Arranging a Basket of Hydrangeas

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My favorite delivery to my front door is a box of hydrangeas. I can’t really explain it but hydrangeas just make me happy.

A few months ago I found a really nice company that grows hydrangeas in South America and ship them FedEx for free. The company is called Flowers for Gallon E&I and they offer wholesale prices. Their hydrangeas flowers are incredible and last for weeks (if you take good care of them).

I received a box of hydrangeas today and I wanted to style them differently. I had seen a photo a few days ago of a French wooden basket filled with fresh flowers. It was so amazing and it really touched my heart. So my first task was to find a basket.

I went to Hobby Lobby and found this basket on sale and purchased it for 50% off.

I brought it home and found a quick solution for holding water. A while ago I purchased these galvanized flower vases from Save-on-Crafts. Six of them fit perfectly in the basket.

I decided to put mason jars in the basket to give the flowers more stability and height. I added water and started cutting the hydrangeas and putting them in the glass jars.

I knew immediately that my plan was going to work. I loved how the hydrangeas looked in the pots and basket.

It only took about ten minutes to keep adding the flowers.

Here is the basket almost full. I just needed a few more flowers to finish it.

And it’s full! I just love it.

I love this look of a full basket of hydrangeas. (Especially when I arrange them myself.)

A few things about ordering these beautiful hydrangeas from Flowers by Gallon E&I. Go to their website. Pick out which flower you want. Please note that they have different minimums, usually 30 or 40 flowers. When you order them, you get to specify the delivery date.

Once you receive your flowers, be sure to follow the directions about caring for your hydrangeas. Basically, you need to cut the stems and put in a clean vase. Then change the water and cut the stems every few days. Also, keep them out of the sun.

Other than that, enjoy some of the most amazing flowers you will ever receive!

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  1. Gorgeous, after two orders of the blue, time to order a white bunch and keeping fingers crossed!

  2. Read with interest where and how you purchase hydrangeas by the truck load. I use to live up north and my two favorite flowers are hydrangeas and lilacs Hydrangeas do grow in the south where I live now but sadly lilacs don’t. Thought I’d ask you and your readers, is there a similar source for lilacs?

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