Creative Pet Gift Wrapping Ideas 

Today my dog Sport and I are very excited to share some creative pet gift wrapping ideas. We made wrapping paper and came up with some very fun ideas for pets to give their families.

Creative Pet Gift Wrapping Ideas 

Sport and I have been busy getting ready for Christmas. He (we) decided it would be fun to do some Christmas shopping for everyone in the family. And then he (we) decided it would be fun to make some wrapping paper that was obviously from him! Fortunately, Sport agreed that I could share some creative pet gift wrapping ideas with you.

I will be honest that at first, I had what I thought was a brilliant idea.

Sport (I mean me) thought it might be fun to make wrapping paper by putting paint on Sport’s paws and letting him walk all over butcher paper. But I started thinking of what would really happen. I am pretty confident that would consist of Sport running all over our back patio and “forever leaving his footprints” everywhere.

Thank heavens I decided that was a bad idea.

Creative Pet Gift Wrapping Ideas 

So I bought this adorable dog paw print stamp instead. I got it from Amazon (it costs less than $7) and it can still be delivered before Christmas.

Creative Pet Gift Wrapping Ideas 

Since I averted one disaster by using a stamp instead of Sport’s paws, I decided to tempt another one by hosting a Facebook Live with Sport and me today! We (hopefully only me) will be making wrapping paper and showing all of the gift ideas he (we) found for everyone in the family. 

I will likely have some fresh chicken in my pocket to bribe him to sit next to me. Wish me luck, because I think this is going to be very interesting. I am guessing he will last on the couch for about one minute.

Join Me and Sport For a Live Video Today

You can watch Sport and me on Facebook Live today at 10:00am PST (12:00 noon CST, 1:00pm EST) here.

I will post the video here once the live broadcast is over.

Look how adorable this wrapping paper turned out. And just so you know, it took me about ten minutes to make a big sheet of wrapping paper.

Which is a good thing since I have teamed up with some amazing bloggers to feature a thirty-minute craft.

Once a month, Janine from Happy Happy Nester, Karianne from Thistlewood Farms, Christina from The DIY Mommy, Jen from Tatertos and Jello, and me, will be sharing a 30 minute craft. Today’s theme is gift wrapping.

All of their beautiful 30-minute ideas are below. Be sure to swipe down to see them.

Imagine that I am the only one that thought of wrapping gifts for pets. Haha.

Creative Pet Gift Wrapping Ideas 

What You Need to Make Gift Wrapping Paper for Your Pet

One roll of butcher paper and/or white butcher paper

One small bottle of white acrylic paint

Paw print stamp 

Creative Pet Gift Wrapping Ideas   

Place the paint in a paper plate and use the plate as a “stamp pad”.  Stamp periodically on the paper in a haphazard way.

Creative Pet Gift Wrapping Ideas 

I did a reverse of white paper and tan-colored paint and I love how it came out.

Creative Pet Gift Wrapping Ideas 

Sport loves these Plush Toys and he (we) might have ordered a few for him too. 

Of course, it’s a surprise and he doesn’t know it yet.

Creative Pet Gift Wrapping Ideas 

I will share my favorite gift on the video today that Sport bought for Andrew and Charlotte. But just so you know, here are some of the gifts he (we) bought.

Chuckit Mini Ball Launcher for his brothers

Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags for his environmentally conscience brother

Titos (aka Totos) Vodka bottle plush toy for his mother (who likes Vodka Tonics)

Large Dog Dental Treats for his mom

White Claw (aka Paw) Dog Toy for Charlotte because she likes White Claws a lot

Fluff and Tuff Toys for Dug, his cousin

Giant Lint Roller for Dave (dad) because he always finds dog hair on his clothes

Creative Pet Gift Wrapping Ideas 

I can’t wait for you to meet Sport today. He has quite the personality and he (we) is a pretty smart Christmas shopper. Almost all of the gifts he (we) bought are for him, 

Such a smart puppy.

Pet Gift Wrapping Ideas

30 Minute DIY Crafts


Make your own wrapping paper this year. This pretty glittery paper is such a quick project and only takes a couple of minutes to make. And even your kids can make this fun gift wrapping paper. It’s that easy. And by the way, there are a few important tips about glue and glitter that are key to creating a successful paper. Trust me. I did a bit of testing. Personalize your paper and have fun with this crafty project.

Tatertots and Jello | Baking Soda Clay Gift Wrap Embellishment DIY 

Creative gift wrap ideas using simple baking soda clay and natural elements. Using only two pantry ingredients and foraged items from your yard, you can create gorgeous gifts that will look stunning under your tree. 


Pet Gift Wrapping Ideas

My 100 Year Old Home | Creative Pet Gift Wrapping Ideas

Sport and I had some fun shopping for gifts this year. We picked out items for everyone in the family which are thoughtful and hilarious. We even made our own gift wrap paper and can’t wait to share our creative pet gift wrapping ideas.


Make your own personalized ribbon in minutes. A simple step-by-step tutorial on how to create beautiful ribbons and bows for your packages.
From elegant fabric wrap to how to make the perfect bow, these beautiful gift wrapping ideas will help make your gifts look extra special this year. The best part? These ideas are inexpensive and easy to recreate!

Pin the image below to your Craft or Christmas decor boards on Pinterest (just click the Pin button in the top left corner). You can also follow along with me on Pinterest!

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Pets

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  1. That is so totally cute! I wish I was closer to retirement so I didn’t have to be at work and could watch your lives at 10! 🙂 You and Sport make a great team, and as soon as I get a dog, their footprints are going on some wrapping paper! Hope he sat still for you, and Happy Friday!

  2. Thanks for a great idea!! However, instead of gift wrap (bc we finished wrapping today, phew!) I’m going to take my pug’s paw and press it into dough and make ornaments for the tree, the kitty too! Thanks for ALL of your great ideas and Merry Christmas and may we all have a Happier 2021!!

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