My Favorite DIY Mirror

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This brown unattractive mirror sat in a cabinet for years and with one coat of Milk Paint it is my favorite DIY mirror ever! This is the easiest and most remarkable DIY!

DIY Mirror with new Sconces

My favorite DIY projects are the ones that are really easy and look like they were never even a DIY. This mirror looks like a vintage chippy mirror. In reality, it is a newer mirror that looks vintage and amazing. I also spent less than two hours making the DiY mirror.

How to Make My Favorite DIY Mirror with Milk Paint

Adding Vintage Details to the Carriage House

I am kind of embarrassed to admit that I have had this mirror for about twenty years. I bought it at the Rose Bowl Flea Market for $20. It was an unusual color, kind of a gilded brown. I bought it to go in my old office (now known as the craft room) because the walls were brown paneling and I thought it would look great hanging against the paneling. You can see how I transformed my craft room in my blog post titled The Craft Room Makeover.

DIY Mirror Details

For those of you that saw my shopping at the Rose Bowl Flea Market on Mother’s Day, I bought the two vintage scones for $75 each. These are the real deal and I cannot believe how amazing they look.

I was worried the DIY mirror would look too skinny in the spot I had picked out in the Carriage House. The minute I saw these sconces I knew they would look perfect on each side of the mirror. I did negotiate the price a bit and I am so excited that I found these!

With the crystal chandelier hanging over the table, these sconces are just the perfect addition in the Carriage House.

Diy Mirror

Just to put it in perspective, here is the area on the right where I added the mirror and sconces. It is just above the cabinet with the marble top.

Carriage House Before Mirror

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How to Paint a DIY Mirror with Milk Paint

Milk Paint - Oyster

What You Need to Make This Craft

Mirror Before

I am sure you were wondering what the mirror looked like before the transformation. This is it! It was primarily a brown shiny mirror, but over time it was pretty scratched up (as you can see here). This mirror has been in storage for about four years.

Sanding the Mirror

This first thing you need to do is to sand the mirror. Milk paint won’t adhere if you have any varnish so I tried to sand as much as I could without taking off the color.

The surprise was the glitter that I sanded off. I hadn’t realized that the paint had a metallic finish!

Preparing the Mirror for Milk Paint

This is what the mirror looked like after I sanded it. It wasn’t pretty but it did the job. As you can see I actually didn’t sand that much!

Painting the Mirror

Next, I mixed up the Milk Paint. Mix equal parts of warm water and the powdered paint. Stir for about two minutes (read the instructions on the bag for mixing instructions).

Cover the entire mirror with paint as much as possible. One thick coat of paint should work.

Painting the DIY Mirror with Milk Paint

This is how the mirror looked after it was painted. As you can see, I covered it pretty thoroughly.

Tape Before Painting DIY Mirror

Let the paint dry overnight.

The next morning you will see that some areas of the paint bubbled and look chippy. It’s awesome!

If some areas are too chippy, just cover with more paint.

How Milk Paint Dries

If you want a more chippy look, take some sandpaper and lightly sand some of the edges where natural wear and tear might have happened.

Milk Paint When Dry

Here is an up close look of the chippy paint around the design on the top of the mirror.

Once you like how it looks, cover the mirror with a thick coat of polycrylic to prevent more paint from chipping off.

This is how the mirror looked when I first hung it. Not bad, huh?

Hanging the DIY Mirror

I added the two crystal sconces and some copper candlesticks and my Mother’s Day flowers. I am so in love with this look. It is just incredible.

The thin Rose Gold Candlesticks are my favorites and very inexpensive. I made the thicker ones and you can see how to make them at Rose Gold Candlesticks DIY.

Adding the Sconces and Candles

Now I need to decide if I should paint this cabinet. I do not think I will but I do want to sand off the green paint.

DIY Mirror with new Sconces

So, what do you think?

Frequently Asked Questions

When is a good time to use milk paint?

 Milk paint automatically produces a bubbly paint texture, which is a perfect “chippy” distressed look. It creates is the perfect vintage look for DIY furniture and wood projects.

Are milk paint and chalk paint the same thing?

No. Milk paint comes in a powder form and will bubble and create a chippy look when it dries. You also need to sand your wood piece to remove any varnish when using milk paint. Chalk Paint has a heavy smooth finish and you will have to sand it if you want any chippy look.

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My Favorite DIY Mirror

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  1. Your mirror turned out stunning!! I am amazed at the finish Milk Paint gives. I have never used it, but after seeing your project, I can’t wait to buy some! And the price on your sconces……they are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing! The entire vignette is gorgeous!

    1. Milk paint is one of my most favorite paints to work with. It is so easy to work with. I am over the moon in love with the sconces and it all came together so beautifully, like it was all meant to be!

    1. I’ve seen this style before snd believe it is called a “TRUMEAU” – obviously French origins. There are loads of DIY posts to build your own with basic carpentry skills- just google! And then you’d get to use milk paint too!

  2. Don’t paint over or take off the green paint on the chest. That’s what makes it look old and fit in with the chippy mirror.

  3. This is a fantastic redo of this mirror! Just gorgeous and those sconces..what a bargain! However, at the risk of sounding critical, please run spell check before publishing your posts. It will make all your teacher friends in blog land very happy. 😉

    1. The sconces are truly amazing and I love the way this area turned out. Just a few easy tweaks and I am so happy!

  4. Leslie,
    Your posts are fine. Thank you for giving and sharing all your wonderful tips and advice. Most of us aren’t here to critique your spelling.
    Please keep posting. No doubt it’s a lot of work and time consuming.

    Your house and family are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much Callie. I use a grammar/spellcheck plugin that had turned itself off 😳 I appreciate your support and understanding. 💗💕

  5. The mirror looks great. Those sconces though…LOVE. In my opinion don’t do anything to the dresser. I think it looks perfect just the way it is with the mirror and sconces. Adds contrast.

  6. Hi Leslie! Love your finds and redos. I’m Wondering about the rose gold candlesticks. I see the tapers from Amazon but thinking the other ones have been rose gold leafed….if there is such a thing. Thank you for all the work, joy and love that you put into your blog.

  7. I’m dying over your French market flower stand! Do you have a source for a new one that I can antique? Thanks!

  8. What a lovely mirror makeover! The sconces added that special touch! The majority of us appreciate all of your beautiful picture postings. We all make mistakes sometime. We are human, we ignore it, and we just keep moving! We readers aren’t punctuation ambushers! We love you 😍!

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