sofa and woven chairs on top of gray and white geometric rug. Background is rows and rows of outlet chairs and home items

I cannot say enough great things about the Pottery Barn Outlet in Camarillo. I have gotten so much of the beach house furniture from this outlet. If you are anywhere near Camarillo, please pop in, take a look around, and let the amazing people who work there know that Leslie sent you!

Close-up of black front door with a french market basket filled with white flowers is hanging from a fat white silk ribbon. On the doorstep is a galvanized bucket holding blooming dogwood branches. A criss-cut tall vase holds pink and white blooming tulips and a modern white watering cap holds yellow, pink and white tulips. A jute doormat and a small brass watering can and glass mister are also on the doorstep

It has been so cold and rainy here in Southern California that this sweet shot, from MyLittleWhiteBarn, warmed me right up! If you haven’t checked out this account yet, give Shannon a follow!

Up close photo of strawberries with the words: strawberries can boost heart health and contain an antioxidant linked to cancer reduction. There's a reason dieticians call them a "super fruit."

I love following the Today Show. They recently published an article about how strawberries can boost heart health and contain an antioxidant linked to cancer reduction, truly a “super fruit.” Check the article out here


Woman working at a desk with open laptop, cup of coffee and glass of water. She is gazing out the window in concentration

I am always looking for ways to optimize productivity and work smarter, not harder. I thought this article had a lot of interesting information to share.

This week, I will be sharing lots of great ideas, including how to make your terracotta pots look vintage, the final reveal of the beach house kitchen, my favorite Easter pillow, Lemon-blueberry Gluten free muffins, the beach house primary bedroom reveal, and a new Easter craft.

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Our beach house living area with a white swiverl chair, a wicker media console, and a gorgeous ocean view out the windiw.

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  1. Just a thought but I would re-position that lamp in the first picture over to the left so it is in front of the view of that wall instead of the view of the ocean. There is only so much of the pretty view that I hate to see it blocked. Hopefully there is another plug there.

    1. So glad you are finally getting to enjoy all your hard work! Family time is the best. Good luck on the baby shower!!

      1. Aw thank you so so much! It’s so exciting to have it all done and to be able to enjoy it. It really is the best ☺️🙌🏻

    2. Hi Leila! The problem with the lamp on the left hand side of the credenza is that it blocks the view for the people sitting on the couch, at the island or at the dining table. We moved it to the right to block the houses behind us 😊

  2. I have to say your PB outlet is staged and much prettier than ours in Alameda (SF/Oakland area) which is in a warehouse on an old Naval Shipyard base. Although, it has hindered me from finding a sofa, headboard, outside chairs and more.

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