The Carriage House Reveal

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I am so happy to share the final reveal of our Carriage house remodel. The highlight of the Carriage House is this gorgeous Schonbek chandelier we found at Lamps Plus.

Carriage house

The Carriage House is done! Ok, it’s almost done as we have a few small furniture projects to complete. I am teary-eyed because it came out so well. It is absolutely what I had hoped for and I am so excited to share everything with you!

This post is sponsored by Lamps Plus, but all opinions are mine.

The Carriage House Renovation

I am so happy with how this space turned out. It is bright and airy and a room I want to spend time in! It is exactly what I was hoping to create. Our Carriage House is now a fun place to dine and entertain. And I love that I have a perfect place (with a great work area) to arrange all of my flowers for entertaining.

A Bit About Our Carriage House

Ten years ago we did the first remodel of the Carriage House. We opened up the ceiling, add lighting, and solidified the sliding glass Carriage House doors. I taught art classes in the Carriage house for about four years and then it became a storage room. And it became a completely full storage room in no time at all.

Earlier this year I decided it was time to give the Carriage House a purpose. I wanted to use this beautiful room and I had a great idea.

What if the Carriage House became an entertaining area? It would be perfect for entertaining and dinners, and fun times with the family. I also wanted a good-sized space to coordinate all of the flower arranging for my parties and some storage for some of my vases and candles, and trays, and more!

The first thing I got for the Carriage House, before I had even decided to paint it, is this beautiful Schonbek Chandelier from Lamps Plus. I knew I needed a statement piece in the Carriage House and this was it!

So I planned the entire space around my Lamps Plus Chandelier.

And this is how it looks now! I set the room for dinner with some friends which I am hosting tonight! I am so excited. This space is simply amazing.

The Carriage House Reveal

The Lamps Plus Chandelier

As I was shopping for my chandelier, I knew I wanted to find one that had some bronze and lots of crystals. This chandelier is gorgeous and I picked it out online.

Lamps Plus Chandelier

Here is a close up of the chandelier. It really is beautiful. Lamps Plus has a HUGE selection of lighting online and in their stores. I went on their website and typed in “crystal chandeliers” and found over 1300 options!

The minute I saw this chandelier I knew it was what I wanted.

Schonbek Chandelier

I centered it over the table and it looks perfect.

The Carriage House Reveal 1

When I unwrapped the chandelier there was an entire box full of crystals. Each package was labeled and numbered so it was very easy to assemble. It took us less than an hour to add all of the crystals. The entire process was not hard to do. Did I mention they included gloves to wear while handling the crystals?

Next, my electrician hung the chandelier. When it comes to working with wires and electricity, I always call a professional.

Lamps Plus Chandelier Adding Crystals 4

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The Before Photos of the Carriage House

The Carriage House used to be painted sage green, the windows didn’t close well, and it was quite full of “stuff”. This photo was taken after I sent two truckloads of “stuff” to the Salvation Army!

Carriage House Before Photo

I put together a plan for the Carriage House remodel which included a complete paint job (we used Dunn Edwards Swiss Coffee), new lighting and some carpentry work to tighten up the windows and doors.

Carriage House Before Painted Photo

The ceilings are so high that I hired my favorite painter to do this job. It took four coats of paint.

Carriage House Being Painted Photo

I found this long white table in Round Top Texas last month and friends of mine (from through the Porthole) brought it home for me! It seats eight or ten people!

The Carriage House Reveal

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Carriage House?

A carriage house, also often called a coach house, is a building separate from a main home that was originally built to store horse-drawn carriages and it’s equipment. Most Carriage Houses have sliding doors door where the horses would pull in, drop off the carriage, and head out the back door.

So what is left to do in the Carriage House? I am going to add some lighting on the left side of the Carriage House and paint a few of the vintage furniture pieces. I also need to set up my flower arranging area. I will share the rest of it with you very soon!

Lamps Plus Chandelier

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  1. I love the Carriage House, but it made me wonder if it was actually used as a carriage house or as a garage since I think automobiles were becoming more common by 1916. I grew up in a beautiful home built in 1840 and our garage had been the Carriage house and the attic had been used for hay storage. The barn had been torn down when the surrounding property was divided up for individual homes in the 1920s. Although we weren’t allowed to play up there, us kids would often sneak up and nose around. We moved in 1971 but I think the original wooden sliding doors are still being used. Anyways, I’m sure you will enjoy your Carriage House.

  2. You are so lucky to have such a fabulous space to lie down, and wake up to. If I owned it, I don’t think I would ever want to leave it. Like you, I would have many fantastic invites. You always nail your spaces. Thanks again for sharing

  3. Oh so gorgeous Leslie – it turned out absolutely perfect! I love your chandelier, and it’s a great piece to build a room around. I love your other pieces too – the marble topped drinks cabinet is beautiful. I’m excited to see your flower arranging area. Is it in the main area, or do you have side-rooms? Totally inspiring as always! Happy Sunday!

    1. The flower arranging area is on the other side of the Carriage House and I am so excited to get it moved in! I love how the space turned out and have so many ideas for entertaining here. Happy Monday and good week to you!

  4. It turned out beautifully Leslie!
    I’m sure your dinner party was perfect! May you enjoy this wonderful space for years to come.

  5. Leslie, everything about this space screams, “welcome!” It’s so inviting!!! You’ve got my wheels spinning, as always, thinking of a way to transform our old “underneath,” as we call it. It is a drive-thru area, we use for entertaining, under the original bank barn on our 1800’s farm. You always inspire me! I think this space is my favorite!!! Enjoy every precious moment you spend in it, surrounded by friends and family, making sweet memories together.


    1. Oh my gosh, your home sounds incredible! I am so in love with the carriage house remodel and I am excited for summer entertaining in this new space. I can’t wait to hear what you decide to do with the “underneath” it sounds amazing!

  6. I loved your Carriage House feature! I would love to know where you got your beautiful wooden scalloped charger plates. Can you tell me where you shopped for those?

    Thank you, and thank you for your always entertaining posts!!

  7. Great post! What a transformation. I love the sliding doors in the Carriage House — are they original?

  8. Simply beautiful

    Can you tell me where to purchase the lights over your island.

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Leslie! If you are talking about the island in my kitchen, I had these 20-year-old lights from a Martha Stewart collection that unfortunately is not for sale anymore. However, I just recently upgraded to lights from Lamps Plus! You should look there!

    1. If you scroll to the bottom of the blog, there will be a sign up for the email list! Let me know if this helps!

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