Ten-Minute Christmas Eucalyptus Wreath


My Christmas decor theme last year was pomegranates. Are you ready to see how to make this easy eucalyptus wreath with pomegranates?

I love the rich dark, ruby-red color of pomegranates and I filled my home with them last year for the holidays. This Christmas eucalyptus wreath with pomegranates was so easy, it literally took ten minutes to make. Do you have ten minutes? Let me show you how to do this!

Ten Minute Christmas Eucalyptus Wreath
You Made that?
Pomegranate Wreath

The Christmas Eucalyptus Wreath

Ten minutes. That is all it took to make this Christmas wreath.

How is that possible?

I started with a wreath covered in Eucalyptus and literally stuck faux branches into the wreath.

That’s it.

Ten Minute Christmas Eucalyptus Wreath

And yet, this wreath looks like an expensive wreath purchased from a fancy home decor store.

The best part about this wreath?

When the season ends, you can take out the branches and reuse the eucalyptus wreath and reuse the branches. For the next season.

How amazing is that?

What You Need to Make This Wreath

Christmas Eucalyptus Wreath

Here are the items I used to make this wreath. (Although I ended up not using the six large pomegranates.)

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How to Make the Ten-Minute Christmas Eucalyptus Wreath

  • one – Lay out the eucalyptus wreath on a flat surface.
  • two – Add one stem of pomegranates in the same direction the eucalyptus leaves are placed on the wreath.
  • three – Add two more pomegranate stems to the wreath, spacing them out accordingly. (If desired, you can use some green wire to attach the stems. I just stuck them in the wreath form and they held well.
  • four – Add the olive tree branches and any other red berries you want in the same direction as the other stems.
  • five – Add the red eucalyptus branches as needed. I added five stems. You can secure all of the stems with green wire if needed.

And that’s it. Making this wreath should take you about ten minutes!

I love eucalyptus wreaths and I also try to add fresh eucalyptus to floral arrangements. There is something special about the silver-gray color of eucalyptus that goes with every other color. In fact, I planted three eucalyptus trees in my yard last year so that I always have a fresh source!

Here are some ready-made wreaths that would look beautiful i your home. I also added some faux eucalyptus branches you can add to your floral arrangements.

Christmas Wreath with Eucalyptus

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Aren’t these wreaths just gorgeous?

Christmas Inspiration

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A eucalyptus wreath made in ten minutes with faux flowers and pomegranates hanging on a window.

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  1. I really do enjoy reading your blog everyday. I was a bit surprised at the post for making the 10 minute wreath. Did you take note of how much you spent for the items to make it with? Almost 150.00 . For that amount you probably could purchase a beautiful wreath that’s already made. If the joy comes from making something yourself, I think the price of the items are a bit outrageous. Thoughts?

    1. Hi Sharon! Love that you’re reading everyday- that’s the best to read! 😊 I think it’s important to keep in mind some materials can be used for more than one project- so although those materials were used I won’t use up all the material on one wreath, plus you can always take the wreath apart and reuse all the materials! Some DIYs are more expensive than others but I always think they’re worth it 🥰

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