Girls Weekend Getaways and Sunday Morning Coffee

This past week in Texas, vintage shopping with my girlfriends has inspired me and reminded me of how important girls’ weekend getaways are.

There is something so incredibly special about time spent with girlfriends. All piled into a home together. Cooking together. Taking long walks together. Creating space for vulnerability, honesty, reality, and compassion. Laughing and talking until the wee hours of the night and remembering how much we all love each other.

Shauna, Debra, me, and Natashia in Roundtop, Texas
Season 3 Volume 12

Thanks for joining me for Sunday Morning Coffee. This is a place to share, learn, explain, dream, and have fun. Let’s get started!

About Me

Shauna and Leslie in Round Top Texas shopping for vintage items.
Shauna and me

I spent the past week in and around Round Top, Texas vintage shopping with some amazing girlfriends: Debra Hall (from Debra Hall Lifestyle), Lorzel Waltner (from Barnhouse Market), and Shauna Guterriez and Natasha Holland (from Public 311 Design).

I have known these ladies for years. Debra, Lorzel, and I have traveled to RoundTop many times before and Shauna and Natashia photographed and helped style my book, A Home to Share!

Where We Stayed

We all stayed at The Wander Inn which is owned by Junk Gypsy. It is a really quaint Inn and with all of us staying in the same place, it felt a bit like a throwback to a sorority house!

We literally weathered massive thunderstorms, wind, rain, and really cold temperatures to score some amazing vintage pieces.

Shauna and Debra in Round Top Texas shopping for vintage items.
Shauna and Debra

Shopping the Round Top Antique Flea Market

We each had a strategy for shopping in Round Top. It is important to have a clear vision of what you are looking for, and maybe even more importantly, what you are NOT looking for. With the sheer volume of vintage items and the rows and rows of tents, it is easy to get overwhelmed if you don’t have a strategy.

My strategy was to look for vintage pieces for the Ventura beach house. Because the house’s aesthetic is more modern than our home in Pasadena or our AirBnB in Waco, the strategy was critical to successful shopping.

I got some great pieces that I am so excited about! I will share them next week in a blog post about Round Top.

Lorzel and Debra in Round Top Texas shopping for vintage items.
Lorzel and Debra

The week in Texas spent with girlfriends got me thinking about how special girlfriend time is and wondering why we don’t make it more of a priority. Before I even got back from Texas, I reached out to my group of girlfriends in Pasadena and invited everyone to the Ventura beach house next weekend!

We all get busy, but I am hoping that hosting a girls’ weekend next weekend will kick things off and inspire us to make time for a girls’ weekend at least once a quarter!

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My Latest Project
Leslie Saeta Fine Art Triptych Paintings on the wall
My abstract art in our beach house before the remodel

My Latest Project

While we are mostly moved into the Ventura beach house, our walls are BARE!

Because I am an artist, of course, I think that I should paint all of the artwork for the house. The only issue is when am I going to do that?

I would love to paint some of the artwork for the Ventura beach house, but I would also like to find some different types of art for the house. Fortunately, I did find one piece in Round Top that I am having shipped back and I think it will look great. I can’t wait to share it with you.

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My Biggest Challenge This Week

Southern California has had almost 18″ of rain since the beginning of the year which is on par to set a new record for the most rain in a year in California, ever. Not only is it wet, but it is also cold. Really, really cold. While those of you who are used to cold and wet weather might think we are complaining, we just really aren’t prepared for this type of weather. And yes, our blood is thin.

Our backyard is trashed. It is literally underwater and I am not sure that lawn will survive the repeated drownings. I was planning to host a sponsored outdoor dinner in our backyard next week, but it will be too cold and wet, so we have had to postpone. Fingers crossed we don’t get April showers on top of the January, February, and March showers!

sunset on the beach with an orange sky

The rain has also put a stop to work on the Ventura beach house rooftop deck. We are so close to being done, but not much has been able to happen outdoors in recent weeks. I am so excited for it to be done, it truly is going to be absolutely incredible and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Sound City recording studio with 1960s convertible mustang in front, Daisy Jones and Billy exiting the building

I loved the book and I am absolutely loving the show Daisy Jones and the Six! Daisy Jones and the Six is the first fictional band to top the iTunes charts!

Personally designed and hand painted tiles by Mission Tile West

If you can dream it, Mission Tile West can create it! Design your own tile just like I did. Click here to connect.

View of french hillside in Provence viewed through trees with orange flowers/leaves

Having spent the week vintage shopping in Round Top got me thinking about our amazing vintage shopping trip in Provence with Tracey from @frenchlarkspur. Start planning for 2024, all of her 2023 tours are sold out (and totally worth it!)

For all of you Ted Lasso fans out there, in honor of Season 3 premier, I am sharing @thesmittenkitchen’s classic shortbread recipe!

A group of women with big smiles with information about a creator event and sign up button

If you are a creator looking to uplevel and grow your business, the Haven Conference in Atlanta is the place to be. This year, 5% of gross ticket sales will be donated to @DIYForaCure which brings awareness to childhood cancer. Check it out here and here!

I was in Round Top, Texas all week, but we shared so many great posts. We started off with a reveal of the bunk room and then shared how to create a pretty spring planter. This week marked the anniversary of the demo day of the beach house so I shared lots of before and after photos. The Easter Basket cake I shared is very fun to make and we shared some really cute table ideas. Finally, I shared one of my favorite free-motion stitch and paint pillow covers in time for you to make some before Easter!

Tap on any of the highlighted blog posts below for more information.

Tall what vase with branches. Hanging from the branches are colorlfully dyed easter eggs hanging from colorful ribbons

Martha recently shared 30 Easter Decorating Ideas That Celebrate the Holiday (and Spring’s Arrival). As usual, I want to make all of the crafts. So inspired!

Next week, we’ve got a lot of amazing content to share with you. I am sharing my love of crocks, tips to set outdoor tables, and highlights of the week in Round Top. I have an easy spring wreath for you to make make, and a great story about the Ventura beach house flooring. Finally, I am sharing the spring colors I chose for the family room. I will be at the beach for a girl’s weekend so stay tuned, I will share more about that the following week!

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Natashia, Shauna, Debra, and Leslie in Round Top Texas shopping for vintage items.

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