White Painted Furniture Ideas and DIY

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A few months ago I bought a vintage cabinet at the flea market. Today I am sharing the makeover and my white painted furniture ideas and DIY.

White Painted Furniture

Sometimes things happen out of necessity. Many of you are aware that I am a dish collector and I have been in need of more storage space. (I did write a post a few ( as in four) years ago that I was a “dish hoarder“.) A few weeks ago I was at the Rose Bowl Flea Market and saw this cabinet. It was very inexpensive and needed some TLC. But I love how my new white painted furniture turned out.

My New White Painted Furniture Cabinet

White Painted Furniture in the Dining Room

I love this cabinet for so many reasons. First, it was cheap. Second, all I needed to do was paint it with milk paint. And lastly, it holds so much!

Look at this.

White Painted Furniture

My cabinet has five shelves that I will use to hold dishes or glassware. I am starting with glassware so I decided to pull in all of my gold and clear entertaining glasses. It seems like it works for fall.

Can you imagine what this will look like over the holidays when it is full of all of my cranberry glass? Wow!

White Painted Furniture Ideas

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The Furniture Makeover

How to Paint Furniture With Milk Paint

I was a bit late in taking the before photos but as you can see the cabinet was freshly sanded everywhere except for the yellow doors and shelves. It wasn’t presentable and actually sat in my dining room hiding in the corner. For way too long.

Which explains why I painted it here in my dining room. I was home alone and I couldn’t move the cabinet too far by myself. So I just slid it into the entryway and put plastic down everywhere.

I decided to use Milk Paint yet again. Why? Because it’s so easy. And it milk paint helps to make an old cheap cabinet still look old. (The milk paint I used is listed below in the links.

Because of all of the sanded wood on the cabinet, it didn’t chip too much. But I think it was perfect.

How to Paint Furniture With Milk Paint
I don’t have an extensive DIY here for you. I used Frog Tape, which is really amazing by the way. It really works and peels off very easily. This photo was taken mid painting so the big trip was quickly removed after this photo was taken.

Here is a glimpse of the inside of the cabinet. I only managed to capture three shelves in this cabinet but doesn’t it look great? The glasses on the top shelf are from Anthropologie. I got this collection for my birthday last year. I absolutely love them and here are the highball glasses, wine glasses, and champagne flutes. They just came out with a wine decanter and I am going to put it on my Christmas list!

White Painted Furniture Ideas Close Up

If you are looking for some gorgeous wine glasses that are really affordable then you might like these gold wine glasses. They are priced at $7.50 each and they are wonderful! I own a lot of them so I can use them for entertaining. They are made in Italy and they really are beautiful. These will be on my Thanksgiving tables for sure!

Mt Favorite Wine glasses

Aren’t these wine glasses stunning?

White Painted Furniture Wine Glasses

Fall Decor in the Dining Room

Fall Dining Room

Once the cabinet was painted, moved in its place, and stocked, I knew it was time to get the dining room ready for fall. The good news?

I didn’t have to buy a thing. I just carried my big bag (it’s a Christmas tree bag which is the best thing for storing fall foiling I promise!) down from the third floor and started decorating. It didn’t take much and the two wreaths and three green vases (from Antique Farmhouse) look great in here.

White Painted Furniture Ideas in Dining Room

More Milk Paint DIY Projects

Fall is here and if you are looking for fall decor to add to your home, below are some of my favorites.

I also added some of my favorite glassware that you see in the cabinet that I painted. With the holidays around the corner it is time to stock up on glassware.

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White Painted Furniture Ideas (1)

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  1. This is beautiful and I love all the gold touches on the stemware! The piece looks like it was made for that exact spot:)

  2. My lifelong decorating mantra has been “anything looks better with a coat of paint.” Love your new/old cabinet painted with milk paint and your stemware is gorgeous.

  3. I wish I had had room to ‘adopt’ more old pieces and paint them!!!! I just love the process and results so much!!!! You have such a great eye for them!!

  4. That cabinet looks like it was always there! I love it with the bright glassware inside and showing through the glass doors. Looking forward to the holiday colors. I might have a little problem with dishes and glassware myself 🙂 We are remodeling our lower level family room and I just ordered a whole wall of cabinets for the bar area with glass fronted uppers for all the glassware. The rest of the cabinets will be full of dish overflow.

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