Summer Entertaining in a Farmhouse Dining Room

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I am back to entertaining again and today I am setting up a fun party in our Carriage House. I love our farmhouse dining room and this new look!

Whether you’re hosting a large gathering or just a small dinner party, a farmhouse dining room is sure to make everyone feel comfortable and at home. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your summer entertaining, keep reading! I’ll show you some of my favorite ways to style a farmhouse dining room for any occasion.

Summer Entertaining in a Farmhouse Dining Room

Guess who has always wanted a summer farmhouse dining room? That would be me and this is so perfect. I have a big farmhouse dining room in our Carriage House. I can open the huge doors for a breeze and I can’t wait to host another dinner here.


A Summer Farmhouse Dining Room

Farmhouse Dining Room

Farmhouse Dining Room Ideas

I am so excited to share another summer entertaining idea. I teamed up with my friend KariAnne at Thistlewood Farms and we are sharing fun summer entertaining ideas.

Here is what we shared the other day:

A Classic Farmhouse Dining Room Table

For my next summer entertaining idea, I moved into our Carriage House and set up a classic farmhouse dining room table.

Farmhouse Dining Room in the Carriage House

I bought this wonderful chippy wood table at the Round Top Texas vintage show and a friend of mine brought home the table and eight chairs in his container to Los Angeles. It’s a narrow table but it seats eight or six perfectly!

My farmhouse dining room chairs are all different and I love that. Don’t you think they add a lot of character to the Carriage House?

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I also did an amazing transformation of this room and if you missed it you might want to check out The Carriage House Reveal. The before and after photos are pretty fun!

Farmhouse Dining Room Table in Blue

Setting the Farmhouse Dining Room Table

A Farmhouse Dining Room Party

When you share as many tables as I do, there is pressure to mix things up! When I decided to create this summer entertaining post, I knew I could not use copper. I have used it so many times recently and I wanted to think creatively and come up with something new.

After spending quite a bit of time in the Butler’s Pantry (where I store all of my dishes) I decided to use blue and white. I have a lot of blue and white dishes. In fact, after spending some time going through the shelves, I discovered I have five different sets of blue and white plates.

Please don’t judge me. Some people collect Hummel plates and silver pieces. I collect china plates that are very inexpensive. And just so you know, all of them still have a $4.99 TJ Maxx price tag on the back of the Staffordshire China plates!

Guess who rarely uses blue and white plates? Me, of course, so I decided to use a mixture and I selected two each of four different blue and white plates.

I really wanted to mix the blue and white with galvanized metal so I used galvanized chargers on the table and calf buckets for the flowers.

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Farmhouse Dining Room Lighting

Entertaining in a Farmhouse Dining Room

In case you are wondering, the gorgeous crystal chandelier is from Lamps Plus. You can find it here.

Arranging Grocery Store Flowers

Fresh Flower Arranging Room

I love using grocery store flowers for my floral arrangements and these beautiful flowers are from Trader Joe’s. I wanted flowers that would go with my blue and white theme and the closest I found was purple. But I love these so much! And they look great with my blue and white plates.

I love that my new flower arranging area is in the Carriage House. Check it out. This is the best area to arrange flowers!

  • one – I had three different options for galvanized vases and I decided to go with the calf buckets. I put glass vases inside the buckets to make sure they didn’t leak and also used floral foam (oasis) to help hold the flowers upright.
  • two – I cut the flowers down about 4″ and inserted them into the floral foam. Isn’t it wonderful how the flowers stay upright?
  • three – I placed the two floral arrangements in between the place settings so the view isn’t blocked.
A Farmhouse Dining Room

I have collected enough table items over the last thirty years that I usually don’t need to buy anything when I set my tables. Everything here came from our Butler’s Pantry. Most of the items are listed below.

Mixed Plates

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Carriage House?

A carriage house, also often called a coach house, is a building separate from the main home that was originally built to store horse-drawn carriages and their equipment. Most Carriage Houses have sliding doors door where the horses would pull in, drop off the carriage, and head out the back door.

I hope you have enjoyed my farmhouse dining room and how I styled it for a fun summer evening. I cannot wait to dine here later this week!

A Farmhouse Dining Room

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A farmhouse dining table set for dinner inside a white Carriage House.

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  1. I’m jealous of your table! I’ve been on the hunt for a narrow one & can’t seem to find one!

  2. Love the farmhouse dining room. Would love info on your pink and white rug under the dining table.

    1. Love the arrangement here …and love the colour of the plates….that are all different in design….

  3. Your blue and white dishes and table styling are so beautiful. I love that farmhouse table and everything you’ve done in the carriage house!

  4. Beautiful! Blue and white is my favorite color combo. Currently what I have in my house for the summer.

  5. Leslie, you always have such elegant place settings. Love the blue and white with the galvanized charger plates! I am a huge fan of charger plates. I do love your buckets on the table with the flowers as well. So lovely.

      1. Hi Lesiie, I had the pleasure of meeting you last year at Katianne’s house in MCKinney! Can you please tell me where I can find galvanized charger plates like you have???

  6. Where is the rug from in the carriage house. I love it. I have painted my dinning room chairs Paris gray with chalk paint and that rug would be perfect.

  7. Love, love your ideas – galvanized metal chargers, floral arrangements, table settings with beautiful dishes, patio and outdoor lighting. Where did you get the green and wicker bar stools? Did you paint them yourself? I would love them in a country blue.

  8. I love everything about this room… your table settings, chairs, the table itself and the buckets. Your narrow table is so perfect and makes the space look huge. Now I’m on a mission to find and buy more buckets 🪣😄!

  9. What are calf buckets? Where, oh where would I purchase one?
    Also, is there a certain white paint you continue to use on the many pieces of furniture in white? Details, please.

  10. Leslie,
    Everything about this tablescape speaks to my farmhouse loving heart. It’s just stunning. I’d love to share a link on my Sunday, Dirt Road Adventures. I appreciate all you share.

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