Things My Mother Taught Me and Sunday Morning Coffee

Happy Mother’s Day! As I celebrate the memory of my mother today I can’t help but reflect back on all of the things my mother taught me.

My mother is no longer here to celebrate with me, but I am thrilled to celebrate with my family. My life has been an incredible journey filled with incredible women who have inspired me. I can’t wait to share a little bit about the things my mother taught me.

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Today I am pleased to share with you Sunday Morning Coffee. This is a place to share, learn, explain, dream, and have fun.

Sunday Morning Coffee

Things My Mother Taught Me

September 1986

I am so grateful to my mother for her love and guidance. She was a stay-at-home mom who raised five children, drove a car big enough for all of us, and set up homes across the country as we moved frequently (aka every two to three years) in support of my father’s Air Force career.

My mom made a mean casserole, taught me how to sew, supported all of my crafting shenanigans (and there were so many!), and was kind, thoughtful, and nurturing.

Yes, my mom taught me how to sew, and many years later made this wedding gown. I love how it turned out.

My childhood definitely shaped who I am as a person. My mother (and of course, my father) had high expectations for me and my siblings. She also had the utmost faith in us that we would be able to achieve, even exceed those expectations.

My mom was our greatest cheerleader. Some of the things my mother taught me were how to work hard with dedication and perseverance, how to be part of a team, and also how to lead. As a mother, I have taken the best of how my mother parented me and my siblings and given that to my children.

Nana, Pop, and the Grandkids (Our boys are in red. And Michael really was a happy kid. Hehe!)

There are so many incredible women in our world who mentor and inspire others. I have had several women in my life, my mother being one, who have inspired me in so many different ways. This may sound really corny, but Martha Stewart has been another of my greatest inspirations.

Martha Stewart built an empire on the foundation of the home. Martha has always been about setting high standards and exceeding expectations. Always.

Martha and I share so many interests, cooking, decorating, entertaining, and crafts. I have followed her first through cookbooks and magazines and now online. Martha has been a source of inspiration for many, many years, more than either of us would be willing to admit!

Do you think we would be best of friends? I think we just need to meet each other!

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Beach House Progress!

We have a third-floor deck! And the staircase in the foyer is now built to take us up there.

It wasn’t safe to go upstairs as the floor of the deck wasn’t installed yet. But I did take a peek and it was amazing. Next week, I promise to share more.

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Martha posted a recent article that suggests optimism is a key factor in healthy aging. I love this idea and the amazing selfie she took. Optimism is clearly working for Martha!

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  1. Wishing you a wonderful Mother’s Day with your beautiful family. I am certain that your mother was very proud of the lovely woman you have become and how much of an inspiration you are to others. She is definitely smiling down on you today and everyday. Thank you for sharing all you do. Best Wishes for a fabulous day.

  2. Leslie, What a wonderful tribute to your mom. She was truly an inspiring role model. I hope you revel in this mothers Day- you are a fabulous mom. xx

  3. Leslie,
    Thank you for sharing what an inspiration your mother was for you. The wedding dress she made was beautiful.
    I am sure your family must appreciate all that you do, and thank you for your blog.
    Have a wonderful Mother’s day!

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