A Busy Week and Sunday Morning Coffee

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This week has probably been the busiest in the history of My 100 Year Old Home! It has also been the best! Today I am sharing fun highlights.

The week was really fun, incredible, exhausting and one I will remember forever. Thank you to all of you who joined me at my 100 year old home to celebrate the launch of A Home to Share.

The Book Launch Backyard Party
Season 2 Volume 37

Today I am pleased to share with you Sunday Morning Coffee. My 100 Year Old Home is a place to share, learn, explain, dream, and have fun.

Sunday Morning Coffee

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About Me

A Book Signing

Oh my gosh, I am so exhausted!

I honestly think this is the post-book-launch-adrenaline-crash and I really am tired!

It makes sense though since I have been planning for this week for almost two years and the fact it is finally here is somewhat hard to believe!

The Book Launch Backyard Party

The Book Launch party for my book, A Home to Share, at our home was unbelievable and it was a billion times better than I expected. I was able to meet so many of you and I really want to thank all 250 of you that made the effort to join me at our home.

The Book Launch Backyard Party

The most important thing in my life is my family and I was so happy that so many of you got to meet our boys! Matt, Andrew, and Michael were quite the hosts and I cannot believe how many of you have mentioned that you got to meet them. I even heard Michael was visiting table to table introducing himself and my husband Dave told me he gave tons of tours of our home.

I am so blessed by these boys!

The Book Launch Backyard Party

Michael gave the most incredible introduction speech and I think I may have found a video of it Once I get a copy of it I promise to share!

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Something New

Windows in the Beach House.

Many of you have been wondering about progress on our beach house and things are finally picking up.

We had a delay with the windows and doors and as you can see, they have finally arrived!

Beach House Update - Windows

The windows and doors are made out of fiberglass. Since we are at the beach, we have to be careful with wood and I did not want vinyl. So these windows should hold up quite well at the beach.

Beach House Update - Windows

In case you weren’t aware, we used water-resistant drywall (since we are at the beach) and it is purple! I promise we are not painting our walls purple!

In fact, I cannot wait until the purple is gone!

Beach House Update - Windows

This is the office and up until now, it has been too dark to photograph! What a difference a window makes!

So what’s next? Everything!

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My Favorite Room This Week

The Book Launch Backyard Party

There is no doubt that our backyard was my favorite place to be this past week.

Although, I did forget to mention that it was 98° in South Pasadena on Tuesday for the Book Launch Party. Fortunately, our backyard is shaded in the afternoon by about 3:30 pm. Surprisingly it wasn’t too hot for the party.

The Book Launch Backyard Party

My friend Janine at Happy Happy Nester shared Inexpensive Fall Decorating Ideas.

Look at this Dried Hydrangea Wreath!

A Beautiful Mess shared a very organized Art Studio and I saved this for me! I need this.

It was the craziest week of the year and I finally launched my book! I shared how to personalize a party and wrote a recap of the Book Launch Party. I also shared fifteen fall recipes and how to make gluten-free sourdough starter!

Wait. What? Did you know this? Martha shared Why You Should Never Store Onions with Potatoes!

This week I am sharing a new DIY for Fall Decor, our bathroom remodel, fall tableware, a new fall DIY tablecloth, cranberry brie pumpkins, and a fun pumpkin craft.

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Last week I hosted an Amazon Live Show titled A Peek Inside My New Book – Chapter 1 The Kitchen … and you can watch it here.

A Peek Inside MY New Book - The Kitchen - chapter 1

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  1. No wonder you’re exhausted! I got tired just reading about your exciting week! So happy your launch party went well and that your sons were such an active part of it. Glad to see updates on your beach house. Leslie, I was a little concerned at the picture of the staircase. It looks like the bottom two steps are not level with the upper ones. I suspect that was just the angle of the photo. I hope you have some time this week to put your feet up, grab a nice beverage of choice, and savor your success. Congratulations.

  2. Leslie, I have been following your Blog for about 1 1/2 years. You always have something to please!! I have made some of your DIY projects that have turned out great. I love flowers and love when you go to the Flower Mart but I only have a Trader Joe’s near me. I just bought your new book. The Launch Party looked amazing. It said on your blog about a free bonus gift but I couldn’t copy my Amazon receipt. I got it on Thurs and skimmed it but can’t wait to go page by page. Congratulations. Oh! By the way, I made your delish crab cakes for guests over Labor Day and they were a huge hit. I will make them again and the dill sauce was so yummy 😋! Thanks for all you share with we all of us. I wouldn’t miss one of your blogs.

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