Our Small Beach House Remodel and Sunday Morning Coffee

I have been sharing updates on the remodel of our small beach house but I realized I haven’t really shared why we are remodeling.

Some of you even asked why we were remodeling since I redid a lot of the interior of our small beach house nine years ago when we bought it. So here is the answer.

Our Small Beach House Remodel
Season 2 Volume 17

Today I am pleased to share with you Sunday Morning Coffee. This is a place to share, learn, explain, dream, and have fun.

Sunday Morning Coffee

Why Are We Remodeling Our Small Beach House?

Small Beach House
The Kitchen in our Beach House

We are remodeling our small beach house so our family can be more comfortable and have a place where we can all gather with friends and family at the beach.

For the last nine years, we have used our beach house a lot. It’s only an hour and twenty minutes from our home so weekend getaways are very easy to do. In 2020 and 2021, we spent about 45% of our time at the beach house. Since the boys (including my husband) were working remotely it was easy to spend consecutive weeks at the beach house and we loved it.


After spending a lot of time in Ventura, we realized that, as a family of six (which includes Dave and me plus our three grown sons and our amazing daughter-in-law), we really needed more space and a better configuration. There were times when our small beach house felt really small!

Our beach house was built with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The deck, which we love, was only accessible by going through the primary bedroom, which was a bit um, strange.

So we talked with the boys and came up with a plan to remodel our existing small beach house.

Dinner on the Beach

Did we ever think about buying a new beach house and not having to endure a remodel?

Absolutely not. We love our location and our neighbors and we never even considered it. And where else can we host dinners on the beach and drink wine legally on the sand?

The remodel plans will change our small beach house a lot. We will go from three bedrooms and two baths to five bedrooms and four baths. The kitchen will be a lot bigger (and more open) and we are converting the new garage (which we have never parked in) into a fitness center. Plus we are adding a third-floor deck which has remarkable views.


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My favorite room this week just happens to be our family room at the Beach House.

Of course, it isn’t really quite built yet.

But look at our amazing enlarged window!

My favorite room this week just happens to be our family room at the Beach House.

Of course, it isn’t really quite built yet.

But look at our amazing enlarged window!

It is actually going to be lower than the current frame. They framed it about 18″ too high as you can see. This new window is about 50% larger than the previous one. And that makes me happy.

I will have lots of amazing updates on our small beach house remodel later this week!



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Our Small Beach House Remodel and Sunday Morning Coffee

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  1. Thank you for writing about “Farmhouse” and “White Kitchens”. I am not a trend follower but I am having some work done on my kitchen, which is “white”. Actually more like “cream”. Your articles came at just the right time to help me decide to make the work being done look like they were never there, you can’t reinvent the wheel and I have a lovely kitchen that I am going to keep. Might change a few cosmetic issues making sure everything is authentic but no trends needed for this little farmhouse…..which I love. Your kitchen is going to be my loose inspiration. Mine is maybe a quarter the size of yours but the basics are there and I love your home. Thanks!

  2. Hi Leslie, love your blog. I’ve been looking everywhere to find the source for those beautiful placemats on the dining table at the beach house. The entire tablescape matches my decor perfectly, are they available somewhere? Thank you.

  3. I love your white sofa! Where did you purchase it, please. I am looking for a queen pull out couch for my VRBO. Thank you for your time, and all your lovely ideas that you share!!! Happy Sunday, Happy Coffee!

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