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I am so excited to share this Summer Fun Outdoor Party. We had so much fun and I love the outdoor room I created with my wood porch columns!

Summer Fun Outdoor Party Feature Photo

Thanks for joining me for Sunday morning coffee. Today I am sharing my weekly thoughts about entertaining, decor, crafts, and recipes, and the most amazing outdoor party I created last night in our backyard!

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Summer Fun Outdoor Party Poolside

What an amazing setting for a summer outdoor party.

I think one of my most favorite things to do is to create a setting for a dinner party that is so magical my guests are mesmerized! I spent the last few days creating this outside dining room and I am so happy how it turned out!

You are likely aware of the other “outside dining rooms I have created”. I love using these porch posts but I didn’t like the way I used to attach the top. Formerly, I attached pieces of wood with screws across the top. It just never looked finished as you can see in my blog post How to Plan a Backyard Dinner Party.

I came up with a new way to add brackets to the porch posts and then I painted 2″ x 4″ boards that fit in the brackets. The complete DIY is below and this new option is so much easier and I love how my summer fun outdoor party with wood porch posts turned out.

How to Build an Outdoor Dining Room

Summer Fun Outdoor Party 10

One of my goals is to build what I call an “outdoor dining room” to create intimacy at my dinner parties. I have used metal poles and porch posts in the past and this time added some brackets to hold the wood at the top of the porch posts. There must be a frame at the top of the posts to keep them straight and secure.

I bought these posts at a vintage sale hosted by my friend Lorzel at Barnhouse Chicks Market and I see them at flea markets and on eBay and Facebook Marketplace. My posts are 8′ tall which is great since we are such a tall family!

Summer Fun Outdoor Party 3

How to Build the Porch Post “Room”

I get asked all of the time how I build this outdoor room. I also get asked how I am able to get my porch posts to stay straight in the grass! The secret is that I pound tall metal stakes into the grass and then lift the porch posts on top of the metal stakes. Porch posts have about a 2″ wide hole through the post so they fit perfectly on the stakes.

Here is how I created this room:

  • one – Clean off the porch posts to get them ready
  • two – I measured where to put the metal stakes, based on the 8′ long 2″ x 4″ boads and the center of the post hole. Next, I marked the spot with screwdrivers.
  • three – I used four 30″ metal stakes and pounded them in the ground until they are secure and straight.
  • four – Lift the post over the stake and feed through the hole. The posts will stand up straight.
  • five – It wasn’t hard to decide where to place the boards across the top of the porch posts and marked them accordingly.
  • six – I bought these metal brackets and dipped them in a gallon of white paint.
  • seven – I screwed on the brackets on two adjoining sides of each post.
  • eight – Place the 2′ x 4′ boards into the brackets.
  • nine – Secure the 2″ x 4″ wood boards by adding one tiny screw into the side of each board.
  • ten – Place the boards all the way around and secure.
  • eleven – If the posts won’t stay straight, use anotjer metal stake and pound it in to the ground next to the post and attach with a screw.
  • twleve – Hang the liights however you want, using the the upper wood boards. Use wire to secure the lights. You can use solar lights or thread an extension chord up the back of one porch post.

Furnishing the Summer Outdoor Party

Creating an Outdoor Dining Room begins from the ground up. Tables, chairs, and lighting create the foundation to design a beautiful tablescape.

Here are my favorite items to use when entertaining outdoors.

Setting the Table

Summer Fun Outdoor Party Sunlit Flowers

I wanted to create a beautiful and romantic table for this intimate summer fun dinner party so I went straight to our butler’s pantry. It took a bit of time, but I selected my favorite placemats, white plates, gold-accented water and wine glasses, lace-edged napkins, and a mixture of sterling and silverplate flatware. You can find all of the links to these items below.

Summer Fun Outdoor Party Selecting Tableware

Setting the table was easy. I picked up the flowers at Trader Joe’s and selected eucalyptus, roses, and a few hydrangeas. I arranged them in a tall galvanized pot and absolutely love how the flowers came out.

  • one – Select the tiems for your table and start with the placemats and napkins.
  • two – Continue setting the table with all of your tableware.
  • three – I added copper candlesticks from Amazon and the rose gold candlesticks I made with metal leaf.
  • four – I added peaches, cherries, and rose petal “scatter” to the table. It’s the finishing touch!

The end result is quite amazing!

Summer Fun Outdoor Party Pool View

I carried the theme throughout the entire downstairs of our home. Including our kitchen!

Items to Set the Table in the Outdoor Dining Room

Summer Fun Outdoor Party in the Backyard

Here are the links to the items I used on this table. I included some other favorites that I love as well.

Here is the Anthropologie glassware. I have these goblets as well as wine glasses and champagne flutes.

The final setting for this Outdoor Party was magical and even better than I had imagined.

Summer Fun Outdoor Party 5

As it got darker, the lights started to shine.

Summer Fun Outdoor Party Reflections

The reflections were incredible!

Summer Fun Outdoor Party Light Reflections

Reflections on the Week

Last week was so much fun! I love everything I shared last week, and I hope you did too!

Which was your favorite?

Outdoor Entertaining Inspirations

Throughout the Home

Check out these 76 Easy Summer Dinner Ideas. I can’t wait to try some of these recipes.

My friend Janine from Happy Happy Nester shared this no-churn mason jar ice cream recipe. How fun would it be to serve this at a dinner party? Be sure to check it out here.

Good Things From Martha – Five Creative Ways to Keep Guests Cool at a Summer Party

Martha shared these Five Creative Ways to Keep Guests Cool at a Summer Party. These are clever!

What’s Ahead for The Week

Things never seem to slow down around here but we are working on it. Hmmm.

Next week I have lots of fun things planned on the blog. First, I am sharing all about the Rose Bowl Flea Market and everything you ever wanted to know about slipcovers. At some point this week I will be making a new summer pillow (and yes, I actually haven’t made it yet ). I am sharing how to make a fresh succulent wreath and wonderful decorated summer cookies. Finally, I a sharing my favorite summer dishes, including some I just bought that are absolutely amazing!

I am excited for next week at My 100 Year Old Home. I hope you are too!

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  1. I really enjoy your columns. Thank you for taking us through projects step by step like you did with the outdoor dining room. It makes things so much easier.

  2. This was one of my favorites! What lucky guests you have. Thanks for sharing all the items you used.

  3. I love your idea of the outdoor “room” with the porch posts and also love your beautiful table setting!

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