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Fall is here and you know what is looming around the corner. (The holidays! Yikes!) But for now, let’s remind ourselves to eat, drink, relax.

As the leaves change colors and the weather cools, the cozy season of autumn encourages us to slow down and enjoy the present moment. It’s a chance to relish the flavors, aromas, and moments of tranquility before the busyness of the holiday season takes over.

A fall table set on a back porch wtrh gorgeous faux florals, portmeirion plates, and a charcuterie board.
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Thanks for joining me for Sunday Morning Coffee. This is a place to share, learn, explain, dream, and have fun. Let’s get started!

About Me

A fall table set on a back porch wtrh gorgeous faux florals, portmeirion plates, and a charcuterie board.

With the arrival of fall, it feels like the next few weeks are our last opportunity to savor the simple pleasures of eating, drinking, and relaxing before the whirlwind of holiday festivities begins.

Which means it’s time to eat, drink, relax.

A fall table set on a back porch wtrh gorgeous faux florals, portmeirion plates, and a charcuterie board.

Whether it’s sipping on a warm cup of cider, indulging in comfort foods, or simply taking a moment to unwind by the fire, fall offers a precious window of time to appreciate the beauty of the changing seasons and the joy of the here and now.

So what am I doing?

I am reading a ton. Nothing in particular but at least an hour a day. I started reading my Kindle every night before bed. It helps me relax and I love it.

I am also eating healthier. As you saw earlier this week, I am creating delicious salads and eating protein bowls almost every day.

A fall table set on a back porch wtrh gorgeous faux florals, portmeirion plates, and a charcuterie board.

And I am bike riding at least four times a week when I am in Ventura.

And just as important, I am trying to sleep at least seven hours a day.

And you know what?

I feel better than I have been in a long time!

Of course, I have the most adorable grandson, my two youngest sons have moved back to California, and Michael and Ellie are engaged. That might have something to do with it too!

My Latest Project

My Latest Project

Balsam Hill Flocked Christmas Tree

Believe it or not, I am throwing myself into holiday planning.

That said, it’s actually not that easy as I am still in the middle of a lot of fall projects.

I have five fall projects in my craft room that are started but far from done.

Fall DIY Painted Cake Stand

For my holiday projects, I am trying to modify the materials lists so I can use more of the craft supplies I already own.

And it’s going well. This year you are going to see some beautiful gingerbread houses, but they are not what you expect. There will be lots of trees, and a few driftwood projects I made from my collecting on the beach at our house.

I am also going to decorate the beach house in a fun and beautiful color palette. In a simple yet modern coastal vintage way.

Tomorrow I will be combing the beach for 40 pieces of driftwood to make a really cool Christmas tree! I will be sharing it in November sometime.

The living area at our beach house with a large fireplace, a frame tv, a window overlooking the ocean, and a couch, rug, coffee table and chair from Pottery Barn. The vintage cabinet, marble bust, and round rattan mirror are at the top of the staircase.

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My Biggest Challenge This Week

Amazon key App

Do you know what’s going to be here in a few weeks?

Is the Amazon Prime Big Deal Day.

What’s that?

It is two days of amazing deals that will help you start your Christmas shopping early. It’s similar to Prime Day and it’s all about amazing deals!

an Amazon Echo Show sitting on a white countertop

If you have followed me on Prime Day before then you know we share a lot of deals for three solid days. My team is already starting to get ready and we are making lists of Prime Big Day Deals we think you might like.

You could really help me if you let me know in the comments below what you might be looking for. If it’s in the Prime Big Deal Day sale, I will find it for you.

In the meantime, here are some of the Early Prime Big Day Deals below. The tree is 48% off!

This week's to do list.
  • Finish all of next week’s blog post by the end of today as I will be out of town most of next week.
  • Travel via train from Ventura to San Diego (Monday – Thursday) for the Amazon Conference! I am so excited and I promise to share everything on my Instagram. I cannot wait as we will be at the Hotel del Coronado and the agenda sounds really informative and fun!
  • Order supplies needed (it isn’t much) for Christmas crafts
  • Collect driftwood!

You might like The Fall Resolution You Should Make, Based on Your Zodiac Sign. Apparently, I need to do more reading.

I enjoyed this funny post titled “I Asked ChatGPT for Tips on Creating the Perfect Guest Bedroom“.

This Mushroom Cookies Recipe looks amazing. I love sugar cookies with a great flavor!

This Chicken Pot Pie Recipe (With Video!) looks really delish. I think you will like it.

Another week is behind us! I split my time between Ventura and South Pasadena and managed to get a lot done! This week I shared lots of fall decor, the mystery about the Beach House tomatoes, my favorite copper wreath, a fall salad, my favorite protein bowl recipes, and a beautiful copper pumpkin DIY.

Martha shared Martha’s 10 Best Tips for Healthy Aging. We all need to read this.

This week I will be sharing fall breakfasts, how to organize your pantry for fall, Farmhouse fall decor, my book A Home to Share, a new Halloween wreath, and a fruit tart recipe.

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A fall wreath hanging on the back doors of our porch.

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