Thrifty Shopper Decor Tips and Sunday Morning Coffee


As we make progress on the beach house remodel I am excited to share not only thrifty shopper decor tips but a sneak peek of my progress.

I am proud of my skills as a thrifty shopper and not only do I enjoy the hunt, but I love finding the perfect item at a hefty discount. It takes perseverance but the end result is always totally worth it!

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Today I am pleased to share with you Sunday Morning Coffee. This is a place to share, learn, explain, dream, and have fun.

Sunday Morning Coffee

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Thrifty Shopper Decor Tips and Sunday Morning

We are making progress on the beach house! So what has happened over the last six weeks? The biggest news is that the windows arrived and are installed. The photo above shows the new windows in our primary bedroom.

But there’s more …

The seam metal roofs on the two towers are done and the bathrooms are ready for tile. The outside of the house is getting ready for plaster and our kitchen cabinets arrived!

So what about furnishings?

I have been shopping.

A lot.

Thrifty Shopper Pottery Barn Outlet

My new favorite store opened a few months ago in Camarillo which is about 12 minutes from our beach house. It’s a new Pottery Barn Outlet and all I can say is IT IS AMAZING!

The outlet carries all kinds of items from Pottery Barn and occasionally has items from its sister stores such as West Elm and Williams Sonoma. Some items are new (and in a sealed box), some a new and not in a box, and some are former floor displays.

Check here to see if there is a Pottery Barn Outlet near you. I do need to mention that the two newest outlets in Southern California (Camarillo and Ontario) aren’t on the list yet. But they are open!

The discounts range from 40% to 70% off the sale price. Currently, they are having a 50% off storewide sale and that is my favorite sale. Why? Becuase everything in the store is 50% off!

It is important to know that all of the outlets get trucks at least three times a week and they share new arrivals on their Instagram accounts (especially in their stories). So if you are looking for a specific item that they don’t have in stock you can watch for it on Instagram!

Thrifty Shopper Purchases

So what have I purchased at the Pottery Barn Outlet over the past few months?

  • Slipcovered white twill extra-long couch
  • Slipcovered white twill swivel chair
  • Farmhouse dining table
  • Hanging chandelier for staircase
  • Two Rocking Slider Chairs for the Primary Bedroom (I call them our “view chairs”)
  • Outdoor wood lanterns (3)
  • Wall mirror
  • Coffee table
  • Two bedside table stands
  • 9’x12′ rug for living room

And just so you know, all of these items I bought were 50 – 70% off the sale price at the Pottery Barn Outlet!

If you are wondering where all of this “stuff” is, we have three storage units near the house. It has all of my old and new furnishings for the beach house!

Thrifty Shopper and the Beach House Rug
My new living room rug!

I also bought our windows, doors, appliances, and kitchen cabinets from The Home Depot using a PRO account which saved me a considerable amount of money.

Finally, I purchased all of our electronics, small appliances, fitness center equipment, audio, and televisions on the Prime Day sales on Amazon.

See, I am a thrifty shopper!

Something New

My 100 Year Old Home Curated Box

I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to curate a Christmas box with Sullivans Home Decor. If you have followed me for any time at all, you will recognize some of my favorite Sullivan’s vases from my photos.

Arranging Heirloom Roses
How to Arrange Faux Flowers in a Vase
How to Arrange Pink Faux Flowers in a Vase

I know, I know, it’s not even Halloween yet, but with the continuing supply chain issues, now is the time to get started looking for Christmas decor. The red ticking tree collar that is in my box has already sold out, so the only way to get it is to order My 100 Year Old Home curated box!

I do have a discount code for you and, it is good for your entire order! Use the code M100YOH at checkout for 20% off of the box and your entire order. There were only 50 boxes created and they will definitely sell out, so be sure to get your box before they are gone!

Christmas Magic Candles and Ornaments
Christmas Magic Candles
Christmas Magic

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My Favorite Room This Week

Thrifty Shopper and the Beach House

My favorite room this week is the Main Living Area at the beach house. What used to be a family room, galley kitchen, and bedroom, is now one big space. We refer to it as the Main Living Area for now.

It’s the living, dining, kitchen, and wet-bar area all in one room.

And if you are wondering, the drywall is purple because it is water resistant.

Here you can see the transformation of the main living area starting with the photo (from left to right) of the room with some of the bedroom framing, to the raised ceiling and larger framed-in window space, to the current photo with the new window and new fireplace installed.

From this photo, you can see the old galley kitchen (kind of) and how it looks now with the open area and raised ceiling.

I can only imagine what it is going to be like hanging out with our family and enjoying meals, games, and watching sports and movies. Family time is going to be amazing in this space.

So what’s next?

There are so many things! Next, they will be adding tape and mud on the drywall, patching and installing the wood floors, painting, starting the finish carpentry, and installing the cabinets.

Wow. This is getting to be fun.

If you want to see the mood boards I created for all of the main rooms in our beach house, click here.

Daily Dream Decor shared 5 HOME DECOR ESSENTIALS YOU NEED IN YOUR NEW HOME. I have already bought all of them!

Michael at Inspired by Charm shared this blog post titled The Ultimate Grilled Cheese. Yum!

Look at these adorable Free Friendsgiving Leftover Printables from Tatertots and Jello.

KariAnne at Thistlewood shared MY NUMBER ONE PINNED FALL PILLOW PROJECT. I love this!

We were back from Dallas and the book signing at KariAnne’s from Thistlewood Farms and the Arhaus store in Austin. We made some things and we cooked some things and we shared some of our favorite things. Tap on any title to see the blog post.

Dishwashing Liquid on Display

Martha advocates for keeping dishwashing liquid in attractive glass bottles. There are so many pretty bottles and pour spouts available now that it is so easy to create your own. I did a post on how to make etched glass bottles for olive oil. You could make one for dish soap also!

I have a philosophy, if you have to make a purchase, it might as well be a pretty one! Dish soap definitely falls into this category. Since it needs to be handy, make it pretty!

We have a fun week planned with my favorite pasta recipe, a fall pillow DIY, a fall leaf DIY, and some Thanksgiving flower arranging tips. We are also sharing a sweet potato pie and my favorite Thanksgiving plates! I cannot wait.

A great hostess gift during the holidays …

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Creative Ways to Set a Thanksgiving Table

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Thrifty Shopper Decor Tips and Sunday Morning Coffee (3)
As we make progress on the beach house remodel I am excited to share not only thrifty shopper decor tips but a sneak peek of my progress.

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  1. I LOVE a bargain and enjoy hunting for pieces for my house I’m moving to in Texas. I’ve found some amazing bargains on Facebook Marketplace. Got a leather Chesterfield sofa and saved $2,000 from the one I was going to buy on Amazon. Have shopped a lot of the items on Amazon and thrift stores too. Will be flying in to go to Round Top next week to hunt for some more things I’m needing. My first time there so very excited to finally get to go!! The beach house is coming right along!

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