What to Cook for Dinner – How to Find Thousands of Recipes To Make With the Food You Already Have

Most of us are cooking more at home and sometimes finding the right recipes is hard to do. I have struggled every day deciding what to cook for dinner. I am so happy I found this amazing website which will help us all cook great meals with the food we already have in our homes.


I think we are all cooking a lot more in our kitchens these days. But food is limited and it’s hard to cook creatively when your food options are limited. How many of you have thought you had no idea what to cook for dinner?  Well, good news. I just found an app where you can add your ingredients in your home and the app instantly finds matching recipes from the most popular cooking websites! In fact, you can find thousands of recipes to cook with the food you already own.

It’s true. I have only 82 different food items of food in our home (where I have been quarantined by myself for 6 days) and I just found 7,823 recipes to make with just what I have. 

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The Best Macarons Recipe

A macaron is a sweet meringue-based confection made with egg white, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond meal, and food coloring. Today We Are Sharing The Recipe for What I think is the Best Macaron Ever.

macaron recipe

Macarons. Not only are they one of the prettiest desserts ever, but they are also probably one of the hardest. Fortunately, I was able to partner with the amazing Chef Monique Chan and guess what? They came out perfectly. So today I am sharing Monique’s recipe which I think is the Best Macaron Recipe.

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Why You Need Colored Glass on Your Spring Table

I love setting tables for spring! It’s fun and I especially love how much using colored glass on your table can create so much excitement in a table setting.

Spring Table with Colored Glassware 

I have been collecting colored glasses for a very long time. Three of the pink glasses are vintage and the other one costs $6 on Amazon. Can you guess which is the new one?

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My Favorite Cookbooks

I own a lot of cookbooks and it was not easy picking my favorite. So I picked eight favorite cookbooks! These are not the most popular cookbooks of all time. Rather, they are my favorites. I would love to know if any of these cookbooks are on your favorites list.

my favorite cookbooks

I am not going to admit how many cookbooks I have. Let’s just say that they are located in three different places and not just in my kitchen. I have used cookbooks my entire life. And today I am going to share some of my most prized possessions …  my favorite cookbooks.

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The Best Recipe for Kouign-Amann

Kouign-amann is a french pastry with a croissant-like dough, laminated with butter and sugar for a flaky, rich treat with a caramelized outer crust. This is a perfect breakfast pastry or afternoon snack and today we are sharing the recipe.

Kouign-amann recipe

It’s Friday and I am back in the kitchen. My good friend Chef Monique Chan is here and she is teaching us how to make kouign-amann. The kouign-amann is pronounced “queen a-mahn” and is from Brittany, France. The name comes from the Breton language words for cake (kouign) and butter (amann). The kouign-amann is part sticky bun and part sugared croissant, with layer after layer of buttery, flaky pastry on the inside. It has a caramelized and a slightly-burnt sugar on the outside.

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How to Make a Peppermint Candy Plate

I loved making this candy plate. All you need are peppermint candies, parchment paper, and a springform pan. Today I am sharing how to make a peppermint candy plate to display and serve desserts.

how to make a candy peppermint plate 13

Ok. This peppermint candy plate is adorable. And it’s so easy to make that I think you can still make it for Valentine’s Day. Or …

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