How to Make a Peony Floral Wreath

Spring is here in full bloom and today I am sharing an easy DIY How to Make a Peony Floral Wreath. Isn’t it awesome?

My Easy Peony Floral Wreath took about thirty minutes to make. All of the links to make this are below and the best part is there are thirty-two different colors of peonies to choose from.

How to Make a Peony Floral Wreath
You Made that?
Peony Wreath DIY

If you are a crafter extraordinaire or a crafting newbie, this floral wreath is one to try. All you need are a few supplies and less than thirty minutes and you have a gorgeous wreath that will last all summer long.

Peonies are hands down my favorite flower. I found these silk peonies on Amazon. The peonies that I used for this wreath come in 32 colors. I used the light pink ones, but there are so many other beautiful colors available. I have bought them in so many colors but I think the light pink ones I used for this wreath might be my favorite. Currently, I also have them in light red, dark pink, spring white, spring rose pink, and spring peach pink.

Yes, I am obsessed.

I used peonies for my wreath, but you can use any faux flowers that you like for this floral wreath.

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Floral Wreath with Peonies

How to Make a Peony Floral Wreath

I love wreaths and hang them both outside and inside my home. They are such an easy way to spruce up a door or window and add a little splash of color.

When spring arrives along with somewhat warmer weather, it’s time to update the wreaths in my home. I love to use faux flowers for spring wreaths. The flowers look amazing for the entire spring and summer.

Now that spring is here, the door from our family room (seen above) out onto our back porch is one of my favorite places to hang a wreath.

This quick and easy peony floral wreath is such a lovely way to welcome guests out onto our porch for coffee in the morning, lunch with girlfriends, happy hour after golf, or dinner with friends.

On this blog, I may sometimes use affiliate links, which means a small commission is earned if you purchase via the link. The price will be the same whether you use the affiliate link or go directly to the vendor’s website using a non-affiliate link.

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What You Need to Make This Craft

1 grapevine wreath

3 bunches faux peonies

6″ wire cutters

This wreath is really easy to make. First, I fluffed the flowers out to open them up a bit so that you could see more of the petals.

Next, I snipped the wire stems near the base of the bouquet.

Wire Cutters to Cut Peonies

I cut the stems on each flower to about 6″. There is no need to be exact, just make them long enough so they will be secure when you stick them into the grapevine wreath.

Next, I bent the peony stem wire at an angle and inserted it into the grapevine wreath. Pull the wire through so that the flower is snug against the wreath.

Do the same with the stems that have leaves and small flowers.

Continue until the wreath is filled with flower blossoms.

Peonies on a Floral Wreath

Frequently Asked Questions

When is peony season?

Peony season is primarily in May and June. The start of summer sadly ends the peony season.

Why are peonies so expensive?

Peonies have a very limited growing season and they are short in supply. Plus, warmer climates have a harder time growing peonies.

Summer Peony Wreath

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6 Beautiful Floral Wreaths

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A handmade wreath with pink faux peonies.

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  1. It’s perfect for a peony wreath! Perfect!!!
    And I love pink, pink perfect! You are such an inspiration!!! Thank you Leslie. 🥰

  2. Love this! I appreciate your addition of the links to purchase materials to make this. I ordered all the materials and can’t wait to receive and make this beautiful wreath. Thank you!

  3. Love the Peonies! How many bundles did you use to create this wreath? Flowers from Amazon?

  4. Sooo beautiful and I am making one only a little bigger……thanks for sharing where to get the gorgeous flowers !!

  5. Thanks so much for guiding me on how to do this beautiful wreath !! The tip on where to get the gorgeous flowers helped so much. I love love my new pink wreath and posted it on my IG and FB pages.
    Thanks again !

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