A Beautiful Box of Christmas Magic

Christmas is sixty-eight days away and I am so excited to be able to share a little bit of Christmas magic with you today!

Decorating my home for the holidays is literally one of my favorite things and this year is going to be really special. While I have a lot of treasures that I love to decorate with year after year, I also am always on the hunt for new items to add to my holiday decor.

Christmas Magic Vases

Some of my favorite home decor items are from Sullivans Home Decor. I am thrilled to have worked with Sullivans and curated a gorgeous box of wonderful Christmas items that are absolutely amazing! Want to know what is in the box?

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Make it Pretty

Christmas Magic in a Box

Christmas Magic Candles and Ornaments

One of the most magical things about Christmas is the memories that are tied to tradition. Each family has its own traditions surrounding not only events but also decoration.

The box that I curated with Sullivans is filled with items that will quickly become part of your Christmas decor traditions. The box is $150 and contains five different holiday decor items that I absolutely love and know that you will too. There are only 50 boxes available, so they will sell out quickly!

Box for Christmas Box

One of the items in my box is so incredible that it is already sold out so the only way you can get it, is in my box!

In the best news ever, I have a code for you for 20% off not only your box of Christmas Magic, but your entire order! Just enter the code M100YOH at checkout.

Mercury Glass Finial Ornaments

Christmas Magic Ornaments
Four Mercury Glass Finial Ornaments

In our family, I decorate several trees in our home, but the one that holds the Christmas magic is our family tree.

As you know, I have three boys who are now grown. They are very close in age, I had three children under three years old which, as you can imagine was controlled chaos for many years. As the boys grew, our tradition remained the same. We would go together as a family to the same Christmas tree lot each year. The boys would run and play as Dave and I chose the perfect tree. As the boys got older and grew into their opinions, they became more and more involved in choosing the perfect tree. The perfect tree, however, is really all about the decoration of the tree.

Vintage-inspired is a favorite of mine. When I curated this Christmas Magic Box with Sullivans, one of the first things that I tucked into the box are the absolutely incredible mercury glass finial ornaments.

These mercury glass finial ornaments are sure to become part of our Christmas tradition. I love the way they catch the light and add a touch of vintage to our tree.

Red Ticking Tree Collar

Christmas Magic
Red Ticking Tree collar

When I discovered this red ticking tree collar, I fell head over heels in love with it! Apparently, so did everyone else because it is already sold out, so the only way to get this tree collar is in my box!

Tree collars are a really fun way to hide your tree base and I am always on the hunt for collars to add to my decor. Red ticking is so Christmasy and this tree collar also has little bells on it. So, so cute!

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Red Vases

Christmas Magic Vases
Set of three Red Vases

When I first discovered Sullivans Home Decor, the first item I purchased from them was a set of three white vases. If you have followed me for any time at all, you will recognize these vases, I use them all of the time! I love them so much, I added them to the influencer boxes that I sent out with my book, A Home to Share and now all of those influencers love them just as much as I do.

When I found the same set of three vases in red, I knew I wanted to include them in this Christmas box. PS, I will also be using these for Valentine’s Day!

These vases are truly so versatile. I use all three together, in a set of two, or as a single vase. So many options!

I am so excited to include these vases in the box, I know you will love these as much as I do!

Hand Poured Candles and Holly and Red Berries Stem

Christmas Magic Candles
Hand Poured Candles and Red Berries Stem

There is something magical about candlelight, especially during the holidays. I included a set of six hand-poured, hand-distressed cranberry-colored taper candles. Whether you use these candles on a table or on a mantle, they will perfectly enhance your holiday decor.

I am a huge fan of faux greenery and flowers. I added a pick with holly and red berries and it is honestly the perfect holiday accent. It also fits perfectly in the vases that are also in the box.

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Christmas Magic Ornaments and Candles

This year has been such an incredible year for me, and this box is the icing and the rainbow sprinkles on the cake! I am such a huge fan of Sullivan’s Home Decor and I know that you will love the items in this box as much as I do. Don’t forget to use the discount code M100YOH for 20% off your entire order!

My 100 Year Old Home Curated Box
Christmas Magic

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A Beautiful Box of Christmas Magic

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  1. I love your Christmas collar. The fabric is just perfect. I am excited for Christmas every hear also. Thank you for sharing. Jean

    1. Hi Jan – the link has been updated! Thank you for letting us know. I know you will love your box! Let me know when you get yours!!

  2. There’s a fine line between sharing resources and projects and making your audience feel like they’re just a piggy bank. It’s lovely you’ve written a book, I hope it does very well! I enjoy seeing your homes and it’s fun to know I can buy the same things that make your dining table so pretty at Amazon. It’s a pretty box of Christmas stuff, I hope you’re able to share it with many people who don’t know how to put together a few things on their own for the holidays. But the pop-ups that ask if I want to just send you money (and an emoji) really are irritating. Why do you include that?

  3. Leslie, love love love your decorating style and how you are so generous to share all your expertise and resources for us. I know how hard you work to bring these to us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ❤️

  4. I love your site, and blog. I love the pink and red floral painting in your Livingroom that you hang up at Christmas. Can you tell me where that can be purchased?

    1. Hi Jeannette! Yay! So happy to hear that! Funnily enough that is actually artwork on the Samsung Frame TV, it’s one of the options you can choose with the subscription 🤗

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