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I was so sure that I would miss the Christmas decor when it all came down. But guess what? I love my new winter decor ideas just as much!

Sometimes, it feels a little bare when all of the festive holiday decor is packed into boxes and hidden in the eaves of the attic. Winter decor is the perfect antidote to perk up any room in your home!

Living Room vs. Family Room
Season 2 Volume 2

Today I am pleased to share with you Sunday Morning Coffee. This is a place to share, learn, explain, dream, and have fun. Today I have a lot to share, including some fun winter decor ideas.

Sunday Morning Coffee
Living Room vs. Family Room

It’s a new year and so far, so good!

I am so happy that the Christmas decor is all safely stored in the attic. And I love my new winter decor palette … sage green and icy blue.

I have to confess something.

Apparently, I already own a lot of blue and green winter decor items. Every time I open a cabinet or closet, I find some blue and green items. Who knew!

Sage Green Anonymous

Flower Arranging

I have always loved the color sage green.

When we first moved to our one hundred year old home, twenty-three years ago, I was in love with everything sage green. I painted our kitchen and Butler’s Pantry sage green and there was a little bit of sage green throughout our entire home.

OK, so maybe it was a lotta bit.

I kept adding sage green and it finally got so bad that my girlfriends suggested I join Sage Green Anonymous.

Don’t worry, I googled it. There is no such thing. I knew they were kidding but I was pretty addicted.

So I left the paint on the walls (it’s still there) and took a long break from sage green. Not a total break, but over time most of the sage green disappeared.

Fast forward twenty years later and it’s been so much fun discovering sage green again.

The good news is, apparently, I didn’t toss everything that was sage green in our home.

Thank goodness!

My New Promise

Living Room vs. Family Room

I made a promise to myself and I am in shock that it took me so long to do this.

It is going to sound kind of silly.

As of January 1st, my workday now ends at 6:00 pm.

I know this sounds obvious but for as long as I have been blogging, I have always waited until late in the evening to finish my blog post, schedule it, and write my newsletter. More times than not, I was working most evenings.

No longer.

I am actually laughing as I am typing this because it’s not that hard to do. And I should have done this years ago.

My Wellness Promise

I have also implemented another big promise I made last year.

Remember when I mentioned that my company was adopting a Wellness Program?

It’s in full swing. Every day this past week my best friend Maryliz (who works with me full time) and I have spent one hour working out … 30 minutes each on the Pilates reformer and the Peleton. An hour of exercise is how we start out our day and even though I am quite sore, I am loving it.

I even did an Amazon Live this week about getting healthy and I actually filmed it in our workout room, which I believe none of you have seen before! I just might have to share it.

If you are enjoying my blog, you can sign up to receive my blog updates here. .

If you have been following me this week I am sure you know why I chose our family room as my favorite room this week.

Living Room vs. Family Room

I just finished a “refresh”. Why do I call it a refresh? Because it took very little time and consisted of a new color palette, some fresh and faux flowers, new pillow covers, and a new table setting. Oh, and I can’t forget the new artwork!

Ok, it’s not really a new piece of art. It is actually our Samsung Frame TV and all I did was go through the library of art to find something that matched our new color scheme. It stays on our TV until we want to watch it so it really looks like a piece of art! Isn’t that fun?

Living Room vs. Family Room

Golden Milk Recipe for Sleep (Turmeric Drink) by Happy Happy Nester

The beginning of the New Year has been amazing. My Christmas decor is down and the new look is one that I absolutely love! Of course, I have a few rooms to get to, but I will get there soon!

Tips on Organizing Your Home

Martha has so many amazing organizing tips. I have these baskets on my kitchen shelves too!

You Might Also Need…


It’s something we all need to drink a lot of.

And yet, we don’t. I have struggled for a long time to drink enough water.

And I finally found a solution.

This water bottle holds 32 ounces and you fill it up once during the day. This means you will drink 64 ounces every day if you stay on track.

But here is why it works. It has goals every hour on the bottle to make sure you know how much you need to drink.

All those months where I would forget to drink water.

But give me a goal and it’s a very easy thing to do.

I have a very fun week planned for my blog posts. I will be sharing how to start a book club, winter decor, and how to make your own English Advertising pots! And I am also sharing our new Living Room Decor, eleven fun ways to use ice cubes, and some white cherry blossoms for winter. This is going to be such a great week!

Live on Amazon

I shared two Amazon Live broadcasts this past week. They are Resetting For a Healthy New Year and Think You Hate Faux Flowers? I Can Change Your Mind! You don’t want to miss these.

Are you looking to get in shape for the New Year? Here are some great items to help you get started. Click here.

On this broadcast, I shared some of my favorite faux flowers and showed how to arrange them as well! Click here.

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  1. It sounds like you have a great plan. I wish you success. God bless you

    Ps I added you in 2021 and I really enjoy your blog. Thank you

  2. Great ideas all of them !!! I have put away Christmas also except for my tree . Which is a marvelous sight to see and I cannot take it down no needles have fallin and my grandson picked it out and chopped it down another reason I don’t want to part with it !! Haha it is the most perfect tree I didn’t even have to turn to get its best side it has no bad side … I live white lights so lots of lights are staying out now year round !!! Have a wonderful Sunday !!! I too live in a very old country farm house dates back to 1869 . I love it and live it !!! Projects till not finished even after almost 30 years here but that’s how it goes !!!

  3. I love your winter colors. Blue and green are my favorite color combinations.
    Looking forward to seeing your new exercise regimen and how it’s working for you.

  4. Love the blues and sage greens! Always such a pretty color combo. I’ve also made a lot of your crafting ideas and even the extracts last year for gifts which were a big hit! Thank you sharing your creativity

  5. How do you watch Amazon Live videos after they have streamed? I only seem to see the one playing currently…the older ones show below but I can’t select to watch?
    Love the water bottle idea!

  6. I need to join SAGE AAA too..that’s my fav color, we even did our 1910 4 full stories mission style home in sage green, had a few people stop and ask what color is that..I just love your decor, if something comes up missing, I might have for all you do!

  7. Good choice on the sage green! It’s been a long favorite of mine. According to page 4 of this morning’s Parade magazine sage (and other warm, muted greens) are HOT for the new year.

    1. The different texture did it for me. The difference of colors with the glasses. The stone texture with the candle holders the rusticness of the white chairs the farmhouse couch the mix and match orlf the pillow that pulls together the green and sage. But the wood 🪵 dining table ties the classic look it pizzazz

  8. And then those of us in New Orleans leave our Christmas tree up ( minus Christmas decorations) and decorate it with Mardi Gras colors …. Purple, gold, and green
    It’s fun and it gives you a chance to leave your tree up longer. There’s a home on St Charles Av. Her tree is in a room in her home that is all glass so all can enjoy her decorations. From Christmas decorations to Mardi Gras decorations and then Easter season decorations. Thank you to the owner 😊👍

  9. Hi Lesley, I think I recognized your home and back yard in a TV commercial!!! It is for a prescription medication with a family enjoying a picnic and playing corn hole. Am I correct?

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