How to Decorate a Summer Kitchen

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I love the new color palette in my summer kitchen. The new lights and barstools are amazing too. I feel like I now have a coastal farmhouse!

How to Decorate a Summer Kitchen

We have a new color palette in our summer kitchen! I continue to be surprised at how much I love these new aqua and turquoise colors throughout our home. But the best change in our kitchen is the new pendant lights and barstools from Lamps Plus.

This post is sponsored by Lamps Plus, but all opinions are mine.

Let’s Decorate a Summer Kitchen

I have mentioned before that my kitchen was remodeled 21+ years ago. When planning the remodel, I knew I wanted to authentically add to the farmhouse style of the home. The home was originally built in 1915 and I wanted the remodeled kitchen to feel as if it were original to the house. I am so happy with the farmhouse cabinet and countertop, farmhouse cabinet hardware, and farmhouse kitchen island choices I made. They have withstood the test of time. It’s like 1915 with dishwashers and technology!

How to Decorate a Summer Kitchen with New Lighting

The farmhouse original light fixtures were twenty-one years old and I knew we needed new ones. I partnered with Lamps Plus and had a lot of fun looking at their pendant lights on the LampsPlus website. I found the most amazing farmhouse pendant lights and I just had to have them. These farmhouse pendant lights are substantial, but not overwhelming. I love the shiny chrome finish and how the room is reflected in it.

How to Decorate a Summer Kitchen

When I look at the photo below of the originally installed farmhouse light fixture next to the new farmhouse pendant lights, I wonder how we never noticed how little light we had in the kitchen! My previous lights were so tiny!

Can you believe the difference?

How to Decorate a Summer Kitchen Before and After

These Possini Euro Arlo Pendant Lights are so beautiful and I was really pleased with the amazingly great low price. If you are looking for new farmhouse lighting, definitely check these out. You can also use these in entryways or areas with high ceilings as they come with 13’ of cord and are sloped ceiling adaptable. I absolutely love these new farmhouse pendant lights!

Since I was already on the LampsPlus website and was having such great success at finding new lighting, I also searched for under-cabinet lighting. I found Cyber Tech under cabinet lighting and ordered it in two sizes to span the length of the cabinets. I ordered the Cyber Tech 24” White LED Under Cabinet Light and also the Cyber Tech 33” White LED Under Cabinet Light. They are energy efficient and the light displayed is dimmable so I can have it super bright when I am trying to read a recipe or dim it for subtlety in the evenings. Sometimes I leave this light on as a nightlight if we are coming home late so that we don’t walk into a dark room. I love how this looks and absolutely love the flexibility of the dimmable light.

How to Decorate a Summer Kitchen

As I was clicking around the Lamps Plus website looking at lighting, I noticed that there was a tab for furniture. Our previous barstools that were at our farmhouse kitchen island for 21+ years were literally falling apart. Any time someone went to sit on one, there was a seismic shift in the stool. I wish I had taken a video of the times when people went to sit on them and once they felt the shift, chose another seating option! They were cute but literally useless.

I found the most amazing farmhouse counter stools at Lamps Plus. And they swivel! How much fun is that?! I love that I find my husband at the island having breakfast every morning and reading the paper That never used to happen!

I ordered the Oliver 24″ Cream Fabric Backless Swivel Seat Counter Stool. We are having fun swiveling the stools and I also love that there is a metal kickplate on the footrest to prevent knicks and scratches. They look like they were made for this kitchen and they make me so happy. I no longer worry that someone may splat onto the floor attempting to sit at the island!

How to Decorate a Summer Kitchen

So many of you have asked about the farmhouse rugs in the kitchen. I got these farmhouse rugs in January and they are wearing so well. They are hand-hooked and so beautiful. They go out of stock quickly, so if you have been eyeballing these, they are in stock now!

How to Decorate a Summer Kitchen

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How to Decorate a Summer Kitchen

All of the aqua blue color and turquoise green have also made the greenery outside come to life. The windows in the kitchen are all original farmhouse windows. The view of the backyard and the side yard feels pulled into the kitchen like summer slipped in through the open door. 

How to Decorate a Summer Kitchen

The kitchen has gotten some special attention recently and I love, love, love the summer kitchen look. Do you love these new colors as much as I do or not so much?

How to Decorate a Summer Kitchen

The walls in my kitchen are painted Cooking Apple Green by Farrow & Ball. If you are looking for all of the farmhouse paint colors for my home, you can find them here. While this paint color is one of my most favorites, adding the turquoise blue and aqua green as accent colors has really made the wall color pop.

How to Decorate a Summer Kitchen

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How to Decorate a Summer Kitchen

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  1. Love the summer look Leslie. Your home is so beautifully welcoming yet ever so functional. Thanks for all the fun and inspiring ideas.

  2. I was going to ask about your wall color and then boom, you answered my question! I never even noticed the color before. I love the new lighting ideas. I’m also ready for some new lighting in my kitchen nook and over my dining area table. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love EVERYTHING about this. Been looking for a rug to go in front of my kitchen sink but I’m concerned about the light color of yours and them getting dirty very quickly. Did you treat them with any type of stain guard?

  4. Aqua and green are colors I use throughout my home and so I am loving your new color theme! I also really loved the pink you were using before. I use it as the accent color in my master bedroom as well as a light aqua green. The new pendent lights and barstools are beautiful additions!

  5. Everything looks beautiful! Love all the changes. As usual you have such great ideas and inspire me all the time! Thanks for everything you do…

  6. Love the new lighting. Isn’t it funny how the older lights compare to the new lighting. We just did a change in lighting in the kitchen as well, and boy did it make a difference!!!! I’m an Acqua and Coral girl. I love all your Acqua decor and the big wooden lamp you have near the kitchen window. I looked it up on Amazon and 2 lamps for the price is a great deal. I just love how you run your blog post. You explain everything, help us decorate and love how you tackle projects yourself. Keep up the good work.

  7. Love your kitchen and house…. Can you tell me about the container holding your rolling pins? I would love to purchase one like it. Thank you for all your wonderful ideas.

  8. Your kitchen is so pretty and I love the colors. I currently need to update my cabinets. They are painted a creamy color with the same color ceramic knobs and brass colored hinges. I just don’t know what to do about changing the knobs and hinges. It will be a job to change out the hinges. I’m not really a stainless steel kind of girl but I love kitchen hardware. The new lights are very pretty!

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