How to Remodel a Bedroom

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Over the past few years, I have remodeled seven bedrooms. As I make plans for the beach house remodel, I am sharing some fun bedroom remodel ideas.

We have four bedrooms to remodel in our beach house. To get started it really helps to look back at some of my previous bedrooms remodel ideas.

Bedroom remodel Ideas

Make it Pretty

I am preparing to remodel four bedrooms in our beach house and I thought it would be helpful to share tips on how to remodel a bedroom.

Bedroom Remodel Ideas

First, let’s take a look at the bedrooms I have already remodeled.

Waco Primary Bedroom

Believe it or not, I have remodeled seven bedrooms in the last three years. 

Two are primary bedrooms and the other five are king and double queen bedrooms.

This is the primary bedroom I designed in our home in Waco. It’s my favorite of the two. I added the bedroom to the back of the house and I love how it came out.


Here are the other three bedrooms I remodeled in our home in California. They are our boy’s bedrooms with two queens and one king and the third-floor bedroom.

I love the beds in this room.

Badroom Makeover.

I loved adding the board and batten on the walls of this bedroom!


The Stikwood wall in our third-floor bedroom was very easy to install. See the detailed wood wall behind the bed?

In our Waco home, I remodeled two bedrooms. Both have queen beds.

We call this room the BB and B bedroom since everything here is from Bed Bath and Beyond.

The Front Bedroom in our Airbnb Waco Home.

This is another bedroom in our Waco Airbnb. Most of the furnishings are vintage.


There certainly is a lot of similarities when I look at these bedroom remodels. I think it’s important to note that I like the one that has the most color the best. Hmmm.

Where Do You Start to Remodel a Bedroom?

Planning is the most important step in any remodel. It will likely save you money and hopefully lead to fewer changes down the road. But before you can make any plans, you need to understand why you are remodeling.

Ask Yourself Questions

Bedroom remodel Ideas
  • Why are you remodeling? Is it so the room will fit your needs better or are you changing the interior design?
  • What don’t you like about the room in its current state?
  • Can you do the remodel yourself or do you need help?
  • What is the room used for? Is it primarily sleeping? Do you need to make any changes to help the guests in this room sleep better? What about reading or watching tv? Is there a desk and do you ever work in the room? All of these questions will help you plan to make the room perfect for your needs.
  • Of course, the final and probably most important question is what is your budget? Bedroom remodels can cost between $1000 and $15000 (or more). Try to set a realistic budget and manage the budget with realistic costs.

What Style do You Want the Room to Be?

Do you want traditional, farmhouse, boho, modern, or something else?

Mood Board

I always like to start with a mood board. It helps me narrow down the look and I tend to use a lot of vintage pieces. The mood board helps me to visually see what the room might look like.

Once you know the style, you need to decide if there are ways to make minor changes to your room that will help add to your style.

Wall Frame TV

I built a frame for our TV in the primary bedroom a few years ago to create more of a look of art for our TV. It was very inexpensive to make.

Bedroom Remodel Ideas


Every remodel starts with some organization. What that means is you need to go through everything in your current bedroom and toss (giveaway) or keep it.  Gooing through your closet might be a good idea too.

Making Style Decisions

Draw a Floorplan

Remodeling Plans

I highly suggest you draw a floor plan and layout the furniture to make sure everything you have planned will fit comfortably in the room. I have used a few online free planners such as Plan Your Room. There is also the free app MagicPlan for iOS and for Android that lets users create floor plans based on their photos. According to the product description, there is “no need to measure or draw.” So it’s a good option for those of us who have minimal experience creating floor plans! While not as detailed in terms of interiors as other apps, it is highly effective for quickly planning layouts.

Choosing Furnishings

Bedroom remodel

It’s time to make decisions about paint color, lighting, window treatments, bedding, art, and furniture. 

Paint Color


I love using light neutral paint colors in our home but I think bedrooms are a fun place to experiment with color.


Bedroom Makeover After Photos

Lighting can be as simple as replacing a ceiling light or as complex as adding recessed lighting. Just make sure you have light where you need it. Especially for reading.

Window Treatments and Bedding

Window Treatments pull the room together and can be as simple or fancy as you want. I love using canvas pull drapes and have used ones from Bed Bath and Beyond and Ikea in our Waco home. Blackout drapes are also a consideration.

Waco Primary Bedroom

Bedding is really important in a bedroom. We like a duvet and down comforter with another blanket in case it’s really cold. In the summertime, we often store the down comforter and just use a light coverlet. Keep in mind your sleeping habits when you select bedding for your bedroom.


Bedroom Art

Art is really important in a room as it pulls everything together. It doesn’t need to be expensive as prints, canvas reprints, and some original art can be fairly inexpensive. Just be sure to add some art to the room. I really think that it can. make a huge difference.


Bedroom Decor Remodel

Furniture is always a big decision. As I mentioned, I love to combine new and vintage pieces of furniture in every room. Selecting a mattress is one of the hardest decisions to make. I encourage you to try it out if you can, just to make sure you like your new mattress.

Here are a few before and after photos from my bedroom remodeling projects.

Master Bedroom Before Photo
Boys Bedroom Before

I need to get started planning our beach house bedrooms remodel.

I am so excited!

Ready to remodel or update? Here are some of my favorites I have used for the seven bedrooms recently remodeled/updated!

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