Two Weddings in a Week and Sunday Morning Coffee

It’s hard to believe but we have two weddings in a week. We hosted one at our home last night and the second one is in less than a week.

Wait two weddings? My son Michael’s best friend was married here yesterday and Michael was the best man. It was in our backyard and it was absolutely perfect. My niece is getting married next Saturday and my sisters and I are making 28 centerpieces for all of the tables. (That wedding will be at my brother’s home.)

Two Weddings in a Week
I took this photo before the setup was finished. Because of the heat, the flowers were added last minute.
Season 2 Volume 20

Thanks for joining me for Sunday morning coffee. Today I am sharing my weekly thoughts about entertaining, decor, crafts, and recipes. And what it’s like to be involved in two weddings in a week!

Sunday Morning Coffee

Family Gatherings

Two Weddings in a Week.
Michael (the best man) and the groom.

Weddings are such a wonderful occasion and when Michael mentioned his best friend from college was getting married I suggested they have the wedding here.

We have hosted a few weddings in our backyard over the years and I absolutely love it. Of course, I am not the host, or even related to the bride and groom, so my only responsibility was to make sure our backyard and home looked great.

I have been planting and cleaning and gardening like crazy for the past few months and I am very happy with how everything turned out. The gardens look lovely.

Be sure and check back on my blog this week as I share lots more about the wedding.

How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh

My niece is getting married on Saturday and my sisters and I will be making 28 centerpieces for the reception. Be sure to follow my Instagram on Thursday as I share the trip to the flower mart and our day-long adventure of making 28 centerpieces! This is going to be a lot of fun.

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Master Bedroom Summer Beach House

I am sure it is no surprise, but my favorite room this week has to be our new primary bedroom at the beach house. Before the remodel, we rarely spent any time in the bedrooms other than at night, but I can tell you this is not going to be the case.

I am going to have small work areas in all of the bedrooms so we can spend an extended amount of time in our newly remodeled beach house.

In our bedroom, I am going to put a couch in front of these windows as I think it will be a fun place to relax, read, and perhaps work. Who knows!

You are going to love this post from Happy Happy Nester called Beautiful Peonies.

This Champagne Vignarette sounds amazing.

Twenty Five Great Books to Read on a Beach Vacation is a fun read and I will be getting quite a few of these!

I love this recipe from Half Baked Harvest. Dad’s Easy Cheesy Eggs with Chili Butter sound so delicious!

Gosh, what a fun week it was! We took a trip to the beach house for a fun update, shared how to make a large flower arrangement, and I made a fun peony DIY pillow. I also shared how to add color to a table, lots of Taco Tuesday recipes, and how to make new terracotta pots look vintage.

Martha shared Four Expert-Approved Ways to Strengthen Your Core. I love these ideas!

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I love to shop on Amazon and have found some incredible finds. Sharing some of my favorites with you in case any of these are just what you have been looking for!

We have an exciting week planned as I will be sharing a fun way to decorate a basket, the wedding in our backyard, and the newest claim that open concept houses are now out of style. I am also sharing fun grilling ideas and the most amazing recycled kitchen remodel project ever!

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I love having the chance to talk with all of you about all of the things that I love.

I am now sharing a few Amazon Live broadcasts every week and I hope you will tap on the links to see what’s new.

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Two Weddings in a Week and Sunday Morning Coffee

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  1. What a week, Leslie! Love your finds, and thanks for sharing Martha’s article about a strong core! No wonder Martha is so awesome- a strong core allows you to keep moving, flexible, strong and balanced. You are the best! xx

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