Summer Farmhouse Living Room

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I just restyled our farmhouse living room for summer and I love it. I added our new aqua green summer color palette and it looks amazing.

This combination of farmhouse and coastal style is so pretty and calming, that I just had to share it with you all. This space is perfect for those lazy summer days spent relaxing.

Summer Farmhouse Living Room

A summer color palette is a wonderful way to create a room that invites you to slow down and relax. We love our beach house and are anxiously waiting for permits to be issued to begin our remodel. Since we won’t be spending our summer at the beach, I decided to bring the beach house vibe into our home by adding aqua green as an accent color in our farmhouse living room.

Aqua Green Accents for Summer

Our home, given its age, is a very traditional farmhouse style. Adding a coastal, beachy, carefree feel was not a style I had ever tried before in this room, but I love how it turned out. I went through our home, room by room, and did a little makeover for summer. I shared the family room summer makeover last week. You can check out that post here if you missed it 

Summer Farmhouse Living Room

Today, I am sharing the summer color palette makeover of our farmhouse living room. This room is a pretty traditional room and to be honest, we just don’t use it enough. This summer makeover was a perfect opportunity to make this room summery and cozy. I wanted the living room to be a place where you want to lie on the couch and read a book or take a nap. A place to sit and relax and have a quiet conversation or to play Rumikub at the game table. I love the way the living room turned out and already, we are spending more time in this room!

Slipcovers with a Personality

I recently ordered new slipcovers for the couches in the living room. Our couches are twenty years old and I love the shape of them. The original upholstery is a kind of gold/beige color. Honestly, I look at these couches and wonder what I was thinking when I chose the color of the upholstery! About five years ago I ordered slipcovers and what a difference!

Summer Farmhouse Living Room

The old slipcovers had gotten a bit dirty, not from use, but from Sport sneaking in and taking naps on the couches. Thoughtfully, he would move all of the pillows off of the couches and onto the floor first before hopping up for his snooze. The slipcovers had also gotten a little tight from multiple laundering. (See the previous comment about Sport napping on the living room couches). It was time to replace them and summer was a perfect time.

My favorite thing about these slipcovers is the box pleats at the hem. I love them so much. They literally make me so happy every time I walk into the room. There is something about a box pleat that is timeless and yet so current at the same time. They also give furniture just a little bit of sass and personality. 

New Slipcovers Summer Farmhouse Living Room

One of my favorite things about having all of the rooms in my home neutral is that it allows me to add an accent color without a major effort or cost. An accent color can completely change the look and feel of the room. Can you believe what a difference the aqua accent color made in our living room? What do you think? Do you like the aqua green accents?

Summer Farmhouse Living Room

The painting over our fireplace is by the artist, Ray Turner, who is a dear friend of ours. It has been over our fireplace for twenty years at least and until I added the aqua green accent, I had never noticed the vibrant turquoise color in the painting. The turquoise really pops and the sky looks so incredibly blue. It’s like having a brand new piece of art in this room! I also had never noticed how much blue is in the rug that is in the living room. What a wonderful surprise! 

Summer Farmhouse Living Room 1

Our living room now has such a soothing and peaceful feel to it. The aqua green color brings the look and feel of our beach house to our family home. 

Styling a Summer Farmhouse Living Room

We began playing games more often last year and I am so happy that game playing has stuck around. We often play Rummikub, cards or put together a puzzle in the evenings, so I added a game table in the corner of the living room. It is such a beautiful setting to spend an evening laughing and being together. 

Summer Farmhouse Living Room Sitting Area

I do try to keep the french doors to the living room closed so that the napping bandit, better known as our dog Sport, doesn’t ruin the brand new slipcovers. My husband has wanted to spend more time in the living room reading and now, maybe he will even nap there! 

It’s also one of the coolest rooms in our home. The sun doesn’t stream through the windows until at least mid-afternoon. Until then, the living room is well shaded and stays very cool. It has been really hot here in Southern California. Having a cool spot to work or read has been really important. 

Aqua Vintage Finds

I have had so much fun bringing the look and feel of the beach into our home. I never would have thought that aqua would have worked in our home and it looks amazing. Would you give aqua or a beachy feel a try in your home? It’s kind of a fun way to feel like you are on vacation without ever leaving home! Let me know what you think and if you will try it also!

Vintage Finds in Our Summer Farmhouse Living Room

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Summer Farmhouse Living Room

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you build a neutral living room?

Begin by choosing white, beige, gray as the main colors for the room. You can then add pattern, texture, and an accent color to create the feeling that you want for the room.

What are typical neutral colors for a living room?

 Typical neutral colors are shades of white, cream, gray, beige, and tan.

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Summer Farmhouse Living Room

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  1. It’s so beautiful and peaceful at the same time. I’m curious where you get your slipcovers made. I love the idea of being able to change out my current slipcovers as I love the couch, but the current slipcover is looking worn. Thank you!

  2. Where did you order your slipcovers? I LOVE them! I have my husband’s grandmother’s coffee table that he will not allow me to refinish or paint. I made a “party skirt” for it…a slipcover with a box pleat to cover the top so her legs still show. Love a box pleat. 🙂

  3. Your colors are so serene and soft! I love the lovely painting over the fireplace!
    The slip covers are very stylish with that little extra, the box pleat! Love the leaded glass wall hangings!
    You have been blessed with quite the ‘eye!’

  4. Everything looks beautiful!
    how about any sources for the spritzer bottles or the turquoise balls?
    Thank you so much for inspiration!

  5. I enjoy looking at all of your pictures, and funny, I was also incorporating blue throughout my home for the summer. It all started with a vintage red white and blue quilt I found at a local garage sale. I have always wanted a game table in our living room. I looked at your sources, but didn’t see the table. Can you share where you found your table?

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