Farmhouse-Style Modern Beach House and Sunday Morning Coffee

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Today is moving day! We begin the remodel of our Farmhouse-Style Modern Beach House tomorrow and I am so excited.

I have been thinking a lot about our last remodel in Waco and can’t help but get excited about this next project. Our farmhouse-style modern beach house remodel is going to be such an amazing journey. I hope you will follow along.

spring table at the beach
Season 2 Volume 11

Thanks also for joining me for Sunday morning coffee. Today I am sharing my weekly thoughts about entertaining, decor, crafts, recipes, and our exciting remodel!

Sunday Morning Coffee

A Little About Me

Farmhouse-Style Modern Beach House

Today is moving day!

We have been packing for a few weeks and today the movers are here to move everything from the beach house into storage.

We have already started with the project. Last week we removed everything from the kitchen and the landscaping in the front.

Beach House Kitchen Update

Just so you know, we didn’t toss a thing from the kitchen when we did the demo. Everything was carefully removed and taken to my friend’s home where she is going to redo her kitchen with all of our cabinets, countertops, and appliances. I promise to share the progress of her kitchen remodel too.

Anytime you can reuse items instead of adding them to trash is a great thing!

Packing the Beach House and More Plans

The packing didn’t take too long and I can’t wait for the home to be emptied out today.

Modern Beach House Farmhouse Style
The family room was easy to pack up.

See that sloping ceiling? We are raising the ceiling in this room to 11 feet. And the slope will be gone which is something our very tall children will appreciate very much.

Modern Beach House Farmhouse Style.

You can see the dramatic slope in this photo too. The window on the left (with a great ocean view) will be three feet taller.

The family room downstairs and the back part of our garage will both be new bedrooms.

Beach House Bedroom
An Upstairs Bedroom

This upstairs bedroom will go away as we are opening up this area to the family room and kitchen.

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The Waco Bedrooms

I have been spending a lot of time thinking about the design of the five bedrooms in our beach house. And All I keep thinking about is the bedrooms in our Waco home.

I just might be using a few things from these rooms for planning our new bedrooms at the beach house.

Except, of course, they need a more modern feel.

The Primary Bedroom in our Airbnb Waco Home
The Primary Bedroom in the Waco House

Three of the bedrooms will have a king bed, one bedroom will have two queens, and another will have a queen.


KariAnne from Thistlewood shared the most wonderful ideas in her post titled How to Decorate a Kitchen Island for Spring.


My blog post this week titled Are White Traditional Kitchens Out of Style? caused quite a stir. And yet here is another claim that they are.

Spring Ideas

Janine from Happy Happy Nester shared so many great ideas in Spring Favorites.


Michael from Inspired By Charm shared 15 Mouth-Watering Apple Dessert Recipes. I can’t decide which one to make first!


This recipe for Plum Pecan Crumble Cake looks amazing. I can’t wait to try it.

What a fun week we had. I had no idea my post about white kitchens would cause such a stir and thank you all for visiting so many of my posts. I absolutely loved making the Easter basket cake and the outdoor Easter planter. Who knew an entire spring table could be inspired by a napkin?

Martha shared 16 Stellar St. Patrick’s Day Desserts. These are just incredible.

Favorites from my Waco Primary Bedroom. I just might use these for the new bedrooms at the beach!

The primary bathroom in Waco is sooooooo big and has a double shower! Here are some of my favorite finds!

We have such a fun week planned! I am sharing what is probably the best tasting Lemon Pie ever for Pi Day, how to display Easter Eggs in your home, and some fun ideas for Outdoor Living. Plus, I also made a new spring Table Runner, found some new Spring Faux Flowers, and some very fun Kitchen Tips.

I cannot wait!

Watch My Amazon Live Show

I am now sharing a few Amazon Live shows every week and I hope you will tap on the links to see what’s new.

Next week I have two new shows titled How to Style Your Family Room for Spring and Add Spring to Your Home with Faux Flowers.

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  1. Hi Leslie, I’ve been in search of metal cones to organize faux flowers and your unit that seems to have a metal frame that holds many metal cones is ideal… please post a link where it can be purchased. Thank you for sharing your passions and creativity!!!


  2. Looking forward to seeing how the Beach House turns out. Its going to be a wonderful end result, I’m sure!!

  3. Leslie,
    Really looking forward to how things turn out with the BEACH HOUSE! Can’t wait to see the results. Also can you tell me where I can purchase the mason jars with the metal handles that you show on the table at the beach house?

  4. So excited for you! Did you make the cork dart board in your basement? I have a zillion wine corks and may have to steal your design. It’s beautiful!

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