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Don’t ask me how, but Black Friday has arrived. For my holiday shopping, I focus on finding the perfect gifts and finding fabulous prices!

I am not sure why (or when) all of the retail companies have decided that Black Friday sales are no longer on the day after Thanksgiving. Rather, they now start a week before Thanksgiving and last until the weekend after. If you are kind of freaking out about this, please don’t. I am here to make it easier for you as I am sharing lots of the Early Black Friday Deals today.

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Thanks for joining me for Sunday Morning Coffee. This is a place to share, learn, explain, dream, and have fun. Let’s get started!

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Black Friday can seem overwhelming, so to make your Amazon shopping experience easier, we have curated some of the best deals available. This means you don’t have to hunt through hundreds of thousands to find the best ones.

How great is that? Ready? Set! Save!

I love coming up with the best holiday gifts for my family and friends. I get so much pleasure out of finding the perfect gift. Sometimes that means I make a gift or perhaps I order it online. Or I buy it locally.

Either way, once I know what I want the next step is to find the best price.

Which means I started my shopping today!

I think it’s the hunt for the perfect gift that I love.

Amazon Black Friday Early Deals

Amazon Black Friday deals are coming early this year with special deals being released every day!

The Amazon Black Friday Early Deals are really extraordinary. And there are a LOT of them!

So don’t wait to shop just on Black Friday. Start shopping now to make it easier and more enjoyable.

Here is my favorite purchase this year, the Samsung Frame TV. It’s on sale!

Frame TV

Here’s a first look at some of the great deals! These links are all that you need.

Amazon Early Black Friday Deals

Amazon Early Black Friday Holiday Deals

Amazon Early Black Friday Home and Kitchen Deals

Amazon Early Black Friday Kitchen and Dining Deals

Amazon Early Black Friday Electronic Deals

I also put together an Idea List for you with all of our favorite Early Black Friday deals. Click here to access the list.

Last Year’s Black Friday Most Popular Deals

Here are the best sellers from last year that are currently on deal NOW!

My Latest Project

My Latest Project

I have been working really hard upstairs on the third floor getting the entire floor ready for my kids (who arrive today!) and for my holiday crafts and wrapping.

Do you like my new chair? I bought it on Amazon and it is so comfortable. It is the Duhome Accent Chair with Casters in Creme and sadly it is sold out on Amazon. But I did find it at Walmart.

You might remember, I received a new Dreambox 2 a few months ago and I must say, it really is incredible. I finally started labeling everything which has made it so much easier to find all of my craft supplies.

The Dream Box 2 which is the perfect storage solution for all of your craft supplies.

And I have good news, the Dreambox is having a huge Black Friday sale!

To get the $350 off coupon code use this: MY100YEAROLDHOMEBF23

Click here for more.

Is this not the most amazing piece of furniture ever? Put it on your Christmas list.

I finally hung my ribbon rack and after organizing everything, I am pleased to say I do not need to buy any ribbon … for at least a year!

I love my new wrapping area. If you don’t have a new set of these wrap buddies, you need to get one. They are amazing!

If you aren’t familiar with the wrap buddies, they are two wrapping paper holders that clip on your table. Each holds a roll of scotch tape and it makes wrapping gifts so much easier!

On this blog, I may sometimes use affiliate links, which means a small commission is earned if you make a purchase via the link. The price will be the same whether you use the affiliate link or go directly to the vendor’s website using a non-affiliate link.

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My Biggest Challenge This Week

Grandma and Graham

I am telling you, getting older is not fun. It’s been a week of physical challenges, to say the least. I messed up my back lifting heavy boxes and then I fell down the basement stairs! OMG.

I am fine but my ankle and elbow will need some time to recover. Note to self, don’t load up both hands, especially when one is a heavy carpet cleaner, and head down the basement stairs.

This post titled My Pre-Holiday Home Project List (Fingers Crossed) inspired me to make a list of everything I have done to our house these past few weeks. Coming soon!

Lovely Indeed shared this Christmas Cocktail recipe and it looks good!

If you need inspiration for your Thanksgiving head to Happy Happy Nester. Wow!

Southern Living shared Christmas Novels to Start Reading Now

I love blogging during the holidays. It’s just a wonderful time of the year for sharing crafts, decor, and lots of inspiration. This week I made a lot of things which included feather trees, gingerbread ornaments, gingerbread houses out of cardboard, a ten-minute wreath, and some tree-topped cupcakes. I also shared some fun holiday decor in our home.

Next week will be busy with family in town but I have so much to share! I have pink Christmas ideas, vintage ornaments, and the cutest-ever ribbon trees. Plus some amazing white trees, stamped sugar cookies, and Black Friday sales!

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Watch My Amazon Live

I am thrilled that next week I will be one of the featured presenters on Amazon Live for Black Friday. This is an incredible opportunity and I cannot wait.

Click here to watch any of my Amazon Live shows. All shows are recorded.

My first Black Friday show will be on Monday (tomorrow) at 10:00 am PST and it is called Amazing Black Friday Deals for Your Home. Will you join me?

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Green and red vintage ornaments in a wood bowl on the coffee table.

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