Valentine’s Day Dinner at Home and Sunday Morning Coffee


Do you like to go out on Valentine’s Day? I think spending Valentine’s Day dinner at home is so much more romantic!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while many may opt for crowded restaurants or extravagant outings, there’s something truly special about celebrating this day of love in the comfort of your own home. Thanks for joining me today for Sunday Morning Coffee and let’s chat more!

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Why Celebrating Valentine’s Day Dinner at Home Is the Perfect Choice

For years Dave and I have dined at home on Valentine’s Day.


One year we dined at a new restaurant and it was crazy. We waited 45 minutes for our reserved table, the restaurant was so loud that we couldn’t hear our conversation, and the bill was ridiculously expensive.

I guess we had just had enough.

That was the year we decided to dine in on February 14th.

Here are a few compelling reasons I have come up with as to why you should consider hosting a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner right in your own home.

But not necessarily in your dining room.

It’s More Romantic

There’s no denying the intimate ambiance that can be created when you celebrate Valentine’s Day dinner at home. With soft lighting, cozy decor, and the privacy of your own space, you and your partner can truly focus on each other and the connection you share.

It’s More Personal

When you dine at home, you have complete control over every aspect of the evening, from the menu to the music to the table setting. This allows you to tailor the experience to your preferences and create a truly personalized and memorable celebration.

It Tastes Delicious

A plate with grilled salmon and avocados.

Who says you need to dine out to enjoy gourmet cuisine?

With a little planning and effort, you can whip up a delicious and impressive meal right in your kitchen. Whether you’re cooking your partner’s favorite dish or trying out a new recipe together, the satisfaction of creating a wonderful meal together adds an extra layer of joy to the occasion.

We love to cook together and have fun while doing it.

It Costs Less

Let’s face it, dining out on Valentine’s Day can be expensive, with prix-fixe menus and inflated prices.

Celebrating at home allows you to enjoy a romantic dinner without breaking the bank. Plus, you can splurge on high-quality ingredients or a special bottle of wine without worrying about the hefty restaurant bill.

Enjoy Your Conversation

Valentine's Day Table for Two

In today’s busy world, finding quality time to spend with your partner can be a challenge. Celebrating Valentine’s Day at home allows you to slow down, disconnect from distractions, and truly savor each other’s company.

Not to mention the fact your dinner won’t be near as noisy as if you had dined at a restaurant!

Whether you’re cooking together in the kitchen, enjoying a leisurely meal, or cuddling up on the couch afterward, you’ll cherish the uninterrupted time spent together.

I bet you can guess where Dave and I will be for Valentine’s dinner this week!

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My Latest Project

My Latest Project

The Weight room is done!

We had some rain delays as in TWELVE inches of rain in three days, but we got it done!

The hardest part of this transformation was getting rid of everything stored in the Carriage House! It took me weeks.

Another challenge was putting together the Squat Rack. It’s the tall thing in the center of the room with the bar across the front. Matt assembled it (and I was the lame assistant) and it was not an easy project.

I also cleaned the floor on my hands and knees as there were lots of muddy footprints from the rain during set up.

We are still waiting on a Reclining Bench Seat and the Tonal machine. But they should be here soon.

I will be sharing all of the details about our new weight room later this week.

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My Biggest Challenge This Week

Staying at home for Valentine’s Day can become a challenge when you have done it a lot.

Many years ago we started dining at home, just the two of us, at what we call our Valentine’s Table for Two at Home.

Each year, I find a fun place to dine.

One we haven’t used before.

Such as … in front of the living room fireplace.

Next to a French door or window with a pretty view.

Basically, anywhere but the dining and kitchen table!

Usually, it involves moving furniture but that’s ok!

Here are a few examples.

I still don’t know where we will have dinner this year as I am not sure the new weight room in the Carriage House is romantic enough! But we will see! Hehe.

This week's to do list.
  • Clean off the back porch (which is currently storing items from the Carriage House that need to be stored somewhere inside).
  • Start work out classes with my girlfriends in the Carriage House.

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  1. Oh my goodness 12 inches of rain that is so much. We just happen to be in California northern California and it wasn’t that bad although the wind did so much damage trees and there was probably a good amount of rain. I’m hoping it’s all sided now the water. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home.

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