Valentines Day Decor and Sunday Morning Coffee

For years I have decorated our home with lots of Valentines Day decor. But this year I am thinking I might limit it to a really nice dinner for our family.

When I looked at photos from last year, I was reminded that I decorated the living room, family room, kitchen, dining room, and Carriage House pink with Valentine’s Day decor. This might be one of those reactions to living in a house full of men/boys forever … or just my love for pink. Who knows, right?

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white house with black shutters and green lawn

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Valentines Day Decor – Yes or No?

Valentine's Day Table Decorations with Pink glassware

Last year I refreshed our home with new winter decor, in the most glorious blue and green color palette, and then changed it all to pink for Valentine’s Day.

I am not exactly sure why I did that but if you look at the two photos above, it looked pretty great!

This year, since I am really trying hard to keep things simple, I am not going to redecorate my entire home with Valentines Day decor.

I am, however, still going to set beautiful Valentines Day tables, make lots of awesome new crafts, bake plenty of sweet treats, and plan a few Valentines gatherings.

Valentine's Day Breakfast with Love

Look how I decorated my kitchen last year!

These next few weeks are going to be a lot of fun.

Even if my house isn’t pink, it will still be filled with Valentine love!

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My Latest Project

My Latest Project

I am afraid this section of Sunday Morning Coffee will be filled with a lot of beach house updates but why not, right?

I have new Beach House updated photos!

Hopefully, you saw my blog post titled Beach House White Quartz Countertops posted here yesterday. I used white quartz countertops with a bit of gray and gold and they are spectacular!

Beach House Update – Staircases

new white staircase in the beach house

We have two staircases in our beach house (actually three, but the third one is only a few stairs down to the primary bedroom) and they are almost done. The staircase seen above goes up to the 3rd-floor deck we added above the primary bedroom. They are still painting so the caps and treads should be done by fully painted by early next week.

Our old staircase has been modified into a simpler version and still needs paint as well. The two staircases will match and I think the revised new style matches our remodeled home very well!

slightly refurbished white staircase in the beach house

The Primary Bedroom

Primary Bedroom with big windows and ocean view

Our primary bedroom has been the cause of the big delays in our beach house but it is now almost caught up to the rest of the house! They added tape and mud to the drywall last week and the first coat of paint! The floors are already done and well-protected under heavy cardboard. I think only a few more coats of paint, finished carpentry, and final electrical are all this room needs!

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My Biggest Challenge This Week

We have the most lovely beach in front of our home in Ventura. It is never crowded, has lots of white sand, and it’s quite magical.

About six or seven years ago, we had really big storms and waves at about 20 feet. That night the waves were so loud we had a really time sleeping. It was scary! The next morning when we woke we looked out at the beach, most of the sand was gone and large rocks (which had been buried under the sand) appeared. It was weird because only our beach, the one between the jetties and in front of our street, had lost the sand.

All of the other beaches were fine.

I actually cried and was devastated. But there was good news. Within a few months the sand came back and buried the rocks and our beach was back!

Rocks on the Beach

This photo was taken by me last week. Yep.

The big storms that we have had in Ventura brought 25-foot waves and sadly all of our sand has disappeared. Again.

View of the beach on a rainy day
The view from our deck on a stormy January day.

I keep reminding myself that the sand came back last time so it should come back again, right?

My fingers are crossed.

The Lost Kitchen on Magnolia Network, HBOMax, and DiscoveryPlus is such a special show. If you haven’t checked it out yet, Season 3 began at the end of October! Get ready to binge-watch because it is probably my favorite show.

I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, but I am a HUGE fan of James Clear and his book Atomic Habits. “You do not rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems.” This book is life-changing!

I don’t know about this combo, have any of you tried it? Hoda and Jenna seemed to like it. Please let me know!

If you are an antique/flea market enthusiast, get ready! I am heading to Round Top in March. Will I see you there? March 18-April 1st are the dates.

My friend Janine at Happy happy Nester shared her Spicy Tuna Roll recipe for breakfast. It looks amazing!

Everything got cozy on my blog last week and there is a lot of winter decor inspiration! Tap on any of the photo titles for the link to the blog post.

a club sandwich sitting on a blue and white napkin with french fries

Martha Stewart shared the 12 Worse Foods That Cause Inflammation. Did you know inflammation is a trigger for Alzheimer’s?

This week is going to be so much fun as I am starting to share Valentines Day decor. I am sharing my favorite Valentine’s Day sugar cookies and pink foiled apples, how to organize a small bedroom, and another fun napkin craft. I am also sharing our family room winter decor and even more updates on the beach house.

I’d love to hear what your plans are for Valentines Day decor. Do you decorate or, like me this year, keep it simple?

I would love it if you would pop into the comments and let me know.

Also, what is your favorite part of Sunday Morning Coffee posts?

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living room with paino, chair and couch and pink pillow and flowers

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  1. Just wanted to let you know, I love your creativity. The pillows have me thinking ‘I can do that’…so we shall see. All your DAY’S are so inspiring. Thank you for your blog, YouTube videos, and all your work you put into these venues.

    1. Hi Joan! Oh I love reading this- thank you so much for being here and I am so happy you’re enjoying it all ❤️

    1. You have an amazing view of the beach/ocean from your bedroom now. I’d just want to sit at those windows in a comfy chair and watch the waves roll in every day!

  2. My Valentine decor is going to be simple this year. I love Valentine!
    Enjoy Sunday morning coffee, and going over the week especially if I need to go back and check something out.
    Can’t wait to see beach house when finished.

  3. Probably not decorate for Valentines Day—- haven’t put away Christmas boxes and tree. Oh well…. Trying to simplify my life this year… but love to read your blog and enjoy all of your adventures. Could you bottle your energy?

    1. Hi Renee! That’s great- sometimes it’s just not the year to do it, have to do what’s right for you! 🙌🏻

  4. I could leave a comment at the end of every one of your posts – everything you do is just so amazing and so inspiring!!!!! I love it all! Every post is chock full of fun stuff that I just get lost in!!! Many things I’ve copied and many others are on my list to do. You’re just so full of amazing creativity. Thank you so much for sharing you with all of us!!!!!

    1. Oh wow 🥰 thank you so much Kathy! I really love creating and reading these types of comments means the absolute world. Thank you for being here 🙏♥️

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