Five Things to Organize Now and Sunday Morning Coffee

Now that I have cleared the holiday clutter, I am sharing five things you should organize now. I am kicking off the new year and I am excited!

Organizing can be intimidating so l have identified five things to organize now that will make your daily life easier. Can you guess what they are?

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Thanks for joining me for Sunday Morning Coffee. This is a place to share, learn, explain, dream, and have fun. Let’s get started!

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About Me

I have a long list of things that I need to organize, but for today, I am sharing five things to organize now, as in immediately.

  1. Organize your email;
  2. Organize your purse;
  3. How to organize apps on iPhone ;
  4. Organize your junk drawer,
  5. Organize your plastic bags.
drawer filled with assorted pillow covers
My well-organized pillow cover drawer!


The first thing I need to organize is my email. I have multiple email accounts and am terrible about keeping them organized. I read an email and then leave it in my Inbox or worse yet, get frustrated with the sheer volume of emails that I delete email only to realize I need it later.


The first thing I need to address is the emails that I receive. I need to unsubscribe from the ones that I simply delete as soon as I see them. What a waste of time! Every January I spend the first 14 days unsubscribing from emails I never open. I order a lot of gifts online for the holidays and every single one of those vendors has added me to their email list. Aargh!

So now I consciously unsubscribe from any emails I don’t want to clog up my inbox! Have you heard of a service called You can sign up for free and it will easily show you which emails you are subscribed to and give you the option to keep, unsubscribe, or roll up into a daily digest.

This tool gives you the visibility that you need so that you can clean up your email. I highly recommend that you unsubscribe from all of the emails that you receive repeatedly and do not open (except for mine of course!)

Delete Unopened Emails

Once I get the flow in my Inbox under control, then I will tackle what is already living in my Inbox. At last count, I had 1,736 unopened emails, yikes!

I have already created folders to move emails into but I need to use them and only keep actionable emails I need to deal with in the Inbox. Already, that makes my anxiety decrease!


Perhaps it is because I am a mom of three children that I carry a large handbag. Even today, when we go somewhere as a group, my boys will say “Mom, can you hold this?” Of course, the last time that happened it was a pair of Gucci sunglasses. Those boys do grow up!

This large handbag/purse is not only heavy but very unorganized. It’s no surprise I have all of the typical things you find, a wallet, sunglasses, reading glasses, and keys, but then there is also a lot of stuff that has gone to the bottom of my handbag and has taken up residence.

I am kicking off this organizational task by taking everything out of my handbag and creating a huge pile of stuff. I used these small color-coded zipper bags to organize my lipsticks, make-up, change, reading glasses, first-aid, and pens.

The next step is to add a felt organizer to my handbag. This way, whatever goes back into the handbag will stay organized! I think my favorite feature of this organizer is the clip for the keys, no more digging and digging to try and find them buried at the bottom!

Apps on Your Phone

I have pages and pages of Apps on my iphone. Most are for my job as a blogger/influencer. Currently, I am organizing them so that all of my work apps are together, all of my shopping, fitness, and travel apps are on their own pages, and more. My phone will be organized in a logical way so that I can access apps easily rather than relying on how many swipes it takes to get to the app that I am looking for.

Plastic Bags

During the holidays, when I am cooking for not only our family events but also our annual holiday party for over 200 people, I fly through Ziplock bags. Boxes and boxes of them. Someone got super smart and created bamboo boxes to organize and manage all of the different-sized plastic ziplock bags. This one is an easy one to accomplish, you just have to order the organizers!

Junk Drawer

We all have junk drawers in our homes. Unfortunately, I had four, in one room … the kitchen! I ordered bamboo drawer dividers and inserts which made it so easy to organize and will make it much harder for anyone in my family to just shove something into a drawer and never look back!

kitcehn drawer with dividers and six areas for serving utensils
This drawer used to be full of plastic gloves, masks, and hand sanitizers.

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My Latest Project

My Latest Project

A lot has happened at the beach house this week. We have a new mantle, bunk beds, kitchen shelves, and kitchen countertops!

You can see our old mantle and fireplace below. I liked it a lot but it was too small and I knew we needed to make a change when we started the remodel. We widened the area that surrounds the fireplace to house a larger 65″ TV and added a larger fireplace and a new mantle.

The new fireplace is installed and the mantle is built. We are going to add quartz around the fireplace that just happens to match our countertops (it was leftover). The orange outline is the TV size and the white box is where the box for the Frame TV will be stored in the wall.

The bunk beds were framed in the new bedroom downstairs. They are queen-size bunks and not quite finished as the bunk beds still need the ladder, railing, and finishing.

You can see we have outfitted the bunk beds with individual reading lights, plugs (for phone chargers), and light switches that turn off all of the lights in the room.

This bedroom also has a king-sized bed and its own bathroom. It’s perfect for a family!

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My Biggest Challenge This Week

My biggest challenge this week is that I have been sick! Dave got the virus last week and I was pretty confident I had caught it too. I had a lot of the symptoms (cough, congestion, headache, tiredness, and more), and felt terrible, but I am pleased to say that I do not!

I have had two PCR tests (including one yesterday) and they were both negative. So I guess I just have a bad cold. Who knew I could be so happy to just have a really bad cold? Ha!

My home away from home this week!

If you are looking for unique items to spruce up your home, definitely check out Debra Hall Lifestyle. She has the most beautiful home decor items and her online store is simply gorgeous.

Hedley & Bennett aprons are worn by Top Chefs and home chefs around the world. Their aprons are simply amazing. Click here to check them out.

Season 2 of The Established Home is out on the Magnolia Network. If you love a fixer-upper, Episode 1 is for you! It is an absolute gem!

This incredible woman whose husband accidentally signed her up for the marathon instead of a 10K and she finished it anyway!

There were a lot of new blog posts this week. I shared two posts about the beach house remodel and some organization tips in the kitchen and how to choose a color palette. I also shared how to make cherry blossom stems and a Fell Better, Get Better box.

Martha shared some timely inspiration with 5 Simple Ways to Become More Productive Each Day.

This week is going to be so much fun! I am going to share my newly decorated winter home decor in the living room, family room, and kitchen. I also am going to share some flower arranging tips, a pom pom pillow DIY, and my new quartz countertops in the beach house!

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  1. always an inspiration! and feel better soon, this “virus” is kicking my family’s butt as well 🙂 the rug in your “home away from home” is beautiful! can you share where you got it?

  2. Thank you for these tips! I have enjoyed following you in the last year. I won’t be unsubscribing from your account. God bless

  3. As always, a good Sunday morning coffee ‘chat’ with you leaves me inspired somehow. Thanks for sharing the links to the organizational items. I’m going to order a couple of them right now.

  4. Feel better friend. Just ordered the clear drawer organizer, exactly what Im looking for in our new house, drawers everywhere!

  5. Leslie, loved your ‘get well’ box. What a lovely idea.
    Also love your organizational ideas. I have been doing that since last summer but need to press on! One thing that I wanted to ask you or your viewers, I have been “unsubscrivbng” throughout the month of December and have cleaned up a lot of emails that I no longer want to see. But, what is your recommendation for the unwanted “”ads” that are popping up in emails. I’ve researched and it seems that the only way to get rid of these annoyances is to purchase a program that gets rid of them. What is your advice? Thank You.

    1. Hi Debbie! Oh yay! So happy you do. Unfortunately I don’t have a solution for blocking ads- hopefully reducing the number of emails will alleviate the majority of what you don’t want to see 🙏

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