Spring Fun Outdoor Party

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Our Dinner Club finally got together again and we hosted the most amazing outdoor party. It was an amazing evening of good food and fun!

We are blessed with nice weather in southern California and entertaining outdoors is possible in March. It was a wonderful dinner for twelve of our closest friends.

Summer Fun Dinner for Twelve

Dinner Club Outdoor Party

Summer Fun Dinner on the Grass

I set a table in the middle of our backyard and it was a very magical evening! The lights in our backyard are such a highlight and with candles on the table, it was a serene setting.

Summer Fun Dinner Under the Lights

If you would like to watch how I spent the day setting up this entire party, go here to my Instagram stories highlights.

Setting Up the Spring Fun Dinner Party

Summer Fun Choosing China

I decided early on that I wanted to use a lot of copper on my table for the party. I have copper chargers, copper candlesticks (including the Rose Gold Candlesticks DIY I made), and my gorgeous copper tub for the flowers.

Summer Fun Outdoor Table Setting

It came down to the green or black transferware. The black transferware was the clear favorite.

Summer Fun Adding the China

Don’t these look amazing?

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Setting the table was easy once you all picked out the china!

How to Set the Table

  • one – I wasn’t sure where to set up the table for our outdoor party, as I was waiting on the weather. If it was too cold or too hot, I was going to do the party in the dining room. But the weather prediction was amazing (about 72 at 9:00 pm) and I decided to put the table in the middle of the yard.
  • two – I used my wooden table tops, which fit on top of plastic folding tables. Click to learn How to Make My Wood Table Tops.
  • three – I knew I wanted to use my copper chargers and braided placemats but loved that you all voted which plates I should use.
  • four – Please note that you don’t need to have everything match. I actually couldn’t find the last two chargers so I used two gold ones. I always mix up my silver and silver plate and for larger parties, I always mix up my china and glassware. It is fun to mix everything because I think it looks unique and different.

I have linked to all of the items on my table below but I wanted to mention these gorgeous clear and copper glasses are from Anthropologie. They come in a set of four and they have highball glasses (pictured here), wine glasses, champagne flutes, and stemless wine glasses.

I love how the table looked. It didn’t take a lot of effort and everyone loved it!

Summer Fun Dining Outdoors

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Here is a close-up of the Anthropologie glasses.

Summer Fun Dinner Party

I have to tell you how much I love this setting for our outdoor party because it was perfect.

Summer Fun Dinner on the Grass

Arranging the Flowers for the Outdoor Party

Floral Arrangement for Summer Fun Dinner Party

I received this gorgeous copper tub for my birthday. So many of you asked about it and I can’t tell you how happy I was when my husband gifted it to me. Of course, I do have to be honest and mention that I happened to see it at a Williams-Sonoma store. So I texted a photo of it to my husband and he follows directions really well!

Dave thought we were going to use this copper container to hold beverages but I had another idea! I thought it would make an amazing vase for my flowers and it was even better than I had expected.

I love to arrange flowers and these were no exception. I bought all of the flowers at Trader Joe’s and I pretty much went with an orange theme to highlight the copper at my table.

Outdoor Party Floral Arrangement Step by Step

  • one – I started by unwrapping all of the flowers and placing them in water.
  • two – I wanted to use floral foam (oasis) to hold the flowers. I cut the pieces to fit snugly in the vase and added about an inch of water.
  • three – I added the eucalyptus greens first by poking them into the foam along the outer edge of the vase.
  • four – I knew I couldn’t make the flowers too tall as I wanted everyone to be able to see everyone across the table. I started with the gerbera daisies and cut the stems to about 8″ and placed them in the foam throughout the arrangement. I added the tulips next.
  • five – I also added roses and carnations
  • six – Here is the finished centerpiece!
Summer Fun Dinner Party

One more close-up of the table!

Summer Fun Party in the Backyard

Backyard Lighting for the Outdoor Party

Summer Fun Dinner Under the Lights

A few years ago I partnered with AQ Lighting and we installed backyard lighting. In addition to the landscape lighting, we added these amazing Dimmable Outdoor LED Patio String Lights.

I need to make sure you know what is so amazing about these lights. Not only are they controlled by a remote control, but there are buttons to press for 100%, 75%, 50% and 25% if you want to change the brightness of the lights. There is also an up and down switch on the remote to pick any level of brightness you want.

I cannot believe how amazing these lights are. We love them so much!

And look at the reflection!

Summer Fun Lights and Reflections

The evening was incredible and all twelve of us were so happy to be together for a Dinner Club.

Summer Fun Dining

Some Pretty Spring Flower Inspo!

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The Menu

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Elegant garden setting prepared for a spring outdoor party with a vibrant floral centerpiece.

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  1. Oh my how lovely everything looked Leslie. I think that is one of the most beautiful floral centerpieces for a dinner party I have ever seen on instagram or elsewhere.

    1. What a beautiful table setting! But more beautiful is your generous self sharing such exquisite Taste and decor!
      Can’t wait to go to do a similar flower arrangement!

      Thanks so much

  2. Gorgeous! I am always curious to know how you serve the food? It’s gonna be like buffet or portions? Can you talk little bit about it?

  3. Your tablescape is lovely. And the floral arrangement in the copper container is just beautiful. You are very talented. Even a stranger could come sit at your table and feel right at home.

  4. So very pretty! How do you keep the flies and mosquitos away during the dinner? I’m temped to do an outdoor dinner party, but don’t know how to keep it people friendly. Thank you!

    1. We use a couple oscillating outdoor/indoor fans on our deck. Mosquitoes don’t like flying in that much wind. We don’t leave the fans outdoors overnight. It works really well, and the breeze feels great. We also have a battery operated portable fan we even take to the beach for porch sitting on still days.

  5. The whole thing is so beautiful. I love the lights so much. What a lovely evening it must have been. You are very talented

  6. It looked absolutely amazing Leslie, just loved everything you used, and it just looked perfect.
    Enjoy reading your 100 year home blog. Looking forward to your next blog, you are very cleaver in everything you do.
    Regards Linda Annison

  7. Hi Leslie — I appreciate the thoughtfulness you put into your blog and also the eye for the detail that we are looking for! I have admired how you created those wood table tops for the past year!!! — One question — are these chairs fold up chairs or where do you store all of the chairs for your entertaining? Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much, Janet! The chairs are from Arhaus outside furniture collection. We keep them outside year round!

  8. Hi Leslie,
    On the sea bass recipe it says mix cornstarch with water but doesn’t say how much water? Everything looks beautiful and tasty!

  9. So beautiful in every way! I am in love with all the copper! I have gold, silver and red chargers but I am thinking I need some copper ones or maybe I will spray paint some of the ones I already own. haha Your outdoor tablescapes and dinner parties are always a highlight!


  10. What a beautiful setting. You are so talented and a inspiration for all of us. We look forward to each new blog you share with us daily. Have a great weekend.

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