Ventura Beach House and Sunday Morning Coffee

Happy May Day! I cannot believe it’s already May. I spent yesterday at Ventura Beach and have lots to share on the Beach House.

Even though I watch our security cameras to see the progress of the remodel, there is nothing like seeing the house in person. I am beyond excited and cannot wait for it to be done.

Ventura Beach
Season 2 Volume 18

Today I am pleased to share with you Sunday Morning Coffee. This is a place to share, learn, explain, dream, and have fun.

Sunday Morning Coffee

Happy May Day!

May Day Basket Ideas
May Day Basket

Wow. How can it be the 1st of May? Actually what I really want to know is, what happened to April?

I spent a few hours at the beach house yesterday and I have to say the progress is incredible and I love making trips to the house to see how it is going. My favorite part of the day was the video tours I shared with all of our kids … I loved their reactions. Apparently, when the house is done this is going to become a “second office” location for a lot of our family.

I cannot wait.

And now I know I need to put some kind of work area in each of the bedrooms.

The Beach House Remodel Update

Beach House Remodel

They are working so fast on the house and I absolutely love the progress. They are starting to frame in our primary bedroom which is in the front of the house, on top of the garage (aka the fitness room).

Beach House Remodel

The house is still kind of a mess, but the progress in a week is amazing. Last week the garage was barely framed!

And now our primary bedroom is almost framed. The large open area is where the big windows go.

Beach House Remodel 1b

On top of this bedroom will be a deck with a kitchen, firepit, dining, and lounge area. It is going to be quite wonderful.

The Ventura Beach House Cameras

I spent some time changing the angles of the cameras. I am quite addicted to the security cameras that I repositioned so I can watch the progress anytime I want. Now that I know what our contractor has planned for next week, I moved the cameras a bit so I can see more.

The camera on the left is on the second floor and the one on the right shows the new bedroom and the garage.

Actually next week they will be finishing the framing which is simply amazing.

Something New

I met Tieghen Gerard, aka Half Baked Harvest, on Friday night! Her new book, Every Day, is a best-selling cookbook and it is amazing! You can buy the cookbook here.

A few years ago Tieghen’s family rented our Waco Airbnb. I got to know Tieghen’s mom, through lots of emails, and I absolutely am in awe of Tieghen and her family who are very involved with her business. I was so excited to be able to attend her book signing in Beverly Hills. It was so much fun!

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Emily Henderson did a fun tour of Kasey Musgrave’s home. Check it out here.

I am sure you are familiar with Everything Bagel Seasoning. A Beautiful Mess shared a recipe to make your own.

Two Peas and their Pod shared a thirty-minute recipe for Lemon Spaghetti with Garlic Toasted Breadcrumbs. This sounds amazing.

Martha Stewart hosted the Great American Tag sale. Click here to find out more and when you can watch it.

We had another wonderful week at My 100 Year Old Home. I shared a Peony Wreath DIY, progress on the Ventura beach house, five tips to home styling, Mother’s Day Gift guides, How to make a salad on a stick, and some amazing Mother’s Day muffins.

Martha Stewart shared the gardens at her Bedford, and all of the beautiful late springtime blooms. See them here.

I am sharing some of my favorite items below that are helping me get through this remodel or are going into the Ventura Beach House! If you are remodeling or just refreshing, check out these items!

We have a lot of Mother’s Day posts scheduled for next week. I am going to make an amazing cake, show you how to make a flower arrangement for $25, lots of Mother’s Day table ideas, recipes for Mother’s Day Brunch, a Spring Wreath, and more.

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Ventura Beach House and Sunday Morning Coffee

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  1. So great they are making quick progress on the beach house. I know a lot of people are still dealing with delays on construction due to supply delays and having to wait on contractors. Will have to stop by to see it when I’m home in a few weeks. Ordered the vacuum you recommended for my Texas house. Anxious to see how it will work on my hardwood floors.

    1. Thanks so much, yes I am really excited! Oh I’m glad you got the vacuum, I think you will love it.

  2. I’m enjoying reading about and learning to make some of your unique recipes and crafts. They are a delight!
    My daughter and I are approaching the 1st year anniversary of opening our Crafter’s Retreat at our family’s Century Farmhouse in Iowa; Repurposing the house for others to enjoy has been a fun and rewarding adventure.
    Best wishes for your continuing successes!

    1. Thank you so much! That is so exciting, congratulations on your anniversary! Great work to you and your daughter!

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