How to Make the Best Olive Oil Dispenser

I love the vintage glass decanter I use as an olive oil dispenser. Today I shared three olive oil container bottles you can make using a recycled decanter, wine bottle, or syrup bottle.

I love to cook and whenever I can have some fun with a cooking item I love it! Today I am sharing my vintage olive oil dispenser and two more ideas that you can make yourself.

Let’s Upcycle and Repurpose

I love to use vintage items in ways they were not intended.

The “rolling pin holder” was a vintage planter. The cordials decanter, next to the planter, is what I use to store my olive oil on the stove.

I know this sounds silly, but I smile every time I reach for my beautiful vintage decanter filled with olive oil.

How to Make the Best Olive Oil Dispensers

I made the other two olive oil dispensers using an old wine bottle and a syrup bottle.

The complete DIY’s for each are below!

Now that I have three olive oil dispensers I am going to try different oils and use them all.

I love upcycled and repurposed projects. I have teamed up with nine other bloggers and we are sharing our projects today. Be sure to scroll down to see all of their projects.

In case you are wondering, I love Trader Joe’s olive oil.

The Best Olive Oil Dispenser

How to Make an Etched Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle

Just so you know, I have never “etched” anything before.

It is so easy. And even though this didn’t come out perfectly, I do not care. I love it.

In case you aren’t sure what glass etching, or “French embossing,” is, it is a popular technique developed during the mid-1800s that is still widely used in both residential and commercial spaces today. Glass etching is a way to create art on the surface of glass by applying acidic, caustic, or abrasive substances. The removal of tiny amounts of glass causes a rough surface and translucent quality of frosted glass.

I had this wine bottle left over from Andrew and Charlotte’s wedding. You can drink a bottle of wine and clean it or you can buy lots of different kind of wine bottles, as seen below.

What you Need to Make This Etched Olive Oil Bottle

Etched Olive Oil DIY Container

Here is what you need to make an etched olive oil container.

  • glass container (vintage, wine bottle or any container)
  • cork top (get one with the pour spout)
  • glass etching cream (I used Martha Stewart Glass Etching Cream) and brush
  • peel and stick stencils (I couldn’t find ones that were letters so I just bought letter stickers and did a “reverse” etching.
  • painters tape
  • gloves Because the etching cream is a bit harsh, be sure to wear gloves and do not rub your eyes or swallow any of the etching cream. Be sure to read the directions on the package.

Since I couldn’t find stencil letters I used Alphabet Stickers and taped off an area around the word OIL. This defined where the etched glass would be.

Doesn’t this look amazing?

How to Make an Etched Olive Oil Container

Step By Step How to Etch Glass

  • one – place the alphabet stickers on the bottle and remember that the etching will be around the letters, not define the actual letters. Tape off an area that you want to be the outside edge of the etching.
  • two – apply the etching cream very thickly over the area you want etched. Be careful not to get it anywhere you don’t want to be etched.
  • three – let the area dry for twenty minutes and then rinse off with water. remove the tape and stickers and let dry.
  • four – your bottle should look like mine. I cannot believe how easy this was!

How to Make a Painted Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle

How to Make a Stenciled Olive Oil Container

I found this syrup bottle and bought it a long time ago. I knew someday I would find a use for it and I thought it would make a perfect olive oil bottle.

Here is what you need to make a mercury glass painted olive oil container.

  • glass container (vintage, wine bottle, or any container)
  • cork top (get one with the pour spout)
  • krylon looking glass spray paint (don’t use a substitute)
  • peel and stick stencils in whatever design you like
  • painters tape and paper

Technically you can use any spray paint. I just wanted the vintage mercury glass look so I used the Krylon Looking glass spray paint.

Step By Step How to Paint With Mercury Glass

  • one – place the peel and tick stencil where you want the design to be.
  • two – since you are spray painting, use painters tape to protect the bottle with paper
  • three – spray the area with Krylon Looking Glass Paint
  • four – let dry and remove stencil

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i hope you enjoyed this DIY. I highly encourage you to make one of these or just find a vintage bottle to reuse. Anytime we can upcycle or repurpose it is a really good thing.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does olive oil last?

Most olive oils can last 18–24 months from the time they’re bottled. Of course in our home, we use a lot of olive oil and they only last a few months before we need more.

How do you clean an olive oil container?

I use a two-step process to clean my olive oil bottles. First, fill the bottle up halfway with hot (not boiling) water, shake it up, and pour it out. Repeat several times.
If the bottle still needs more cleaning (which most do!), fill the bottle halfway with hot water, add a few drops of dish soap, and shake it up. Pour and rinse until the bottle is clean and not soapy. Hang the bottle upside down to dry.

Can you store olive oil in a clear glass bottle?

I store most of my olive oil in the dark jar that it comes in. It is stored in my pantry. I fill my decorative olive oil bottle with a few cups of olive oil and it sits on my stove top, away from the sun. I use it every day and fill it up with more oil every week. So the sunlight and clear bottle does not affect the olive oil.

Where to Find the Items Featured in My Olive Oil Dispenser DIY

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How to Make Olive Oil Bottles

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  1. Just love the idea with the etching, must give it a go, but first find the bottles.
    Love your site Leslie.

  2. Etching is so fun – I love your olive oil bottles! I wish I’d seen this when I had my olive oil tasting – wouldn’t that be fun to label the different types of oils in pretty bottles? Hmmm – so many options! 🙂 Thanks for reminding me how much I love etching, and thanks for introducing me to the mirror spray paint too! LOVE it here!

    Just a FYI 🙂 LOVE YOUR BLOG LESLIE ❤️💯❤️

    1. Dark green would be a great choice too! Depending on what bottles you find and which ones you prefer! Thank you for your support, Judith!

  4. The bottles are pretty but olive oil needs to be put in a dark bottle to maintain freshness.

    1. Well, personally I use olive oil so frequently that I am able to keep it in the clear bottles and store the extra in the dark bottles in the pantry and just continuously refill!

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