All Things Gardening and Sunday Morning Coffee

I have a secret to share. I have a new love for gardening. In fact, it kind of seems like I am currently into all things gardening.

To be honest, in the past I haven’t been that great at gardening. But here’s the thing. We are hosting a wedding in our backyard in less than two months and I decided it was time to focus on all things gardening and make our backyard beautiful again.

It's Time to Plant a Backyard Garden

So I have done a lot of reading and learning and I can’t wait to have you join me on my gardening journey. Grab a cup, join me for Sunday Morning Coffee, and let’s have some fun.

Season 2 Volume 12
Sunday Morning Coffee

All Things Gardening

Summer Days BBQ in the Backyard

Wait, did I say we are hosting a wedding? Don’t get any ideas. I still have two very eligible bachelor sons. My youngest son Michael’s teammate from college is getting married here and we are all very excited.

But the yard does not look like this (this photo was taken last summer). It’s tired from our long winter (which lasted about two weeks) and needs some love.

And I am on it.

My first task is to clean out the yard and some of the flower beds. Next, I am going to plant a cutting garden in our four raised beds. And then I will tackle our garden next to the Carriage House. I am also going to replant one of the long flower beds along the east side of our backyard and then replant the front flower beds.

It is going to look amazing and I am so excited.

Some Good News About My Health

Host a Backyard Tailgate Party

Some of you might remember that I had surgery in November for a minor heart condition I have had for years, Atrial Fibrillation.

My doctor did a procedure called Atrial Ablation which was very minor. After the surgery, he told me that I had to wait three months before we could call the surgery a success.

The first two months were tough. I had a lot of Afib (which is a crazy irregular heartbeat) and even though he told me it was normal, I was very unsettled. As he told me, “we just burnt portions of your heart so your heart might be a bit angry for a few weeks”. I was also taking medication during this time to help offset the Afib.

About a month ago, the afib stopped. I went off the medication and have been Afib-free for about five weeks. Plus, I have also been working out five days a week and it hasn’t caused any issues.

I saw my doctor last week and he said it appears the surgery was a success.

Wow. Can I just say how happy I am! Fingers crossed that it stays this way.

Matt, Andrew, Leslie, Michael, Charlotte, and Dave

Something New


The Beach House Remodel

We started renovation on the beach house on Monday and this week has been all about demo!

I drove up to the house and I can’t even begin to tell you how much they have done! I am in the process of writing my first Beach House Remodel post and it will be on my blog tomorrow.

It’s so crazy!

I know the demolition phase always goes fast but they have gotten so much done! Be sure and check back tomorrow for the first update. I have lots of before and after photos.

beach dinner

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Our Spring Inspired Family Room

I am so in love with our family room. the longer light during the day is amazing and the melon-colored accents make it so inviting.

Spring Decor

I love all of the faux flowers because they are going to last all spring (and more)! Click here to see more.

Family Room Spring Decor

I had to share the article that appeared on Apartment Therapy naming the Happiest Cities in America. Especially since four of the top five are in California!

My friend Janine from Happy Happy Nester was at it again and made this amazing Rosette Cake. Be sure to see how she made it.

KariAnne at Thistlewood made this gorgeous Spring Wreath. Check out her DIY here.

This savvy furniture hunter and DIYer proves the power of digging through the trash. Click here.

As a mother of three boys, I love articles like this. I think you will enjoy 25 Bedroom Ideas Little Girls Will Absolutely Love.

We had another wonderful week at My 100 Year Old Home. The Lemon Cream Pie was to die for and my St. Patrick’s Day recipes were very fun. I shared some spring decor ideas, Easter egg decorations, and paper daffodils. And my egg recipe is a must-read for you all!

Spring is here and I’m excited to share some of my favorite things to help you enjoy the season!

The week starts with my first beach house remodel update, a fun family dinner, and one of my favorite pillow DIY’s. Then I am sharing a fun spring wreath, some kitchen tips, and my gardening progress. It’s going to be a very fun week.

Watch My Amazon Live

I love having the chance to talk with all of you about all of the things that I love.

I am now sharing a few Amazon Live broadcasts every week and I hope you will tap on the links to see what’s new.

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My favorite craft projects are shared here. Need ideas? Click here!
Amazon Must Haves
Today I am sharing my favorite Amazon Must-Haves. Click here.
On this broadcast, I shared faux flowers and how to arrange them. Click here.

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All Things Gardening and Sunday Morning Coffee

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  1. I’m so happy to hear your heart procedure was a success🥰 I’m loving the gardening posts, please keep them coming!😊

  2. I am so glad to hear you are feeling better and received such good news from your doctor! Looking forward to seeing your gardening posts! I live in the northeast, so any time in the garden is truly treasured, as our season is very short. I am more of a “container” gardener, but none the less, find it very therapeutic.

  3. Leslie,

    I am so happy to hear that your surgery was successful and that you are well! I have loved gardening for many years, and I hope you. Don’t overdue yourself physically.

  4. Congratulations Leslie on the success of your surgery and recovery! No matter how reassuring our physician may be there is always that little nagging in the back of our head. So happy for you that you can put that behind you and continue to be the wonderfully inspiring person you are, though I have to say, I don’t think you ever missed a beat (no pun intended).

  5. I am so happy to hear that your ablation was a success. I have had aFib for 10 years and fortunately, it is under control, the worse part is monitoring and taking Eliquis. While the latter does not affect my well-being, the bruises and toll on my skin are annoying.

    I love your blog, it is the first thing I go to each morning! I am a wee bit envious of your tableware. I love to set a table corresponding with seasons and holidays, but alas my home is too small to store more china! I do have a set of Haviland 12 days of Christmas that I set out for the month of December!

    As a gardener, I can’t wait to see your handiwork!

  6. Hi, I also hosted my son’s wedding in my backyard. COVID did not make things easy with the venue. My garden looked the best it ever had. Not big but most plants cooperated. It turned out great. White tablecloths, burlap and white lace runners, wood slices with rustic flowers and more. Tulle wrapped twinkle lights. I thoroughly enjoyed doing it and everybody had a great time. Even with the weather being 100°. Enjoy, I’m sure it will look fabulous.

  7. So happy for you that you’re surgery was a success!
    Looking so forward to watching you transform your garden and really excited to watch the beach house transformation !!
    So much to look forward to !

  8. I’m so happy you’re feeling better. You’re such a amazing blogger, I can’t imagine what your accomplish now that you feel better!

    You’re so kind to share my Rosette Cake! Let’s keep the cake decorating challenge alive! It’s your turn now. 🙂

  9. Glad to hear the surgery went well…and you now recovering.I have a heart condition, heart murmur…nothing like yours. But still have to keep monitoring it….we just have to take better care of our health, being a woman we tend to put every one else first ….and for get about our self…glad to hear you are ok. Looking forward as always to your blog here ,with your creative Ideas and your beautiful home…so cheers all the way, across the ocean …Australia…..

  10. I look forward to your blog every day! If I can help in any way with your weddings I would love to as that is what we do…outdoor weddings! My book is on Amazon and I have sent you a copy so I hope it will help is some small way. It has everything from how to trim a guest list, to music, to food…and little things one might not think of . As the mother of two grown boys, I so relate to your blog and your posts …you are wonderful and I pray for your continued good health news. “Our Wedding Planner” is the book I hope you will enjoy . Blessings, Alda

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