Sunday Morning Coffee and Labor Day Weekend

September marks the end of summer, but it also means that the book launch party is less than a month away!

I shared with you that I am hosting a book launch party at my home to celebrate the release of my book, A Home to Share. Tickets are almost sold out, there are just a few left, so if you have been thinking about joining me, do it! Get your ticket here.

A Home to Share book
Season 2 Volume 33

Today I am pleased to share with you Sunday Morning Coffee. This is a place to share, learn, explain, dream, and have fun.

Sunday Morning Coffee

My new book, A Home to Share, is available for Pre-order now! Click here for more details!

About Me

A Home to Share book

We turned the final edits of the book in on September 27, 2021 and last week, I opened my front door to find boxes of the published book on my doorstep! I cannot explain what it feels like to have poured my heart and soul into a project and then be able to hold it in my hands as it is launched out into the world.

When y’all get your copies, please know that every single word, every photo, and every caption, was thoughtfully considered before the book went to press. I wanted you all to feel the passion behind what I do and I can’t wait for you to get your copy!

I am so proud of this book and I cannot wait for all of you to read it!

A Home to Share book

It feels like I have been preparing my whole life to write this book. A Home to Share is truly a culmination of the things I love to do and I cannot wait to share all of these new ideas with you.

A Home to Share book

Something New

Linen Press
The Linen Press, which housed our TV and 11 components of our stereo/multi-media system.

Twenty+ years ago, when we renovated our kitchen/family room area, we added an entertainment center (which is what they were called at the time) that housed a TV, stereo equipment, and speakers.

The photo above is a Linen Press which we designed twenty-two years ago to hold our TV and all of the items in the entertainment center.

For those of you under 30, stereo equipment consisted of stereo receivers, VCRs, a DVD player, a subwoofer, multiple speakers, and a CD player. Each of the pieces of equipment was big and bulky and took up a ton of space.

Now that life is primarily digital, we do not need any of this or the speakers, including the sub-woofer, which sounds cool, but I have no idea what it actually did.

I have had my eye on this area for a little while. Every time the cabinet was opened, I would look at all of the equipment, (which literally had not been turned on in years), and dream about what I could store in the cabinet instead.

And I finally got my way!

Linen Press

I convinced my husband to donate all of the stereo equipment for scrap parts and I quickly filled the entire cabinet. I will share an entire post about repurposing underused storage areas, so stay tuned. But for now, this is amazing!

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My Favorite Room This Week

My favorite room this week is the Pottery Barn Outlet in Camarillo. Technically, it is one ginormous room, so it qualifies, right? It is a brand new outlet store and the items they carry are simply amazing. If you are in Southern California, make a special trip. Just don’t buy all of my favorite things before I get there, again! I swear, I might just move in!

Everything this week is 50% off of the sale price. I literally cannot get enough of this place.

Pottery Barn is also opening an outlet in the Ontario Mills shopping center (in Southern California). It opens on September 7th and it looks like it is going to be amazing!

Do you have outlets near you? Are they good? I think this outlet may be the best I’ve ever been to!

See this dining room table? I bought it yesterday for the beach house and it was 50% off the sale price. Oh my!

My dear friend Karianne of Thistlewood Farms shared The Best Exterior White Paint Colors. This is a post you will want to save!

My friend Courtney Allison of French Country Cottage has been Exploring the Cotswolds. Simply amazing!

Chris Loves Julia shared their favorite Labor Day Sales. There are some really great deals, so check this out!

This post by my friend Charlotte @atcharlotteshouse made me so happy! If you are a flea market fan, you will LOVE this so much!

The Found Cottage is having its big Labor Day Sale. The founders are three incredible women. If you are in the area, make sure to stop by!

Fall is here which makes me so happy! We shared all things fall last week. The fall colors are just the best! Are you a fall fan?

Amazon Prime Day

Since it is officially the end of the summer season, I thought it fitting to share Martha’s advice on How to Clean and Care For Your Outdoor Furniture Year Round

This week is going to be amazing! I am sharing my favorite fall wreaths, all of my mood boards for the decor in the beach house, a new fall free motion stitch embroidery pillow, a new pumpkin DIY project, some new fall cookies, and an inside look at the influencer boxes I am creating for my book launch!

Watch My Amazon Live

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Last week I hosted an Amazon Live Show titled How to Make the Best DIY Pumpkins .. and you can watch it here.

How to Make the Best DIY Pumpkins

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Sunday Morning Coffee and Labor Day Weekend

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  1. Alas, no Pottery Barn outlets in Ontario, Canada, I was very pleased when ‘regular’ stores opened in Toronto, [ about 1- 1/2 hours of driving for me ], a few years ago.
    I am just a little jealous, missing the deals-haha.
    The table you aquired is gorgeous


  2. The table is beautiful and will look great at the beach house. Hopefully its coming along and you will get to start putting in the fun stuff soon!

  3. Can hardly wait for the book and signing party! I was talking with my family at dinner last night about how excited I am. It’s going to be like visiting an old friend — I know so much about you, your family, and your beautiful home and decor — but you have no idea who I am!!!

  4. Oh, still can’t wait to have that book in my hands…and I need to be in the room with you to learn free motion embroidery. That’s on my list of things to learn and do! Happy Labor Day weekend!

  5. We have nice outlet malls in NH…and no sales tax…but sadly no PB!
    I was laughing thinking back to how much space all that stereo equip took up not to mention how bulky the TVs were!

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