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Exciting news as I will be on the road this week! I am heading to the ALT Summit Conference and then I am off to Round Top for antique shopping.

I love sharing exciting news. I am presenting at the ALT Summit tomorrow in Palm Springs and then for the rest of the week I will be antique shopping at the Round Top Antique Show in Texas! I can’t wait to get out to the fields and share all of my vintage shopping experiences with you.

Waco Spring House Tour in the Kitchen
This island was purchased at the Round Top Antiques Fair.
Season 3 Volume 11

Thanks for joining me for Sunday Morning Coffee. This is a place to share, learn, explain, dream, and have fun. Let’s get started!

About Me

Round Top

I haven’t traveled much in the last few years (my highlight trips were Provence and Hawaii) and I am excited to finally get back to Round Top in Texas. But first I am off to Palm springs today to attend and present at the ALT Summit.

The ALT Summit

Alt Summit is a conference. It is also a community. A community of thousands of women influencers and entrepreneurs in creative fields.

I attended the ALT Summit in March of 2020 as a presenter and had an amazing time. I was thrilled to be invited back this year and I will be presenting a session titled How to Make Money as an Influencer.

The ALT Summit is amazing primarily because of the people I meet there. It is so inspiring and I cannot wait to be there later today!

Roundtop Antiques Fair

Almost everything in this photo at our Waco Airbnb was purchased at Round Top. I especially love the white armoire and the architectural element above the french doors.

Did you know the little tiny Texas town called Round Top, which has a population of about 90, welcomes about 40,000 visitors twice a year when it hosts Round Top Market Week?

Actually Round Top lasts longer than a week. We will be there most of this week but you can still shop for about three more weeks.

Round Top is basically fields and fields of vintage dealers. The prices are amazing and there is pretty much everything you might ever want at Round Top.

Tips to Buying a Vintage Chandelier
The table, chairs, dresser, and more were all purchased at the Round Top antique show.

All of the photos here are examples of the many things I have purchased at Round Top.

I am traveling with some amazing women. They are Lorzel at Barnhouse Chicks Market, Debra at Debra Hall Lifestyle, and Natashia and Shauna at Public 311 Design. I promise to share the entire week on my Instagram stories so be sure to follow along!

On this blog, I may sometimes use affiliate links, which means a small commission is earned if you make a purchase via the link. The price will be the same whether you use the affiliate link or go directly to the vendor’s website using a non-affiliate link.

Waco Spring House Tour Guest Registry
I bought this old general store ledger at Round Top. I use it at our Waco Airbnb to highlight all of our guest comment cards.

If you have a chance, you should attend the Round Top show. It really is a great place to buy vintage and antique pieces. I wrote a blog post about Everything You Need to Know to Attend the Round Top Antiques Show. It’s worth attending even if you can only make it for a day!

My Latest Project

My Latest Project

wine cellar at the beach house with wine bottles

Guess what is finally done at the Beach House? The wine cellar!

The Wine Cellar

wine cellar at the beach house with wine bottles

We added a wine cellar in the downstairs hallway and it looks amazing!

I am not even sure how many bottles it holds but it is a lot.

It’s climate controlled and has wonderful glass doors to keep the wine contained.

wine cellar at the beach house with wine bottles

Now we just have to fill it up.

My Biggest Challenge This Week

As excited as I am about traveling there is still so much to do to finalize the beach house!

My biggest challenge are the ten big projects that all involve finishing off the beach house.

Projects Still on the List

primary bedroom with bed, rug, twho swivel chairs and large windows.

All of the projects known as “finishing” are still on the list.

The list includes finishing off the last three bedrooms. Yes, I did say three! But two are almost completely done.

In fact, I am sharing one of them tomorrow here on my blog.

We need to complete the deck too. The glass is almost up (you can see the blue tape markers in the photo) and the outdoor kitchen and grill still need to be installed. (The good news is that they are both sitting up there waiting to be installed.)

beach deck with two swivel chairs and a fire pit with the sunset in the back ground.

The last chandelier needs to be hung. It was missing a part and that finally arrived.

Touch-up paint is needed everywhere. But that goes without saying.

The garage door panels need to be replaced. They have been picked out and measured, but the waiting time is sadly about 8 weeks.

New beach house remodel living area with white couch with pillow, frame tv, rattan media console, basket, wool rug, light wood coffee table, white swivel chair and accessories.

The biggest thing we need is art. And yes, I am the one that needs to paint it all. I can’t even imagine when I am going to find the time to paint about ten paintings. See that big empty wall in the painting above? That will be my first painting to create! And it’s a big one.

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This post by @goodnewsdog about finding happiness is a message we should all take to heart and practice every day.

Janine from Happy Happy Nester shared how to make Cookie Bowls. Yum!

There have been so many versions of a charcuterie board, but this barkuterie board from @yoshi.thegoldendood is seriously the cutest ever! I know Sport would approve.

OK, this idea from @apopofyou is brilliant! No more pancake flipping for me!

Never underestimate a mom!

What a week! I was at both the beach house and in Pasadena, and we shared a lot of awesome content. The deviled eggs post on Instagram was super popular with over 1,000 comments and you all loved the gate we installed in the staircase at the beach house. I also made cupcakes with a fun marshmallow flower, the best Lemon Cream Pie, tips about the baby shower we hosted, and lots of ways to decorate and style easter eggs!

Martha shares her tips about how to keep bagged and boxed salad fresh for as long as possible. She also shares some great food safety tips as well. Food for thought.

I will be out of town all week but we have some fun things to share. The week starts off with the reveal of another bedroom at the beach house. On Tuesday we are celebrating the one-year anniversary of the beach house remodel with lots of before and after photos. Then I am sharing a beautiful spring planter DIY, my favorite Easter basket cake, a gorgeous Easter table, and an Easter pillow DIY. WE are going to have lots of fun!

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Last week I hosted an Amazon Live Show titled More Great Amazon Finds at the Beach and you can watch it here.

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Waco vintage kitcehn with gray island, shiplap on walls, and dark wood ceiling.

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  1. Round Top has been on my list for a while. I’m planning to go this fall. I can’t wait to follow along with this trip so I can get some pointers.

  2. Have a great time in Palm Springs! I went to Round Top for my first time this last Fall and I have to say I was disappointed. I’m not sure if we just didn’t find the right areas to shop or if it was different dealers that were there but there was mainly mid-modern, very expensive high regency or other types of expensive items I was not looking for. We visited several different sites but found that it wasn’t anywhere near a realistic budget or not the things we were interested in buying. Maybe we just weren’t in the right dealer areas?

    1. The secret is going early. And I stay away from Marburger – it’s too pricey for me. Stay in Warrenton and shop the fields there.

  3. Can’t wait to see how you finish your extra bedrooms @ beach house as I have one left to do here in our new home in NewBraunfels. Im doing a coastal theme, so beach will work for me.
    Now for your art, I so wish you would share with your followers your boat paintings, they shine like magic in our new home and friends really admire them, especially for their color.

    1. Hi Cindy! Ah thank you, me too 😆 I’m really liking how it’s all turning out so far but can’t wait to get it all finished! Aw you’re so sweet thank you so much, I’m so happy you like them.

  4. Leslie, I plan to attend Round Top this spring! I live right down the road in Brenham, Texas. I am looking for some chippy wooden chairs like you show in your picture above with your beautiful white table. Can you make a suggestion on where I would have the most luck looking for something like that or which shops I should visit? I need eight of them – yikes! Thanks for your help!

  5. Very impressive Leslie, presenting at the Alt Summit and then – what fun – antique shopping at the Round Top Antique Show in Texas. Can’t wait until I hear what you have purchased. Enjoy every minute of it!!!!

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