My Favorite Potting Bench and Sunday Morning Coffee

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I spent a lot of time gardening this week. This potting bench has been my favorite place for planting and I had so much fun using it this week.

I have discovered that gardening is very relaxing, rewarding, and fun. I shared a lot about my potting bench and newly found love for gardening yesterday. If you missed it, you can read about it here.

Potting Bench and flowers
Season 2 Volume 1

Thanks for joining me for Sunday morning coffee. Today I am sharing my weekly thoughts about entertaining, decor, crafts, recipes and so much more!

Sunday Morning Coffee

Why You Need a Potting Bench

I realized something I needed to be a more successful gardener. I needed an area to centralize my gardening. Which is another way of saying I needed a place to store my gardening stuff.

A Peek at the Garden

I finally got smart when I moved an old cabinet out of the Carriage House and converted it into a Potting Bench.

Potting Bench and Flowers

This is kind of funny because I think the cabinet was originally a potting bench.

I am not sure why it took me so many years (like seven) to figure that out. But I just love that I can now garden in one place!

Would you believe I planted about twenty pots this past week but I have a lot more to still plant?

Why Do You Need a Potting Bench?

Using the Potting Bench

Gardening is like crafting. You need tools and a place to get the job done.

A potting bench is your gardening work area. It doesn’t matter if you are a serious or a seasonal gardener, a potting bench should have a work area that’s large enough to hold a bowl of potting mix, a variety of pots, or seeding trays, a few packets of seeds, and some gardening tools.

Most potting benches are at bench height and comfortable to work at while standing. Storage is a necessity because you need space for potting soil, pots, and tools.

Ideas for Potting Benches

There are a lot of things you can use for a potting bench.

I used a vintage tall bench.

Potting Bench

You can also buy a potting bench very reasonably.

I am a very happy gardener and I have all of my stuff in one place. It is organized and I love my new work area.

The only bad news is that someone is eating my basil. Ok, I am (I love heading out there and snipping a few leaves off of my plants), but something/someone else is leaving holes in my basil leaves. Does anybody have any tips?


Something New

Remember last Sunday I told you I had a lot of gardening planned? Well, look what I did this week!

A New Way to Plant a Spring Garden

Is this not the best way to show some cool pots and flowers? I found this vintage flower stand years ago but I had never been able to find the right place for it.

This area on the side of our patio needed a distraction from the fence and our storage shed to the left.

So we found the perfect spot for it and planted all of these pots this past week! Head to my blog post, A New Way to Plant a Spring Garden, which shares my newest garden discovery!

A New Way to Plant a Spring Garden

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When Seasons Change - Summer Backyard

There is no doubt that this week my favorite room in our home was our backyard. OK, so I know technically our backyard isn’t a room, but considering how much time we spend out there, it should be!

I am so happy I got everything cleaned out, planted all of the pots and raised beds, and made a list of everything else to do.

We are almost done and will it looks like we will be ready to host our May backyard events.

Janine at Happy Happy Nester made this adorable Bunny Tail Wreath.

KariAnne at Thistlewood made these adorable DIY Mini Tassels.

How Sweet Eats shared sixteen of her Favorite Spring Cocktails and Mocktails.

Emily Henderson shared a very interesting article titled, The Story Of A Classic Design Element That Became Trendy, Then Mainstream…But Is it Classic Again?

Can you guess what it is?

We had a lot of fun outside in our backyard this past week. I shared the best garden product I found for my spring garden, my space for flower arranging, and my DIY pink wreath (made from paper bags!). I also shared a pink pillow hack, some wonderful small bites recipes, and my first update on the beach house remodel. Whew! It was a crazy week!

Martha shared A Spring Hydrangea Checklist: How to Prepare Your Favorite Flowering Shrub for a Colorful Summer Ahead. If you have hydrangeas or want to plant some, you need to read this.

Are you a garden lover like I am? I am sharing some of my favorite items I use when I am in my garden.

Changing Your Diet Could Add 13 Years to Your Life

I love this article! Especially because it works no matter how old you are. Read it. It’s important.

We have a lot of fun things planned this week. We are going to start out with a fun breakfast inspired by Joanna Gaines, an Easter table runner, some bedroom remodeling tips, a fun cake stand DIY, more fun ideas for outdoor living, and the best kitchen tips. Wow. It’s going to be a busy week.

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  1. Hi Leslie

    I wanted to let you know, that recently in a discussion over kitchens, that when the comment as to how a kitchen becomes outdated in a few years was raised, and how I answered. I told of the kitchen on your blog that looks fresh after 20 years, how timeless, functional and how the right choices in finishes contributes to this. I encouraged taking a look on your blog.


  2. I remember that potting bench inside carriage house when you had painting classes. It was right next to your easel and palette of colors ready to go on canvas. Now repurposed outdoors and looks beautiful with all the colorful pots.

  3. Your last two posts have inspired me to plan a raised garden area in our backyard. It will include a little potting shed, complete with potting bench all in an area about 15 x15 feet. Thank you for the great posts and lovely inspiration!

  4. A potting bench really is a must for me. I do alot of container planting and the bench makes it much easier on my back. It’s nice having everything handy and after my planting is done I use it as a place to put outdoor decor.

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