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Fall is right around the corner. It’s really hard to accept when the seasons change, so let’s enjoy one more week of summer together!

When Seasons Change - Summer Backyard

Thanks for joining me for Sunday morning coffee. Today I am sharing my weekly thoughts about entertaining, decor, crafts, and recipes, and one last week of summer as we accept when the seasons change.

Volume 31

A Little Bit About Me

When Seasons Change - Poolside Dinner

What’s my favorite season?

I think it’s a tie. Between Christmas (aka the holidays) and summer.

One of the best things about living in California is the weather. We can enjoy 80-degree weather on and off from March until November. So our summer lasts a really long time.

When I mention “when the seasons change” it’s a big deal here. Because we have just had eight months of summer (on and off) and soon it will be fall/winter. Yes, our fall/winter lasts from late October to March-ish.

Most people know, our weather is strange. But it really is incredible.

It wasn’t until I became a blogger that I even thought about the change of seasons. I think I am still trying to get used to celebrating fall when it’s ninety degrees outside. I see a lot of fall decor out there and I will be ready.

But not for one more week.

My Summer Favorites

When Seasons Change - Dinner by the Pool

Today is a good day to look back at some of my favorites from the summer. So I am sharing my favorite crafts, DIY projects, decor, recipes, and parties from the past few months!

My Favorite Summer Crafts

It was hard to only pick four but I love these craft projects. All of them can be revised for other seasons and I just may have to do that!

Click on the photos below for items related to Summer Crafts

As you have probably figured out, I am a serial crafter. I love it when I see an expensive item and figure out how to make it for a fraction of the price! Click on the photos below to go to the item.

My Favorite Summer DIY Projects

There is no doubt that redoing the Carriage House was my favorite project of the summer. It looks so incredible and I love the space so much. I did a lot of projects with milk paint too!

Click on the photos below for items related to Summer DIY Projects

DIY Projects are my absolute favorite! Click the photos below to go to the item to get started with your own DIY project!

My Favorite Summer Decor

I decided to use a lot of the color aqua this summer in our home and I just love how it all looks.

Click on the photos below for items related to Summer Decor

I loved my summer color palette and can’t wait to start thinking about the next season.

My Favorite Summer Recipes

These recipes are all delicious and I loved making them!

Click on the photos below for items related to Summer Recipes

I love to cook and this summer I spent a lot of time in the kitchen coming up with new recipes. There are so many new favorites!

My Favorite Summer Parties

Wow. I planned a lot more parties than I realized this summer! Here are my favorites.

Click on the photos below for items related to Summer Entertaining

My absolute favorite thing to do is entertain and this summer was simply amazing. I loved creating these parties for friends and family and I hope you were inspired by them to do some of your own entertaining.

Reflections on the Week

Last week was another busy one and looking at these photos, it looks like flowers were a big part of the week. How hysterical is that?

It was a busy week writing all of these blog posts. Which was your favorite?

Good things From Martha – 23 Weeknight Dinner Recipes

My friend Martha Stewart (who doesn’t have any idea who I am) shared her twenty-three weeknight recipes. These are “summer recipes” and I am all for serving them this month and next!

Be sure to find her recipes here.

What’s Ahead for The Week

One more week of summer and then I will start thinking about fall. Aargh!

Next week I have lots of fun things planned on the blog. First, I am making a fun new pie that I was supposed to make last week. Hmmm. Next, I am sharing one of the most important parties I have ever hosted. It took place three years ago (this week) for our closest sixty friends and it was Andrew and Charlotte’s engagement party! It’s a four-part blog post series and it is amazing because it included absolutely everything you may ever want to know about planning a party. Any time of the year!

It’s going to be an exciting week at My 100 Year Old Home. Let’s have some fun together.

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When the Seasons Change

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    1. Thank you so much Wanda! Fall is just around the corner, time is zooming by! I have been planning my calendar, I hope you like what I have planned!

    1. Thank you so much Renae. I am really holding on tight to summer, I love it so much. I hope you are well. Your IG feed is beautiful!

  1. Hi,
    I love love your home!! I have followed you for some time now and I always learning creative new things from you:))
    We are designing a pool with a combination of brick and concrete surround. I have looked on your blog to see what brick you used around your pool, but I can’t find the entry. I did see the post about your reclaimed brick you found for your fireplace, which is so gorgeous!
    Do you mind sending me some information about the brick around your pool? I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thank you,

    Lyza Berkley

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