Spring Pink Wrapping Paper DIY

I decided to come up with a craft idea only using things I already own. This homemade spring pink wrapping paper is one of my new favorite easy paper crafts.

Given how much craft stuff I already own, I could probably do this again. Every month. Or every week. Or even every day. Oops!

Handmade pink wrapping paper and gifts with organza ribbon.
You Made that?
Easy Spring Paper Crafts

My Easy Pink Wrapping Paper Craft

Can you guess how I made this pink wrapping paper? It looks a little familiar, right?

I bought a patterned roller a few years ago and I love it. I have used it to make some really amazing DIY projects such as dish towels and napkins and I got to thinking. What else could I make with it? Would it work on paper? Could I make my own wrapping paper?

In order to test my theory, I looked around my craft room to see what materials I had on hand. Here is what I found:

  • Newsprint paper. I had a box of this in the craft room. I keep a box handy and use it to pack away breakables like mercury glass, Christmas decorations, etc.
  • Spray paint in coral, cranberry, and berry pink. I don’t even remember what I bought these colors for, but they are perfect for this project!
  • White acrylic paint
  • My trusty decorative paint roller
Hand painted Wrapping Paper

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Easy Paper Crafts Step By Step

I decided to test my idea to make an easy paper craft into wrapping paper. I wasn’t sure how the spray paint would dry or if the paper would disintegrate underneath the spray paint. 

Paint Colors for Paper

The first step was to lay out newspaper on the driveway and then added three sheets of plain newsprint. I started with the coral color and started spraying. 

As I sprayed the paint, it looked almost like suede. It was working! I covered the first sheet and moved on to the cranberry color. 

Spring Wrapping Paper - Easy

This color was deep and a gorgeous purple almost wine color and also looked like suede. I finished up with the berry pink color. 

Once I was finished coating the plain newsprint with the three spray paint colors, I went back to the first sheet to check on it. It still looked a little wet, but it was dry! The integrity of the paper was fine, it didn’t rip or tear.

At this point, I realized this just might work!

Next, I squeezed out white acrylic paint onto parchment paper on a cookie sheet. I rolled the roller through the white paint and then across the spray-painted paper and it looked amazing! Talk about an easy paper craft, this was really easy!

Spring Wrapping Paper - Easy Paper

This paper was made with Coral spray paint.

Spring Wrapping Paper Crafts

This was made with Berry Pink paint.

Spring Wrapping Paper Easy Paper Crafts

I love the Cranberry paint I used for this one.

Once the roller paint was dry, I wrapped the three gifts that I needed to wrap and send for a friend’s birthday. 

Gift Wrapping with Pink Wrapping Paper

Easy Paper Craft

I am so excited to know that I can make my own wrapping paper. The spray paint covered the newsprint paper completely and dried quickly. The possibilities are endless.

I have a number of antique decorative rollers that I have collected over the years and I cannot wait to try them.

I love to use organza and chiffon ribbons when wrapping gifts. The finished product has such an elevated look and feel.

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Spring Wrapping Paper - Easy Paper Crafts

Creative Ideas for Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

I can’t wait to mix and match using multiple rollers on one sheet of paper. 

I now want to make a lot of my own wrapping paper with other paint rolls, stamps, stencils, and more (trust me, I have lots of things in my craft room I can use!).

Think how fun it would be to make wrapping paper for gift recipients based on their favorite colors and personality. Or I can make the gift wrap and give it as a gift! Would you like to receive handmade wrapping paper?

How much fun will this be for birthdays and holidays like Christmas? All of the paper under the tree could be handmade and color-coordinated, wow!

Spring Wrapping Paper - Easy Paper Crafts

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you print your own wrapping paper?

Absolutely. You can paint it first with spray paint. Or use plain white or brown butcher paper. Nest, add some fun designs with stamps (including potatoes), stencils or a paint roller as I did here.

Is brown paper better than wrapping paper?

In some cases, brown paper is thicker. While that is a good thing, some brown paper is too thick and it is hard to fold which can be cumbersome when wrapping a gift. As long as you use a lighter weight, brown paper is one of my favorite gift-wrapping ideas.

Spring Wrapping Paper - Easy Paper Crafts

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Handmade pink wrapping paper and gifts with organza ribbon.

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    1. I am so happy that this inspired you Barbara! I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but am so happy! You are right, the possibilities are endless! Have a wonderful weekend!

  1. Wow, what a fantastic idea. This treatment in these exact colours would look lovely on a wall as well. The possibilities really are endless. I’d probably go berserk and try this on some of my shoes too.

  2. Hi Leslie, I think I missed the directions for the felt flowers. Could you send them to me? I am also going to try the wrapping paper craft. I will let you know how it turns out. Thanks for all your craft ideas. All of them are wonderful. Keep your thinking cap on and keep the crafts coming.

  3. You are one amazing lady…so many great ideas and your talents are endless…thanks for sharing so many of your crafts etc

  4. I would have imagined the newsprint paper would have wrinkled, once sprayed with paint. You papers looked very smooth, as if they were purchased in these colors. Can you please explain.

    1. Hi Teresa – That was a concern of mine also, but as you can see, once the paper was sprayed with the paint, it was very smooth. Some kind of magic science thing! ūüėä

  5. Oh my gosh the paper came out wonderful!!! I wish I had some ideas to use up my left over craft supplies…
    But I am going to make your pink paper bag wreath out of the grapevine wreaths I have made . Thanks for your creative ideas!!
    And for sharing!!!

    1. Pam, I am excited you are going to make the pink paper bag wreath. Please let me know how yours turns out!

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