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Fall is here. I know it’s still summer but starting next week I will be sharing lots of fall inspiration on my blog and social media.

I love fall. The colors are so beautiful and I love that it is the perfect transition between the warm summer colors and the festive colors of the holidays. So let’s have some fun with inspiration and enjoy that fall is here.

Fall Table Decor Ideas for Your Dining Room
Season 3 Volume 32

Thanks for joining me for Sunday Morning Coffee. This is a place to share, learn, explain, dream, and have fun. Let’s get started!

About Me

This week has been so crazy! We were in Dillon, Colorado last weekend attending my nephew’s wedding. It was such a beautiful location and we even managed to sneak in a 33-mile bike ride (at an elevation of 9100 ft.) And yes, I rented an e-bike again!

Of course, the minute I got home I was upstairs on the 3rd floor getting ready to start the new craft room project!

If you haven’t heard, I decided to create a large craft room area on the third floor. Currently, this space is kind of like a mother-in-law suite. But it’s not used and over time has become cluttered with all of my craft supplies.

If you look at the photo above, my craft room will be the area that is behind the couch.

I did have a craft room downstairs, but I decided to turn it into a studio for my Amazon Lives. I host about three Amazon Live broadcasts a week and I needed a space where I could have my studio set up. It was exhausting moving it around our home every day which is why I built a studio!

And if you are wondering why I didn’t put the studio on the third floor and leave my craft room as is … I needed a larger space for crafting and I didn’t want to have to carry all of the items I share in my Amazon Live broadcasts up three floors!

On this blog, I may sometimes use affiliate links, which means a small commission is earned if you purchase via the link. The price will be the same whether you use the affiliate link or go directly to the vendor’s website using a non-affiliate link.

My Latest Project

My Latest Project

Clearing out the 3rd floor for a new craft room.

Oh my gosh! This new craft room is really happening. And I have to admit that I had started piling up my craft supplies everywhere and it was kind of getting out of control.

So this couldn’t have happened at a better time because the entire third floor needed a major reorganization!

The first task was getting rid of the pool table. I assumed it wasn’t even an option but as I was sharing my ideas about my new craft room with our boys they suggested that I get rid of the pool table.

The next day it was gone!

I love the extra space and now I have a blank slate to organize into my new craft room.

I have had lots of helpers here this week from Task Rabbit taking things apart and removing them, taking lots of things downstairs for my big sale (date is still TBD), and then again to help with the assembly of my new furniture for my craft room.

And the project continues … be sure to watch this week for updates.

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My Biggest Challenge This Week

Graham at four months.

After being gone so much, I told Dave we weren’t going to go anywhere else this month.

Actually, let me reword that. I said that I wasn’t going to go anywhere. Dave has two golf trips already scheduled in August.

But then the opportunity arose to visit our kids and GRANDSON this weekend and we immediately jumped in the car to head to Marin County.

Matt and Graham

So what’s my challenge?

I don’t want to leave! Matt has moved back to California this week and now that our entire family is up north it makes it really hard to leave!

And of course, I could be 100% content just holding and playing with Graham. All day long!

But … we will see them all soon as they are heading down south to Ventura in a few weeks!

The Magnolia Silos at the famous Magnolia Market in Waco Texas.

Thinking about visiting Waco? Check out this amazing What’s Happening at Magnolia Guide. Thanks, Chip and Joanna!

My friend Courtney has a Christmas book coming out! Pre-order your copy of French Country Cottage Christmas now!

This Warm Brussel Sprout Salad made by Janine from Happy Happy Nester looks amazing. I can’t wait to make it.

So many fun ideas were shared last week. They included how to plan a trip to my favorite Vintage Flea Market, how to save a stained tablecloth, and how to arrange grocery store flowers. I also shared three recipes for Rose Apple Tartlets, Raspberry Blueberry Coconut Popsicles, and how to make a Palette Knife Flower cake.

Martha shared 8 Signs Your Body is Fighting Inflation. This is so interesting!

Fall decor is here and I am sharing a DIY fall wreath, my newly decorated living room for fall, a DIY for a fall planter, and a leaf table runner. I also am featuring tips on remodeling, and progress on my new craft room on the 3rd floor.

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A table set for fall with roses, fall fruits, and tableware.

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  1. Graham is growing so fast! I found out in July I’m going to be a first time grandma in January and I’m over the moon!! Its going to be hard because they are in CA and I’m now in Texas. I see lots of plane trips in my future….😂
    Enjoy your visit.

    1. Omg it’s the absolute best ❤️ Congratulations! You will definitely become a frequent flyer 😆☺️

  2. Looks like maybe you could have turned that pool table into a large work table. Can you tell me the size of your old craft room?

  3. I enjoy watching your posts. The craft room is a dream! Thank you for the ebike introduction . I didn’t know and it opens up a whole new world. God bless

    1. Just wait til you see the new craft room- not done yet but I am so excited about it! Right!? E-bikes were so much fun, definitely recommend 🙌🏻

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