Easy Fall Bedroom Makeover

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This was a very dramatic and easy fall bedroom makeover. A few easy changes and it looks like a new room. The end result was amazing!

This bedroom makeover took place a few years ago but it is so dramatic I just had to share it again because the transformation was so incredible.

bedroom-makeover (1)

Every once in a while I am speechless. And for those of you that know me well, that is almost impossible! This fall bedroom makeover was so dramatic, I can hardly believe it!

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Make it Pretty

This is our boy’s double bedroom and it underwent an easy bedroom makeover that resulted in a dramatic transformation. I am so thrilled with how it turned out. The room was almost entirely redone with furnishings I found online which included a new rug, beds, mattresses, bedding, a chandelier, and accessories. And I styled the bedroom for fall, which I love.

It’s as if the bedroom grew up, just like our boys.


To appreciate this room, you really need to see the before. And yes, this is an actual picture of what the room looked like in this “before” photo.

before photo bedroom makeover

The decor in this bedroom was pretty outdated since the “locker-themed furniture” was almost twenty years old. In my defense, this was quite a few years ago, and the room was basically a mishmash of items that didn’t really match. I had no idea how dramatic the makeover of this room would be, especially with the new beds!

Metal Beds and Mattress Set

The first thing I want to share with you in this fall bedroom makeover is the metal beds. The beds not only look fabulous but are really sturdy. They come in dark grey and white and I had a really hard time deciding on the color. But I am so happy I chose white. The style is classic and added the perfect vintage look (even though they are new!)

You may remember I used the same bed in the master bedroom in Waco, I love this bed that much!

Both are queen-sized beds and they look tall and inviting with the Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite Firm Super Pillow Top. The mattress comes in Plush, Medium, and Firm and I ordered the Firm. I slept in one of the beds the first night we got them just to test them out and wow! It has a soft pillow top but a firm mattress. It’s exactly what every bed needs.


Natural Fiber Rug

This rug is so perfect for this room and it is the Safavieh Casual Natural Fiber Chunky Thick Handmade Sage/ Natural Jute Rug – 10′ x 14′. I am so in love with the texture and I love that it is different from all of the other rugs in our home! Plus, look how well it matches the throw at the end of the bed.


Duvet Cover Bedding Set

One of my favorite items in the fall bedroom makeover is the polka dot bedding. It comes in a set and is seriously the cutest ever! It’s the Tufted Dot Duvet Cover in the full/queen size. The polka dot duvet is adorable, plus it comes with two pillowcases. It comes in many sizes and colors, they are all so cute.

The cute fall pillows with felt cut wreaths are out of stock now, but are so cute! The last item I shopped for online was the bed skirt. The bed skirts are the Baratta Stitch Embroidery 14-inch Drop Bed Skirt. I love the satin stitch!



I am a huge fan of white wood chandeliers and this one is one of my favorites. In fact, if you look closely at my home you just might find a few more of these! This Rustic 6-Light Distressed Wooden Chandelier is available at an incredible price, (under $200.00). I even put the light together myself! (one tip – the screws to hold the wood pieces in place are already screwed in so just use the Allen wrench to unscrew them and then attach the wooden arms.)


Plaid Throw

With all-white bedding, I knew I was treading on thin ice with my boys. (They would likely think the room looks too feminine.) So I chose a more “masculine” plaid woven throw for each bed and I love the impact it has on the room. The rug and the plaid throws are perfect together.

Step by Step How To

I hope you enjoy the progress photos of this fall bedroom makeover. The best way to change a room dramatically is to start with an empty room. And that’s what I did.


The rug was the first thing I put in the room. It took about a day for it to flatten entirely, as it was rolled pretty tightly in the bag. The beds took about two hours for me to assemble. It took an hour and a half for the first one and thirty minutes for the second one. You can easily put these beds together with a helper to hold the headboards while you attach the sidebars.


I was really happy with how sturdy the beds were once they were put together. I have no worries that my six foot five, six foot six and six foot seven boys will cause any damage to these beds. And since they are in their mid-twenties they have outgrown the jumping-on-the-bed stage. At least I hope they have.


The Sertapedic mattress bed sets are wonderful and really high. I remembered to add the bed skirt before the top mattress. I love it when that happens! It’s a good thing I have a new steamer to iron my bed skirts!


And here is the finished fall bedroom makeover! What an amazing difference!


Finishing Touches

The painting, antique crock, florals, and vintage books are all part of my personal collection. I love shopping my home to add the final touches. It’s a very inexpensive place to shop!

The table is also a vintage flea market find. I painted it with milk paint and I love it!


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Can you believe that I redid this entire room shopping online and in my own home? It was so easy and I am so happy. I hope you give it a try!

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Easy Fall Bedroom Makeover

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  1. I adore this and that rug really made the room pop. May I ask what the wall paint color is? No worries if you don’t have that still. I just luv what you did with this and have two guest rooms I want to work on and I’m struggling with wall color now💁🏼‍♀️

  2. Leslie, have you ever tried a king size duvet or quilt on a full/queen sized mattress? I have a full size mattress and use a king size duvet or comforter because I like the longer overhang on each side, especially for winter time.

    Love the room transformation, favorite part is your painting. My, oh my, your sons are tall. We have a tall family also so I despise foot boards. Does this bother your sons?

  3. Hi Leslie, the room is absolutely beautiful. Love the transformation. Can you tell me where you got the painting? Is it one of yours?

  4. Hi Leslie,
    First time subscriber.. love the simplicity of this room. My question is; where did you get the painted art and was that your inspiration?
    Thanks 🙏 from another Connecticut neighbor ❤️

  5. Great post! Everything is beautiful. I took one look at the chandelier and bought it after clicking on your link. Thank you!!!!!

  6. Love this room, so beautiful! Can I ask why you reply to some people and not others? I noticed that several people have asked about the wall color, but no answer…just wondering. I know when I comment on a blog post and especially if I ask a question and there is no reply, I won’t comment again. I’m honestly not trying to be mean, but I just figure that my comment and/or question doesn’t matter to the blogger if there’s no reply.

    1. Hi Jeanine – It took me awhile to research and find the paint color for this room! The photos in the post are older and the room has been painted several times since then. But, I found it for you – it is Behr, Cotton Grey (https://www.behr.com/consumer/ColorDetailView/HDC-NT-20/). Thank you for your patience in finding this information for you, it took a lot of digging! Let me know if you use the color and how it turns out!

  7. I have thought the same thing. Not all comments have your reply. I am on other blogs and they answer every question. Hmmmm. Very odd & surprising. Also, I have a question, do you only get one twig in the Christmas box? Or is there one for each bottle? Seems odd just one twig.

    1. Hi Rebecca – Thank you for your patience in finding the paint color for this room. The photos in the post are older and the room has been painted several times since then. But, I found it for you – it is Behr, Cotton Grey (https://www.behr.com/consumer/ColorDetailView/HDC-NT-20/).

      With regard to the Christmas box, you get 5 items, 15 if you are counting individual items. The box contains, 1 red ticking tree collar, 4 mercury glass finial ornaments, 3 red vases, 6 Vance Kitira candles, and 1 holly with red berries pick. You get all of those items for $150 and the red ticking tree collar is sold out, so the only way to get it is in my box. Make sure you use my code (M100YOH) to get 20% off of not only the box, but your entire order!

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